Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dead blog.

O.m.g. This blog has been dead for so long. Horrible. Just horrible. No time at all for myself to go on the computer and just blog. Ugh, I've been shopping and spending a lot of money lately. Downtown, stonestown, serramonte, hillsdale. Sheeesh! I went to hillsdale yesterday.

Hmm, bought a flower hairclip from hot topic. Went to serramonte to buy a dress from F21 which was only like 11 bucks and it was yellow. Saw the cutest shirt that said, "this is how I roll" with sushi on it. I wanted to get it but I ended up not since I didn't have enough and wanted the swimsuit instead. Going back and forth between north and south places to buy things.

I bought a swimsuit today from target. I saw a nice one at Ross even tho its not yellow. I've been buying a bunch of stuff that's the color yellow as well. Chilled in the parking lot of serramonte for the last 2 days. And boy was it hot. I couldn't even sleep last night. Yuck. I'm so tired right now blogging should be the last thing on my mind. I should be taking a nap but oh well. Need to wash my hair tonight! Gahh.

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