Sunday, August 31, 2008

No school on Labor Day!

Okay well I had a boring day yesterday. I probably mentioned in my last post but whatever. So I got to the other house at like 1AM ish.

Oh deaaar. Haha. Anyways, well I finally took a picture of my gray boots. <3! Plus I have a ton of other pictures that I haven't put up.

No school on Monday! Labor day! Whoohoo. So I guess I had plans to hang out w/ Jasper. But he's flaking me for homework. That's okay. Idk if I wanna go out tonight.

Rem invited me to go eat dinner with him & his cousin. How sweet. :) I only have 12 bucks. Damn.

My sister gave me a bunch of songs last night. Yay. Haha. I went to church this morning. Some people are such jerks. But whatever. So, I hope everyone read the story I recommended. >> What I did for love. :) But anyways, Idk I'm bored. City college is boring as well. I'm hungry right now.

I called Derrick around 12PM to bitch. :D That's what I do best. But yeah, I swear this stupid girl in my english class, always staring cus she knows I'm cute. How sad for her ugly ass.

Uncle's coming back with his gf like this coming Friday. Ughhhhh. Idk what to blog about right now so I'm saying random things.

Omgoodness, did you guys know that Secret came out with these trial deodorant puff things! Haha, I think its awesome. They smell good too. I guess depending on which ones you get. Idk where my sister got all these freebies but I want some. I need some magazines as well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short update

I didn't get to go to Bible study last night since Dad had to go to work.

I was at the other house doing nothing. So, I watched that mahjong movie w/ Andy Lau in it. Then I took a shower, read and went to sleep. I ate a big bowl of Cheerios before I slept and Mom was extremely surprised. I woke up around 10AM. Nothing to do I made pancakes and I cleaned the house and whatnot. So yeah and then I did some homework and now I'm here typing this up. There's nothing to do right now I'm watching this 'scary movie'.

Friday, August 29, 2008


It cooled down a bit today, but boy was it hot in the morning and yesterday. I'm debating if I should go to Bible study tonight. Hmm. Well yesterday was boring like usual. City college in the morning. Blah blah. Dad drove Andy, Benny, Kevin and me back to school. We had nothing to do for an hour. -___-' Mother nature hit me. Sooo yeah, time for 4th period. FANDERL! Fucking sweet. :) Lunch went out to Luckys with a bunch of people. Almost late for 5th period. Biotech. KIMCHEE FERMENTATION! Haha. "SPRINKLE" whatever. 6th period Euro lit. Blah blah blah. Dentist at 6PM to get a freaking filling. :/ This morning was the SHIFT! I got to sleep in. Mom called me at 9AM. Ughh but whatever. I got to sleep in. Pep rally today. Crackinnnnnnn. This morning was perfecto. I got to school around 10something. The pep rally was already up and running. Grr. It was a cool rally actually tho. Wasn't as boring as I thought it was gonna be. Before you know it, it was time for lunch! Whoot whoot. I held hands with Mina and we went to Starbucks. Dude I seriously need a job. :/ So we saw Giang and Kevin walk down the hill screaming at us to go back. I'm like wtf. He goes, "the school's on fire" LOL Stupid jerk. It was about time for 3rd period, so I went to my locker and then to class. So boring. Took like SOME notes. Time for 5th period. We threw in our Kimchee stuff and looked at peoples presentations from Kaiser. 6th period. We got freaking seating charts. UGH lame... starting on Macbeth. I'M ANGUS BEEF. LOL. :D I drew a Domokun and a Hello Kitty on Bryan's rock. :D And that's about it. Idk if I should go to Bible study tonight. Idk what the topic is either. :/ I can't wait till Sunday for church. I have homework to do but I'm not gunna do it now. Oh plus its a three day weekend! FUCKING SWEET! I wanna go out.. grrrr. Its not even sunny outside right now. Ugh ugly weather. But whatever. I guess I'll just leave it here. Oh plus my sister's home forever.. Haha. I was reading "What I Did For Love" - VAL last night as well. Made me cry. Here's the link. It's a beautiful story..
What I Did for Love - VAL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm not in the mood to do anything today. :[ Well whatever, I fricking tore the skin off one of my toes during breakfast and it wouldn't stop bleeding. -___-' I asked the office for a stinking band-aid, I cut it cus I thot the bleeding would stop in like 2 minutes, and what happened? IT KEPT ON BLEEDING! I must've bled all over the halls or something cus it totally drenched my sandal in blood. LOL okay enough about blood. I went to 3rd period and asked Sharon for a bigger band-aid, I drenched my other band-aid. Thank goodness the band-aid witheld the blood and it actually got better. Whoot whoot. I went to homeroom and fixed it and whatever. Haha Jorge went up to me and was like, "Mabel, you've been looking sexy these past few days." LOL Telling me like I don't know... Anyways, so I went to 4th period. My favorite class so far, haha. We got our Econ books. Lunchtime came around and Erika, Tiffany, Mina and me went to Cable Car. Man was it HOT! We walked back to school. And then 6th period! Euro lit... calming class, too bad everyone was talking. I was telling Bryan how this school year's gonna be a long one.. HAHA, he said we're all getting A's... (by default of course) :) That slut's in my class. Whatever she's retarded. Did some work and school was over. I got my Health 53 book.. FINALLY. I don't even rmbr the homework she assigned us since the class started like 3 weeks ago. -___-;; Parents came to pick me up and we went over to Mervyn's for the blowout sale... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND THAT BLOWOUT SALE... >__> so sad. :/ I wanted to look at some cute stuff if they had anything. I guess not. So we left. Babycousin's birthday is in a few weeks! I'm excited. I'm wondering if they're coming over or if I have to go take Caltrain again. :D That's about it. I'm tired. I wanna go to sleep, but it's too early. I wish I had something to do. I guess I'll watch some tv. WHOOOT WHOOOT! Oh yeah I watched Pavilion of Women again. Best movie ever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First and Second day of school!

