Monday, March 22, 2010

6 things that annoy me about college

1. Bring your own writing instruments to class. Please!!! Stop coming to class unprepared. I don't want to be 2 ears away listening to you ask for a pencil while there is a test. Why do you bring a whole backpack to class with nothing in it? Is the backpack a fashion statement? Because the whole backpack wearing fad has been LONG gone.

2. Don't talk and pay attention to lecture. It annoys me when I have to listen to your unworthy, petty little tidbits about your life while a lecture is going on. I am paying for my education and I'm assuming that you are paying for yours as well. Please respect others' education even if you don't have any respect for yours. It's class not a fucking cafeteria. KTHX

3. Don't pick a class your girlfriend or boyfriend is going to be in. You both will end up being anti-social and talk all the way through lecture.

4. Don't chew gum like a cow. EWUH! You're not a cow, and the gum isn't grass.

5. This is school not a runway. Don't need to dress in your finest pearls, highest dollar value Chanel bag or your dinky Coach bag as your backpack.

6. Don't come in late and sit next to me. I chose to sit alone for a reason... bitch.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

T-Pain and his revolution of music

Let us all give T-Pain a big round of applause.

A little background on T-Pain, he came out as a solo "singer" in 2005. And ever since 2005 has abused the autotune effect on his songs.

I put singer in quotes because I believe that to be a singer, you need skill and talent. Both of which T-Pain does NOT have.

T-Pain has revolutionized music because you no longer have to have these things, skill and talent to become a wonderful music artist.

Since 2005, the autotune effect has been abused by many others. I listen to an eclectic group of music from American mainstream to K-pop. K-pop now has also used the autotune effect, thus no longer needing skilled and talented singers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another birthday entry?!?!?!?!

Yes, here is another one. Bet you're tired of reading my birthday business eh? TOO BAD! Bear with me now.

Finally had my birthday dinner with my group of friends at a Thai restaurant. Yum yum, the chicken wings are delish!

I curled my hair, and unfortunately by dinner time it look like effing rat tails. :/ Oh well.

Commenced dinner and everyone ordered. Had the chicken pad thai as usual. Talked and took pictures after dinner and there was a cake! D: and an ice cream cone for me.

Honey bought me a cake to celebrate. :) Cut the cake and ate some more then we went outside and took some pictures.

Went to karaoke after that and sang our hearts out for about an hour and a half.

After karaoke we went to get some dessert. Unfortunately, this is the second bad experience I had with that restaurant. -___-' Most of us wrote instructions on our orders and they got it wrong! D:<>:] Here are pictures! Enjoy!

Yums Thai food!

Thai iced tea.

Pretty flower straw paper wrapper. :P

Chicken wings!

My love.

My cuties. ♥


Cutting the cake!

Skin vs. tights lol.

From Jenny Tang. ♥

Group pic pls!


Didn't know Aaron Carter was a female music artist...

Sing your hearts out!

Greeeen appos!


Yum a licious!

Honeybee ♥

Illustration by Amy. :)


Mina ♥

Bominji ♥

Jasmine ♥

Presents yay!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It is freezing!

Just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Went to school looking cute if I do say so myself! :) I gotta buy stuff from the fabric store, wonder if I should go right now.

Well, I went to school and honeybee wanted to put make up on me. -_- School was over since I only had one class then it was over, went to KFC and bought some food to eat with honeybee. Went to honeybee's house and relaxed for a bit. Left a voicemail for Jennifer to call me. Honeybee and I played mahjong for a bit and I won 4 times! >:) Okay, maybe 3 because "guy wu" doesn't count.

Jennifer called me and we went to pick her up! Picked her up at Safeway instead because she was buying food. Then honeybee dropped us off in Haight so I could get my cartilage pierced again. I got my cartilage pierced a long time ago, like freshmen year of high school. Sad to say it was with a gun, I didn't clean it, I touched it with dirty hands and obviously it got infected. I took it out and let it heal over. I swore off ear piercings for a while because I deemed it slightly unclassy. I'm now debating over getting another piercing. Tragus, maybe? Haha.

We were across the street from the body piercing shop and Jennifer kept saying happy birthday to me. :) This extremely bizarre bald, fat, white dude said happy birthday to me too... I said thanks and thought that was the end of it. We walked up to the door of the body piercing/tattoo shop and he said, "Oh, you're getting a tattoo for your birthday?" Jennifer said, "EWUH HELLA IN OUR BUSINESS." Haha, omg.. That was not the end of bizarre white guys saying happy birthday.

