Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad mood -___-'

Good afternoon! Hah. I'm not in a very good mood today, which sucks, cus usually I don't care about this kinda of stuff that's happening in my life right now. It sucks when someone you thought you knew wasn't the person you thought you knew when their true colors came out. They do sweet stuff and whatnot and then after they have you, they just change their whole character. They don't believe that they changed either. *Sigh. This sucks, but I can't complain since others in other third world countries are starving and whatnot to live for one night, we've got it made. Blaaaaah. I had an interesting MORNING. Woke up around 3AM to smoke, Derrick has the audacity to find out my number and call me, haha. I proceeded to sneak to my patio and smoke at 3AM. Haha, my alarm went off, I was so mad, I thought it was going to be silent, but who knew, an extremely loud noise came ringing from my phone. That sucked. I finished so I went back to bed, it was probably around 4 AM when I actually fell asleep, cus I had to do some thinking. Tomorrow is my first month anniversary, if you don't already know, don't ask. :) Supposedly to watch Wall-E or Wanted tomorrow, but I don't feel like going at this point. *sigh sigh, well I woke up at 9 BOOHOO! I was late to mathcamp. Sis waited for me for the first time at the 28 busstop. Well whatever, so the bus came we got on and left to math camp to teach our rowdy students. P.E. time for our kidds so blah blah. I just kept talking to Sis the whole time the whole day whatever.. Yay! Finally time to leave Sis & I went to the Library to check out some books. ;D I am not a nerd, I just like reading. I got some nice books, I should read them soon, since they're due in a month or so. Other than that, not much happened today. I am in a terrible mood, so sad. I guess that person doesn't care much either, sad. Whatever, I will not be bothered by this kind of stuff anymore, it was all my fault in the first place. *sigh, well continuing onto other news, there's this one person, who is EXTREMELY ANNOYING, I cannot begin to tell you how annoying he is. He is BEYOND ANNOYING, I wish he'd just fall off the face of the earth. But I could say that about multiple people. I'm so tired of fake, wannabes that like me. Seriously, get a life, build a bridge and get over it, I don't want to be part of your life, so stop trying. I absolutely hate it when guy try to act 'gangster', that's just a mask of insecurity and the biggest turn off. What's the point of you putting up this stupid front, when it's probably going to break down later. And I wish BOYS weren't so damn difficult, deep down, they're like GIRLS. "You don't care about me, why aren't you talking to me." If you wanna talk, CALL ME. It's so annoying, and now my blog doesn't make sense, ughhh. I'm so annoyed and irritated right now, it's not even funny. I'm gonna get on AIM a little bit later like after I eat dinner, I'll see if we're even going to stupid movies or something. Bye everyone! Maybe I'll update this later when I cool off some steam.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hello everyone! Today was just another boring day like usual. I went to church yay. I love church. I found a nice new Bible verse. When you are angry, do not sin, and be sure to stop being angry before the end of the day. Do not give the devil a way to defeat you. - Ephesians 4:26-27 I like this one very much plus it applies to me. My parents constantly remind me of how bad my temper is. Well anyways. I came home from church around 12 ish ate lunch with the family I went to sleep right afterwards until around 3 when my mom decided to wake my lazy butt up. Went to gma's house and ate dinner now I'm here typing this. And someone's being a little beezy. How annoying. And I've noticed something on the new AIM 6.1. YOU CAN'T WARN ANYONE! I remember how much fun warning people used to be. Okay haha, I don't feel much like typing in this right now, ttyl!


Hello everyone! Today was just another boring day like usual. I went to church yay. I love church. I found a nice new Bible verse. "When you are angry, do not sin, and be sure to stop being angry before the end of the day. Do not give the devil a way to defeat you." - Ephesians 4:26-27 I like this one plus it applies to me. My parents constantly remind me of how bad my temper is. Haha, if only they would stop pissing me off since they know how bad it is.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

90's kid shows?!

