Friday, August 29, 2008


It cooled down a bit today, but boy was it hot in the morning and yesterday. I'm debating if I should go to Bible study tonight. Hmm. Well yesterday was boring like usual. City college in the morning. Blah blah. Dad drove Andy, Benny, Kevin and me back to school. We had nothing to do for an hour. -___-' Mother nature hit me. Sooo yeah, time for 4th period. FANDERL! Fucking sweet. :) Lunch went out to Luckys with a bunch of people. Almost late for 5th period. Biotech. KIMCHEE FERMENTATION! Haha. "SPRINKLE" whatever. 6th period Euro lit. Blah blah blah. Dentist at 6PM to get a freaking filling. :/ This morning was the SHIFT! I got to sleep in. Mom called me at 9AM. Ughh but whatever. I got to sleep in. Pep rally today. Crackinnnnnnn. This morning was perfecto. I got to school around 10something. The pep rally was already up and running. Grr. It was a cool rally actually tho. Wasn't as boring as I thought it was gonna be. Before you know it, it was time for lunch! Whoot whoot. I held hands with Mina and we went to Starbucks. Dude I seriously need a job. :/ So we saw Giang and Kevin walk down the hill screaming at us to go back. I'm like wtf. He goes, "the school's on fire" LOL Stupid jerk. It was about time for 3rd period, so I went to my locker and then to class. So boring. Took like SOME notes. Time for 5th period. We threw in our Kimchee stuff and looked at peoples presentations from Kaiser. 6th period. We got freaking seating charts. UGH lame... starting on Macbeth. I'M ANGUS BEEF. LOL. :D I drew a Domokun and a Hello Kitty on Bryan's rock. :D And that's about it. Idk if I should go to Bible study tonight. Idk what the topic is either. :/ I can't wait till Sunday for church. I have homework to do but I'm not gunna do it now. Oh plus its a three day weekend! FUCKING SWEET! I wanna go out.. grrrr. Its not even sunny outside right now. Ugh ugly weather. But whatever. I guess I'll just leave it here. Oh plus my sister's home forever.. Haha. I was reading "What I Did For Love" - VAL last night as well. Made me cry. Here's the link. It's a beautiful story..
What I Did for Love - VAL

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