Hi everyone! Update! I wasn't on the computer yesterday, I know you guys missed me. Well anyways, yesterday was like first day of school! Whoot whoot, exciting huh? NOT. I woke up around.. 6:40AM or so, so I wouldn't be late to homeroom for my first day and get all my papers and what not in order. So I went to homeroom and got all my papers and whatever, jeez it was like Idk.. 30 minutes long. I didn't really have anything else to do afterwards cus I have no 1st or 2nd period Mondays and Fridays. I'll explain why later. Went into the office and just sat and read PostSecret. I'm thinking I should put in a secret. :) But anyways, getting off topic, so a ton of people ended up in the office with nothing to do either. Awet walked in and tried to get his schedule fixed and I wanted to go to Clement and Rite Aid, we ended up going to Walgreens down the street and nope I didn't get the nail polish I wanted. We bussed to Clement, and the freaking store wasn't even open. Got back on the bus and got off at our stop and saw CJ, Erica, Benny, Andy, etc. LOL. Walked through Mervyn's. :X Soooooo, Idk. 3rd period came around.. CHEMISTRY.. :( introductions blah blah, boring. Lunch time! Walked around and saw people and walked upstairs. 4th period.. :D best class ever! Class with Fanderl is always cracking! Hahaha, syllabus blah blah a QUIZ.. on the first DAY! Whatever, it was cool. 5th period, Biotech. Same shit different toilet. 6th period Euro lit.. Hahahaha! Hella funny.

"I learned she wanna go to State..."