Hello everyone! Today's June 28, 2008. I almost forgot to blog today! Well, I already talked about my night last night with church. Teehee. Well anyways, I didn't do much today, extremely boring. Woke up around 9:30AM, which I wish I hadn't. I had to vacuum the house and clean and whatnot. Dad and Grandma came home around 12. I was watching Jurassic Park. Hadn't watched that in a while. Then I continued to go and take a shower.. mm mm. Man was it cold today. Well I dried my hair and it was like around 3. I left the house to go to my Grandma's house and here I am typing this. I got to watch Jurassic Park 3. Wow, what is this Jurassic Park marathon? Sadly enough it wasn't.. I wikipedia'd Jurassic Park, man oh man. They're coming out with a Jurassic Park IV!!! I was surprised. Sam Neill is coming back on the scene as Dr. Alan Grant. Sucks they don't update us on what the kids from the first movie are doing like Tim and Lex and their grandfather John Hammond. I love Jurassic Park. They sure don't make movies like the 90's movies anymore. Which sucks, I'm a 90's baby. I miss those ugly graphic Sega dreamcasts, Nitendo 64's and whatnot. That was totally my era. "My Brother and Me", "Kablaam", and all those other Nickelodeon shows. Grrrrrr. I miss it. I wish they'd bring it back on for re-runs on shows that's on cable tv. Not satellite and whatnot. Grrrrr. Horrible. Haha, maybe JUSSST maybe I should delete Xanga, I mean.. I have blogger. Which is pretty much better than Xanga, I'd probably like Xanga more than blogger if they hadn't changed a whole bunch of stuff on it like how you can change their "THEMES" ugh so annoying, people that aren't accustomed to it have to go and try to figure out how to make everything look pretty and whatever. BS, really. Maybe I should, but then again I killed a bunch of time trying to figure out how to use the new themes. Ughh, hard decisions, hard decisions.. I wanna go shopping. I wanna buy a bunch of accessories. Man oh man. I need to go cash in my coins at coinstar! Haha. JK. Jeez I'm tired. I haven't napped at all today. Ouuuu, I did my little acne facial thing today, a little bit of olive oil and some sea salt to exfoliate the acne area. I recommend it to everyone. I don't suggest it on sensitive skin, since the sea salt may be too much of an exfoliate, and oh yeah, it's very rough on the skin. I like the St. Ive's Apricot Scrub. Smells good and leaves the skin nice and soft. Haha. I so totally need to find something worthwhile to do during summer. I'm in need of a job as well. But no one will hire me! T___T how sad. Math Camp is keeping me busy for the morning until the afternoon but then I don't have anything else to do for the rest of the evening. *Sighhh... ttyl!

Friday, June 27, 2008

No subject

Hello all. I just came back from my church's Fiesta night. I was fun! Haha. A break from all this crazy stuff like teaching little kidds math and whatnot. Well anyways. So yeah, Vicky picked me up in her car after she picked sis up, then we picked up Helena. Off to church! We got there and said our pre-dining prayers and lined up for food. The food was delicious, not authentic, but that's okay. I just kept talking to Sis during dinner. Random stuff and bugging all the boys with nurples. Haha, I like that word.. "NURPLE" Well anyways, today was the second time I drank a HORCHATA, I chose the lemonade first though. I had the biggest burrito ever, I couldn't really eat it, which sucked because all the stuff fell out of the tortilla skin and totally spilled my whole taco on the table. ;( what a waste of sour cream and taco meat. O____O TACO MEAT! LOL. Sorry, haha. After dinner we went to the middle room to play our little fellowship game. Nathan got out 5 coins, $10, $5, $2, $1, $.50 Pesos... he put them on a bucket and we played swordrill with the Bible to get as many points as possible. I played as a Junior, cus I didn't wanna leave Sis alone... LOL. Sis kept asking stupid questions -- the WOULD YOU RATHER game. Yayy right. So wow we actually won the game. Very nice. I believe it was because I was there and I actually played this time. Haha. Anyways I liked this game. One of the Exseniors tried to play me by telling me to take the $.50 coin. Jerk... hah! I totally had to beat the crap outta everyone to get the $10 coin. Well, Mel added up the score and the Juniors won, yay right. Hah. So we went to get our dessert -- chocolate or carrot cake. There was a TON of cream on the cake.. Cream = Diabetes Type A. Haha Time to leave. So me and Sis got into Vicky's car and left church to go home. Sis kept talking about how good the HORCHATA was but she couldn't even pronounce it. HAHA "Hor.. Hor.. Hor.." "HORCHATA?!?!" I'm way coool. But that's about it. I'm prolly not gonna do much tomorrow but blog on this. I'll find a topic to talk about. :) Okay I'm gonna get off blogger now. PEACE!

