Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi everyone. I'm on the freeway at the moment and I'm not exactly blogging, but I'm c/ping it into my blog. Haha, well anyways, laptop=no wireless connection, but whatever. Something to do while I'm bored in the car. So my day was pretty tiring. Let me talk about last night. So I wanted to watch Young and Dangerous and my sister did as well, so we went downstairs and popped it into the OLD SCHOOL VHS player. Fun right? :) Well anyways, about 10-15 minutes into Young and Dangerous, we found out it wasn't the first one, it was like... the 4th one, so many Young and Dangerouses! I finally found the right tapeand popped it in and we watched, sis felt like watching another movie so I went up and got Aladdin. Haha, so coooool. Kicking it old school with my sister. But anyways, I nearly fell asleep and I think she was paying her bills online or something, hah! I'm pretty sleepy right now. -.-zZzZzZz. I got up around 8:44AM this morning and woke him up. WHOOHOO! My life long accomplishment has been completed. Hahahaha, just kidding, that's not mylife long accomplishment, and I will save that for a different blog on a different day. Anyways, like I was saying, so I went to church, we were about to get some Nai Wong Baos, but only 2 people wanted it so nevermind, of to church we go. Listened to the message, it was a bunch of jumbled stuff combined into one message. I'm thinking I'm ggo to Friday Night Bible Study this Friday. I wanted to wash my hair before leaving for Davis in case I couldn't wash it when I got home (luckily I didn't I was sweating bullets left and right) so instead I cut my own hair. I'm thinking I'm gunna cut it some more I'm sick of long hair, it's getting on my nerves. :D So I just 'layered' it so far, and gunna cut it and then wash it, sounds goooooood. :) So it was around 2PM when we left the house, had to go to Davis and help sis move all her stuff back home, jeez, what a work out am I right. Haha, its like 90 degrees probably. Way horrible. So I guess we're in Fairfield right now. I wish there was some way to get home faster!!! I seriously need a shower I've been sweating bullets since we got to Davis and so has everyone else, suffering....But yeah, I haven't been reading my book lately.. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Spoiler: Bridget meets up with Eric. Wow, haha. But whatever enough of that. So school starts tomorrow. About to be a senior in a few hours. Awesome possum! Haha, I pray this year is different and better, can't wait to see the weakling freshmen as well. I'm bored, and I wanna eat and be home. Sister's coming home like upcoming Friday or something. Whatever, she tells me I should wach Tropic Thunder. Yes yes, I'll probaby watch it online. My right hand is tired from typing goshhhhhhhh. I totally forgot to bring my camera, ugh so mad, I was promising myself I was gonna start taking pictures of like EVERYTHING interesting I saw. I think I might want a new camera as well. Nothing wrong with my current one but hmmm, a litte janky from dropping it so much. My butt is starting to hurt from sitting for an hour. :/ Okay sleepy, I think I'm gunna nap.

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