Hahaha, Goood shitttttttttt! <3 I watched Deal or No Deal with my mom till 9PM and I knocked out. Haha. I got my chem book we have homework today, I finished like 20-30 minutes ago. It wasn't hard you had to think tho. So yeah, there's this one bitch who's preggo my eggo at school, and her parents are proud wtf... she's only 17.. my ass dumb bitch! YOUR BF AIN'T PAYING CHILD SUPPORT ANYWAYS! Soo and this other bitch is in my class, which I'm not very happy about. Plus I'm missing my ex. :/ :X Uhhh so I've been cutting my hair for like 3 days straight. HAHA it looks cute. :) No shittttttt. <3 I saved myself a ton of money. I'm just gunna start cutting my own hair, no point in paying someone else to do it and they can't even do a good job with it. So yeah, holla at me for haircuts! LOL JK. So I got my locker today, omg hectic! The LONGEST LINE EVER. I think seniority should come into play. LOCKERS FOR SENIORS ONLY. Haha. I wish, my school's hella bootsy, I wish I were in college already. Idk what to wear to school tomorrow, and it's gunna be hella hot these next few days. I dug through a bag of my old clothes and I decided I wanted them after all. Haha. Lalala. Okay I think about done.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi everyone. I'm on the freeway at the moment and I'm not exactly blogging, but I'm c/ping it into my blog. Haha, well anyways, laptop=no wireless connection, but whatever. Something to do while I'm bored in the car. So my day was pretty tiring. Let me talk about last night. So I wanted to watch Young and Dangerous and my sister did as well, so we went downstairs and popped it into the OLD SCHOOL VHS player. Fun right? :) Well anyways, about 10-15 minutes into Young and Dangerous, we found out it wasn't the first one, it was like... the 4th one, so many Young and Dangerouses! I finally found the right tapeand popped it in and we watched, sis felt like watching another movie so I went up and got Aladdin. Haha, so coooool. Kicking it old school with my sister. But anyways, I nearly fell asleep and I think she was paying her bills online or something, hah! I'm pretty sleepy right now. -.-zZzZzZz. I got up around 8:44AM this morning and woke him up. WHOOHOO! My life long accomplishment has been completed. Hahahaha, just kidding, that's not mylife long accomplishment, and I will save that for a different blog on a different day. Anyways, like I was saying, so I went to church, we were about to get some Nai Wong Baos, but only 2 people wanted it so nevermind, of to church we go. Listened to the message, it was a bunch of jumbled stuff combined into one message. I'm thinking I'm ggo to Friday Night Bible Study this Friday. I wanted to wash my hair before leaving for Davis in case I couldn't wash it when I got home (luckily I didn't I was sweating bullets left and right) so instead I cut my own hair. I'm thinking I'm gunna cut it some more I'm sick of long hair, it's getting on my nerves. :D So I just 'layered' it so far, and gunna cut it and then wash it, sounds goooooood. :) So it was around 2PM when we left the house, had to go to Davis and help sis move all her stuff back home, jeez, what a work out am I right. Haha, its like 90 degrees probably. Way horrible. So I guess we're in Fairfield right now. I wish there was some way to get home faster!!! I seriously need a shower I've been sweating bullets since we got to Davis and so has everyone else, suffering....But yeah, I haven't been reading my book lately.. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Spoiler: Bridget meets up with Eric. Wow, haha. But whatever enough of that. So school starts tomorrow. About to be a senior in a few hours. Awesome possum! Haha, I pray this year is different and better, can't wait to see the weakling freshmen as well. I'm bored, and I wanna eat and be home. Sister's coming home like upcoming Friday or something. Whatever, she tells me I should wach Tropic Thunder. Yes yes, I'll probaby watch it online. My right hand is tired from typing goshhhhhhhh. I totally forgot to bring my camera, ugh so mad, I was promising myself I was gonna start taking pictures of like EVERYTHING interesting I saw. I think I might want a new camera as well. Nothing wrong with my current one but hmmm, a litte janky from dropping it so much. My butt is starting to hurt from sitting for an hour. :/ Okay sleepy, I think I'm gunna nap.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Weird.. today is my last day to hang out with whoever I want before school starts again, HOWEVER I chose not to. Blah, how very boring of me. Whatever, I don't care. So.. yesterday. I went back to school to try and DROP the CCSF course that I'm taking. However, I cannot. -.- Horrible right? Absolutely... Taking up 2 periods of my class schedule, HOW DARE THEY! So I dropped my Adv. Alg. class and now I have American Democracy w/ who else than Fanderl! HAHA. Funniest teacher alive, but whatever. Hmm, I hope my senior yearbook is better this year, along with winterball and prom. Whatever not time yet to think about that stuff. So... I saw Andy and Stanley at school yesterday as well, and we all 'fixed' our schedules and stuff so we left. Stanley wanted to buy shoes at Haight... but I wanted shoes from Downtown. He said he'd go Downtown with me if I'd go to Haight with so there we go. 'HYPEBEASTLEGS!' Haha, yesterday was a good day. Anyways, well Stanley got the shoes he wanted and I got my boots that I wanted, grr I will show pics tomorrow. I don't have the camera around with me. Anyways, so I also got some shoelaces for my janky ADIDAS haha. :D So whatever Stanley walked me back to the 38 stop. How nice and then left. Then I went home. It was a short day, I spent like 2 hours at school. Haha. I'm excited to go back! :) Very excited. I got all my stuff in order hopefully. Whateversssss. So I'm like really bored right now. And now I'm here doing this.

