Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yo yo yo

Hello! Today was boring. Haha I had class at City in the morning, and then I got to see Ex. :) Whoo hoo! Lit one w/ him and left. I hate you for making me wait for you. :D But anyways so had to take care of gma. 6:00PM jeez had to go to the dentist and GET A FRICKING FILLING. Gross. I hate it. Numbing my mouth and all that... My mouth's still numb. Grrrrrrrr. Well yeah, I watched beach volleyball last night. A realization washed over me... They're playing beach volleyball... but they're not even on a beach... weird right? Well then I looked at a map of China, Beijing's nowhere near a beach. Haha! Whatever, so I'm trying to look at the boots I wanted from Shoe Pavilion, but I can't find them online. They are totally sexy boots. $40. <3 I'm going back tomorrow or something and I'm gunna get them. :D I have a goal to wear heels to school, or look nice, not that I don't already. HAHA! :) I'd like to get some flip flops or sandals as well. And I have to fix a heel on one of the other heels I own. Thigh-boots look nice. :) But whatever. So I'm on the phone with Derrick we're talking about stupid stuff. HAHA. But whatever. I finally found a pic of the boots I wanted!

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