Monday, July 26, 2010

Tips for shopping.

I am sitting here in Buffalo Exchange waiting for my turn to sell my clothes to this company as are many people waiting in front of me. 6 more people before me on the list... damn...

My first selling to a second hand store... I can honestly tell you this SUCKS! It sucks because you have to wait for 5 hours before your name is called. It sucks because the store is picky about what they want to take off your hands.

The only thing that doesn't suck is the money that you can get afterward, but honestly that isn't much either.

So, to save you all from the trouble of waiting 5 hours to sell clothes that you don't want, I have listed some tips for shopping.

1. Stop shopping at Forever 21, Wet Seal etc...
It's not that I don't like these stores, I love them. But the quality of the clothing is bad and the prices are too jacked up. A cute tank top is like $17.80... First of all, I'm a working student and your quality sucks!

2. Buy staple clothing, shoes and bags.
Staple clothing, shoes and bags NEVER go out of style. NEVER.
Clothing i.e. Nice black blazer, nice one piece dress, nice pencil skirt, etc.

Shoes i.e. Basic leather pumps (closed/peeptoe) Please no slipper heels... etc.

Bags i.e. Leather bags, something good quality, etc.

3. Quality over quantity.
Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes in different color in the same style? Do you? Do you really? NO. Stop being an impulse buyer. Don't be afraid to splurge on quality clothing. If you can see yourself wearing it in 10 years and it'll still look good, you're making the right choice to buy it. If it's a current fad, don't blow your money on multiple ones. And what's the point if you buy a shit quality purse for $5? And will break if you throw a lipstick in it? Going to buy another one for $5? Stupid, the dollars add up, and by the time you learn, you could've bought a Gucci wallet with the money you spent on the crap quality bag.

4. If you have something like it, similar to it, same thing but has no tassle, same thing but has no lace, etc.

5. Buy high end jewelry.
Jewelry will last forever too, that is if you can take care of it and don't lose it. If you buy nice jewelry, like you buy nice clothes, it'll look nice in 10 years too.

6. Don't buy something just because of the price.

Pretty shirt for $2? Better think twice honey. Will probably break before you put your elbow through it.

I've learned a BIG lesson waiting for so long in line at Buffalo... I really didn't need all the clothing I bought.

I have been there done that, impulse buyer buying multiple useless clothes at once. Stupid! Think about the money you're wasting! In this economy, there really isn't any dollar to spend mindlessly!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick post!

After two days of intense cleaning, my room is finally clean! Everything is in its place and I like it! Still very jealous of Amy's super clean room (emphasis on the super clean). -_-'

I now have a box of college stuff, random stuff, and just miscellaneous items.

I found a TON of things that was useless! I fished out another ton of clothes that needed to be either donated or sold. So whatever I can't sell at the garage sale I'm selling/trading it to a thrift store. I also fished out my comb that was signed by Jin Au-Yueng, yes the rapper, letters from middle school and etc.

I need to save up some money to buy a new writing desk, and a chest of drawers. Ikea is so expensive! D: I also need a cork board, I'm just not feeling that stupid memo board I bought a couple of months ago. I'm probably going to sell the memo board at the garage sale too.

A few nights ago I also wanted to order a yummy sesame paste with tong yun. I went to the local dessert place and I was going to order it, sadly saying in Chinese won't give you the correct order. I wanted sesame paste with tong yun not sesame paste tong yuns. Big difference and what I got was the sesame paste tong yuns (tong yun with sesame paste inside). It was actually very tasty but not what I wanted. Had some nasty ginger teem sui immersed in the tong yuns too. I could have gotten these for free instead of buying them for 5 bucks. Also only got 5 tong yuns filled with sesame, so $1 each?! WEHH?! Ho sut bai ah... :/

I also went shopping with Jennifer last Thursday and I'm so glad I didn't buy that bag from H&M, just because I fished out a couple of almost the same bags from my mom which is just peachy!!! Her cute little messenger pouches from nearly 2 decades ago are out and about with me now. :)

Don't know what else to write! I have random pictures! Enjoy! :)

A feast!

So delicious, everyone should try!

Heh, cute.

Saw this while I was going home. OMG, I want to be on it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My new go to shoes!

Is it me or have I been apologizing a lot lately for neglecting this blog?

I think I have. :/

You guys see anything different?! Yes those little things on top of my boxes. Ugly, I know. :/ If only I had a personal html/photoshop/blogger professional to do it all for me, it wouldn't look so drab and ugly. :/

I need a new header, and a new layout in general, I'm sick of this ugly crap! D:< style="text-align: center;">
My new go to shoes! WHEEE. They're immensely cute and fabulous. Very long straps to tie around my ankle.

Something about the heel that attracted me too.

I will be piercing my tragus soon too! Whaa, so cute, leh. I wanted my tongue pierced kind of but honeybee won't let me. That's all I ever wanted pierced, stupid people make cute piercings look trashy. :/

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nail time!

Had something to do yesterday so I did this in the morning.

Sally Hansen in Rockstar Pink

Enjoy! :)