Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm not in the mood to do anything today. :[ Well whatever, I fricking tore the skin off one of my toes during breakfast and it wouldn't stop bleeding. -___-' I asked the office for a stinking band-aid, I cut it cus I thot the bleeding would stop in like 2 minutes, and what happened? IT KEPT ON BLEEDING! I must've bled all over the halls or something cus it totally drenched my sandal in blood. LOL okay enough about blood. I went to 3rd period and asked Sharon for a bigger band-aid, I drenched my other band-aid. Thank goodness the band-aid witheld the blood and it actually got better. Whoot whoot. I went to homeroom and fixed it and whatever. Haha Jorge went up to me and was like, "Mabel, you've been looking sexy these past few days." LOL Telling me like I don't know... Anyways, so I went to 4th period. My favorite class so far, haha. We got our Econ books. Lunchtime came around and Erika, Tiffany, Mina and me went to Cable Car. Man was it HOT! We walked back to school. And then 6th period! Euro lit... calming class, too bad everyone was talking. I was telling Bryan how this school year's gonna be a long one.. HAHA, he said we're all getting A's... (by default of course) :) That slut's in my class. Whatever she's retarded. Did some work and school was over. I got my Health 53 book.. FINALLY. I don't even rmbr the homework she assigned us since the class started like 3 weeks ago. -___-;; Parents came to pick me up and we went over to Mervyn's for the blowout sale... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND THAT BLOWOUT SALE... >__> so sad. :/ I wanted to look at some cute stuff if they had anything. I guess not. So we left. Babycousin's birthday is in a few weeks! I'm excited. I'm wondering if they're coming over or if I have to go take Caltrain again. :D That's about it. I'm tired. I wanna go to sleep, but it's too early. I wish I had something to do. I guess I'll watch some tv. WHOOOT WHOOOT! Oh yeah I watched Pavilion of Women again. Best movie ever.

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