Shon Penn - Neva Give Up On Me.m3 Claude Kelly, are you a man or a woman? If any of you guys really pay attention to the lyrics/voice, it sounds a like guy but 'it' talks about being a woman and whatever. Here's the first verse to Like An Iceberg:

Never been the type of woman that needed someone, Had to do things myself or they never got done, Never knew around the corner I'd meet someone, That I would be totally comfortable sharin' my love.

Uhmm, yeah? So what's the deal? I just thought it was a little awkward, I didn't notice it until one of my friends told me. Whatever.. NEXT TOPIC!
I need to buy some flats socks... I am random if you guys haven't noticed. I wanna drive as well. But whatever... so.. I need another topic to talk about. Or maybe not. I'll just go now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yo yo yo

Hello! Today was boring. Haha I had class at City in the morning, and then I got to see Ex. :) Whoo hoo! Lit one w/ him and left. I hate you for making me wait for you. :D But anyways so had to take care of gma. 6:00PM jeez had to go to the dentist and GET A FRICKING FILLING. Gross. I hate it. Numbing my mouth and all that... My mouth's still numb. Grrrrrrrr. Well yeah, I watched beach volleyball last night. A realization washed over me... They're playing beach volleyball... but they're not even on a beach... weird right? Well then I looked at a map of China, Beijing's nowhere near a beach. Haha! Whatever, so I'm trying to look at the boots I wanted from Shoe Pavilion, but I can't find them online. They are totally sexy boots. $40. <3 I'm going back tomorrow or something and I'm gunna get them. :D I have a goal to wear heels to school, or look nice, not that I don't already. HAHA! :) I'd like to get some flip flops or sandals as well. And I have to fix a heel on one of the other heels I own. Thigh-boots look nice. :) But whatever. So I'm on the phone with Derrick we're talking about stupid stuff. HAHA. But whatever. I finally found a pic of the boots I wanted!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello! I just got home. My legs are so tired, their about to fall off. Okay well my day was EXTREMELY TIRING. I went to sleep around 11:30PM last night, man was I pooped. So I woke up around 10AM this morning so yeah. Haha! I didn't pick up anyone's phone calls last night/this morning. Sucks for you, cus I know you guys love and miss me. Anyways today was me & Victor's kick it day. We met up around my house and went to school and saw some teachers, I just wanted to look at my schedule, I'm not taking American Democracy/Econ. D: That's all bad.. I'm taking CHEM instead. Jeeez.. I hope I don't fail. :/ But yeah, so we went to Subway w/ Derrick for a few minutes then we all went into Mervyn's so I could take a look at what I wanted to buy, but there wasn't anything I wanted to buy so we all left. Derrick left us to go back to work and me & Victor went to walked to Haight. Took a look at TRUE, XPOSE, BUFFALO, etc. Nowhere had the shoes I wanted, GR! (Victor took a porno from TRUE! LOLJK. Ass&titties tho.) So we left and got on the 71 to go downtown and we ended up in the Vans store. (We kept seeing these 3 guys that kept looking at me, we saw them like 5 times, I swear. "They hella jocking on you!" LOL) How are you gunna be a Vans STORE and not have the shoes I want c'mon now. I was looking for some checkerboard prison issues and get a load of this, THEY DID NOT HAVE THEM. Are you kidding me...? Well of course I didn't expect the stores on Haight to have them, but at least the Vans store! Okay well, me & Victor stayed in the store for a while and left after I couldn't decide on anything. Then we left and went to Foot Locker again.. NOTHING, Lady Foot Locker again.. NOTHING. So we just left and went to Niketown. Whoot whoot. Again... NOTHING. Haha, How boring.. so I wanted to go to Macy's but Victor was gunna meet up Flora so he left me at Macy's by myself. Haha, whatever so I looked at the shoes at Macy's and again... NOTHING. I hate how all these places were my second choice instead of first... But whatever I got bored at looking at stuff in Macy's so I left. Next stop.. Ross... nothing, Shoe Pavilion..a pair of nice looking boots... 39.99. I need to think about getting those as well. PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE! Whoot whoot. I was probably in Payless for more than an hour, looking and trying to decide on what I wanted. Jeeeez. I finally made up my mind and got a pair of silver flats and some pumps. :) WHOOOOHOOO! Haha I was so tired of picking, sitting, and trying on shoes. What a bore, at least I was by myself so I wouldn't feel rushed. I paid for it and left. Got on the bus and went and dropped the books off at the library, got back on the bus going the other way to go to RiteAid so I could print out some pictures, and what do you know?... THE PICTURE MACHINE WAS OUT OF ORDER. Damnit... and I have this stupid coupon for 25 free prints. Seriously dude.. WTH! I guess I'll have to go back before it expires. I can't believe my mom told me not to get any sneakers... well I ended up not getting any sneakers mom! LOL. But I do need a pair of sneakers. Vans or chucks.. chucks or vans. Decisions decisions.. I will make a decision soon! I might go shopping with my dad or something. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Past few weeks.

