Saturday, August 23, 2008


Weird.. today is my last day to hang out with whoever I want before school starts again, HOWEVER I chose not to. Blah, how very boring of me. Whatever, I don't care. So.. yesterday. I went back to school to try and DROP the CCSF course that I'm taking. However, I cannot. -.- Horrible right? Absolutely... Taking up 2 periods of my class schedule, HOW DARE THEY! So I dropped my Adv. Alg. class and now I have American Democracy w/ who else than Fanderl! HAHA. Funniest teacher alive, but whatever. Hmm, I hope my senior yearbook is better this year, along with winterball and prom. Whatever not time yet to think about that stuff. So... I saw Andy and Stanley at school yesterday as well, and we all 'fixed' our schedules and stuff so we left. Stanley wanted to buy shoes at Haight... but I wanted shoes from Downtown. He said he'd go Downtown with me if I'd go to Haight with so there we go. 'HYPEBEASTLEGS!' Haha, yesterday was a good day. Anyways, well Stanley got the shoes he wanted and I got my boots that I wanted, grr I will show pics tomorrow. I don't have the camera around with me. Anyways, so I also got some shoelaces for my janky ADIDAS haha. :D So whatever Stanley walked me back to the 38 stop. How nice and then left. Then I went home. It was a short day, I spent like 2 hours at school. Haha. I'm excited to go back! :) Very excited. I got all my stuff in order hopefully. Whateversssss. So I'm like really bored right now. And now I'm here doing this.

Shon Penn - Neva Give Up On Me.m3 Claude Kelly, are you a man or a woman? If any of you guys really pay attention to the lyrics/voice, it sounds a like guy but 'it' talks about being a woman and whatever. Here's the first verse to Like An Iceberg:

Never been the type of woman that needed someone, Had to do things myself or they never got done, Never knew around the corner I'd meet someone, That I would be totally comfortable sharin' my love.

Uhmm, yeah? So what's the deal? I just thought it was a little awkward, I didn't notice it until one of my friends told me. Whatever.. NEXT TOPIC!
I need to buy some flats socks... I am random if you guys haven't noticed. I wanna drive as well. But whatever... so.. I need another topic to talk about. Or maybe not. I'll just go now.

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