Math camp 2008!

Hi all! Well I just got back from church. Mathcamp, oh dear. My students are a handful, seriously. More than a handful actually. My secretary hasn't AIMed me to tell me he read the news today and no reports of dead 4th graders. LOL. My students are cute, but they just don't listen, which is horrible if you're someone who doesn't like to repeat yourself 300 times a day. I'm about to leave for Fiesta Night at church. Yay, me and sis get to eat Mexican food. Wonderful. I hope I won't come home with a large stomachache. Haha. I'm trying so hard to fix my Xanga up. Yay 2 blogs that I can play up with. Finally done. Well yea. Not much to say in my blog. Leaving in like 1-2 hours. I'm listening to music while I wait for them to pick me up. Hmm, well I'm just gonna say random stuff here. I wonder how I can edit this. Jeez I hate paint, I wish I had my photoshop back. :( That sucks. I killed Idk how many harddrives in my lifetime. 3-4? I blame Limewire. Too many viruses to dl what I want. So yea I killed my Compaq, I killed the screen for it too. I didn't know my Compaq had a virus in it so it kept turning off by itself, so I'm like "wth." So I socked the screen and all the ink or whatever just messed up all of it. Haha. How stupid. Well jeez, I just felt like putting a topic out there.. MUSIC MYSPACES. I absolutely hate it when people have music myspaces and they make songs of their own... wait I'm not finished. Don't get me wrong, I like underground music you know.. But c'mon now. I hate it especially when guys have music myspaces and they TOTALLY SOUND LIKE GIRLS. Dude.... get off the mic please. I'm not trying to hear all the crappy girly voice trying to talk all sexy and whatnot. Not very appealing. Idk about other people that comment and say, "I love your music!" Uhmmmm, sure. And the girls that have music myspace to put their music out there. If you can't sing, don't put your own cover song on it please. I also hate how if they write their own songs, it's totally irrelevant to the song title or whatnot. I don't wanna hear all that. Yeah yeah, some people are like, just get off their music myspace then. Well you know what, I'm those types of people that happen to like underground music that sounds good and slap it. I like to listen to it multiple times until it gets old. Yes yes? I know there's tons of people like that as well. Well enough of that. Haha I'm pretty tired. Woke up at around.... 7:30AM. It was EXTREMELY foggy outside, I don't like foggy weather like that. I fell back asleep for another 30 minutes and had to wake up to get ready for Math Camp with my rowdy students. Blaaaaah, I miss someone, but we're in some what of an altercation, but I wouldn't really call it an altercation. Weird right....? Haha so much for thinking he cares, almost our 1st month in 4 days... wonderful. I like this song a lot. J.R. - Nobody But You. Haha I think it's somewhat funny. But yeah, what else is there to talk about? Nothing I guess, I shall update it after Fiesta Night or tomorrow. I will be back! Enjoy reading!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New to blogger

Hola everyone. I just made a blogspot. Haha. Xanga's getting too complicated since when I first started using it, but I should find out how to use Xanga again. Teehee. Well anyways.. I didn't do much today, but Math Camp and go to Clement w/ Sis. I bought the cutest hair clip. ;) But yeah, other than that there's not much to say. I feel like blogging though, so I might as well right? Blogspot is soo easy. Haha hmmm, maybe I'll finish this later. Bye!