Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First and Second day of school!

Hi everyone! Update! I wasn't on the computer yesterday, I know you guys missed me. Well anyways, yesterday was like first day of school! Whoot whoot, exciting huh? NOT. I woke up around.. 6:40AM or so, so I wouldn't be late to homeroom for my first day and get all my papers and what not in order. So I went to homeroom and got all my papers and whatever, jeez it was like Idk.. 30 minutes long. I didn't really have anything else to do afterwards cus I have no 1st or 2nd period Mondays and Fridays. I'll explain why later. Went into the office and just sat and read PostSecret. I'm thinking I should put in a secret. :) But anyways, getting off topic, so a ton of people ended up in the office with nothing to do either. Awet walked in and tried to get his schedule fixed and I wanted to go to Clement and Rite Aid, we ended up going to Walgreens down the street and nope I didn't get the nail polish I wanted. We bussed to Clement, and the freaking store wasn't even open. Got back on the bus and got off at our stop and saw CJ, Erica, Benny, Andy, etc. LOL. Walked through Mervyn's. :X Soooooo, Idk. 3rd period came around.. CHEMISTRY.. :( introductions blah blah, boring. Lunch time! Walked around and saw people and walked upstairs. 4th period.. :D best class ever! Class with Fanderl is always cracking! Hahaha, syllabus blah blah a QUIZ.. on the first DAY! Whatever, it was cool. 5th period, Biotech. Same shit different toilet. 6th period Euro lit.. Hahahaha! Hella funny.

"I learned she wanna go to State..."

Hahaha, Goood shitttttttttt! <3 I watched Deal or No Deal with my mom till 9PM and I knocked out. Haha. I got my chem book we have homework today, I finished like 20-30 minutes ago. It wasn't hard you had to think tho. So yeah, there's this one bitch who's preggo my eggo at school, and her parents are proud wtf... she's only 17.. my ass dumb bitch! YOUR BF AIN'T PAYING CHILD SUPPORT ANYWAYS! Soo and this other bitch is in my class, which I'm not very happy about. Plus I'm missing my ex. :/ :X Uhhh so I've been cutting my hair for like 3 days straight. HAHA it looks cute. :) No shittttttt. <3 I saved myself a ton of money. I'm just gunna start cutting my own hair, no point in paying someone else to do it and they can't even do a good job with it. So yeah, holla at me for haircuts! LOL JK. So I got my locker today, omg hectic! The LONGEST LINE EVER. I think seniority should come into play. LOCKERS FOR SENIORS ONLY. Haha. I wish, my school's hella bootsy, I wish I were in college already. Idk what to wear to school tomorrow, and it's gunna be hella hot these next few days. I dug through a bag of my old clothes and I decided I wanted them after all. Haha. Lalala. Okay I think about done.

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