Whoa whoa whoa. I haven't blogged here in a while. Well I'm just gonna have to get back on it. Anyways.... well I'll just talk about my last few weeks/days. First, I had a CCSF orientation on Wednesday the 13th, it was SOO extremely boring, I wanted to fall asleep. I got to listen to an instructor TALK for 8 hours, wonderful right? NOT! But at least we got free lunch. Haha, I got my CCSF ID as well, omg so UGLY! Haha, I wanna burn it and get another one. But whatever. NEXT! Uhh, well I went to Sunnyvale last Friday. I got to see my uncle, aunt, aunt's mother, and my baby cousin. She's grown a lot since the last 2-3 weeks I've seen her. She can finally walk! With the help of her little pushy cart thing-a-ma-bobber. Haha, I got to see her room as well.. oh dear, she has a memory foam bed--QUEEN SIZED. I have a dainty little twin size... her under mattress is a full. Gosh, spoiled little child. I love her tho no lie. I got to play WIIFIT that day too! Omg I was breaking sweats playing the super hula hoop game. High score 400 something baby! And before I knew it, it was lunch time! In-N-Out burger. MMM MMM good, and then I burned off the calories playing Wii sports Tennis. Haha. But yeah, then grandma and me took the caltrain back to SF. Rem & me went to watch Pineapple Express. Wow, it was great. Everyone needs to watch that. I was dying. So yeah, the movie ended and we went to Quickly's, there was a tv screen with a HOT KOREAN SINGER/DANCE WITH A MOHAWK. Omg HAWWTT! <3>need no... I MUST find out who that was. Looked somewhat like G Dragon, but it wasn't. Haha. But yeah, we went to Bible Study after, had some dinner talked about college for the c/o '08. So yeah, left church at around 10:30-11PM. Yesterday was MONDAY. I spent the whole day doing nothing. But I did get to take a walk around 7:30PM. Very refreshing and comforting. But whatever. Today was the first day of CCSF. I feel like dropping the class, but I doubt I'm allowed to. Gosh, so I guess I have to stay in the class for a while. Its only one semester so whatever. Stick with it until around December. I think I can do it. :)