Well, I went in to get my piercing and the total was about $28, I told them it was my birthday and they said they'd give me 10% off. YAY! I tipped the piercer $2 just to be nice. He made a really rude comment to Jennifer tho, bc she got her tongue pierced with them.

Then continuing my productive day to the tattoo shop. Waited for the artist to finish with her current customer. And she was finally ready! I asked if I could get outlining in brown, but she said no because black is the basic outlining color. Ended up with just the outlining and shading. She asked me how I found out about this place and I said I live around here, she kind of rolled her eyes at the lack of my explanation. I told her I got tattooed here before and she said, "Really?" I said, "Yeah, the wing tattoo!" She said, "OMG, let me see!" She said she didn't recognize me because last time I was so unglam, lol. I said it's my birthday today that's why I'm all dressed up. The guy that prepares stuff said, "It's your birthday?!" I said, "yeah." Hahaha.

There was a guy named "GEE MONEY" there too, lol. He kept complementing on Jennifer and I's style. Saying we're trendsetters and whatnot. I wasn't even paying attention. Got done with it and she gave me a birthday deal too. $70 and I tipped her $12, lol. I'M A WORKING STUDENT!

Jennifer and I went to Ross to look at some clothes, she decided not to get the tops but they were hella cute. Then we went to Genki Ramen and ate some ramen! She got up after dinner and said she had to use the ladies room. She took about 10 minutes and when she finally came out there was a cake and a lit candle. The restaurant was so quiet, it was almost a scene. The servers saw there was a cake and they brought out some plates for us. After cake she payed for our dinner. GRR! Girl you're so crazy. A gift, a cake and paying for dinner. YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR BIRTHDAY MISSY! This white guy sitting behind us and he kept looking over and he said happy birthday after he left too. -________-'

We left for home soon after that. I went home and opened the present she gave me. :) Loved all of it! ♥ Celebrated with another cake with my family.

Can't wait until my party on Saturday, will be a small gathering. :) Thanks everyone that said happy birthday! I totally appreciated it.

My makeup artist ♥

Maccha swirl


Wish I took more pictures, but there is always next year! :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Tomorrow will be my 19th birthday! YAY! Two more years until I can legally consume alcohol! Whoot whoot. I'm excited. Plan on getting my nails done. I don't know... hrmm, it is currently raining season and I don't don't think I'll be wearing sandals for a long time. So maybe not. Today's weather was utterly and completely MORONIC! When I left the house for school it was foggy and by the time I got to school around 10:30AM it was sprinkling. By the time it was 11AM it was full on rain. No joke. By the time I got to honeybee's car it stopped raining altogether. JEEEZ! Well other than that, I will be getting another tattoo and my cartilage re-pierced. Industrial or regular cartilage. We shall see. Then probably going to go to my 1v1 dinner with my beloved Jennifer♥. Augh, I am so excited the anticipation is killing me!

Other than birthday nonsense, I bought some 100% acetone yesterday, which still reminds me that I need to touch up my nails. Erm, yeah. I don't think it works that well. It dries up really fast.

I think I should really start working out, bleh. After the drab weather is over I will. Just in time for summer to be swimsuit ready! YAY!

Went out on Saturday night with my Ohana to eat some ELEPHANT BAR! We waited about... an hour and a half for some seats but that's alright. The bill was about $70+ for a party of six, didn't even force gratuity!!! FUCK YOU KOME NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN! But yeah. Nice staff, even though we did wait for a long time. Food was decent. Daddy was probably extremely mad about waiting for so long.

So yeah, that's about it. Will be washing my hair tonight and curling it tomorrow morning! Yay, going to look cute. Pray to God the weather will not ruin it and won't be too cold to wear what I want! Yay! ♥

Got some pictures of food from other days too! Enjoy! ♥

Za jang mein that Mina and honeybee are dying to eat! :)

Toishan bo jai fan! YUMS.

Sister's green tea, ginger, lime spritzer! DROOL

Sister's shrimp scampi, she doesn't even like shrimp!

Delish philly cheese steak.

DESSERT! Creamy creme brulee!