Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello! I just got home. My legs are so tired, their about to fall off. Okay well my day was EXTREMELY TIRING. I went to sleep around 11:30PM last night, man was I pooped. So I woke up around 10AM this morning so yeah. Haha! I didn't pick up anyone's phone calls last night/this morning. Sucks for you, cus I know you guys love and miss me. Anyways today was me & Victor's kick it day. We met up around my house and went to school and saw some teachers, I just wanted to look at my schedule, I'm not taking American Democracy/Econ. D: That's all bad.. I'm taking CHEM instead. Jeeez.. I hope I don't fail. :/ But yeah, so we went to Subway w/ Derrick for a few minutes then we all went into Mervyn's so I could take a look at what I wanted to buy, but there wasn't anything I wanted to buy so we all left. Derrick left us to go back to work and me & Victor went to walked to Haight. Took a look at TRUE, XPOSE, BUFFALO, etc. Nowhere had the shoes I wanted, GR! (Victor took a porno from TRUE! LOLJK. Ass&titties tho.) So we left and got on the 71 to go downtown and we ended up in the Vans store. (We kept seeing these 3 guys that kept looking at me, we saw them like 5 times, I swear. "They hella jocking on you!" LOL) How are you gunna be a Vans STORE and not have the shoes I want c'mon now. I was looking for some checkerboard prison issues and get a load of this, THEY DID NOT HAVE THEM. Are you kidding me...? Well of course I didn't expect the stores on Haight to have them, but at least the Vans store! Okay well, me & Victor stayed in the store for a while and left after I couldn't decide on anything. Then we left and went to Foot Locker again.. NOTHING, Lady Foot Locker again.. NOTHING. So we just left and went to Niketown. Whoot whoot. Again... NOTHING. Haha, How boring.. so I wanted to go to Macy's but Victor was gunna meet up Flora so he left me at Macy's by myself. Haha, whatever so I looked at the shoes at Macy's and again... NOTHING. I hate how all these places were my second choice instead of first... But whatever I got bored at looking at stuff in Macy's so I left. Next stop.. Ross... nothing, Shoe Pavilion..a pair of nice looking boots... 39.99. I need to think about getting those as well. PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE! Whoot whoot. I was probably in Payless for more than an hour, looking and trying to decide on what I wanted. Jeeeez. I finally made up my mind and got a pair of silver flats and some pumps. :) WHOOOOHOOO! Haha I was so tired of picking, sitting, and trying on shoes. What a bore, at least I was by myself so I wouldn't feel rushed. I paid for it and left. Got on the bus and went and dropped the books off at the library, got back on the bus going the other way to go to RiteAid so I could print out some pictures, and what do you know?... THE PICTURE MACHINE WAS OUT OF ORDER. Damnit... and I have this stupid coupon for 25 free prints. Seriously dude.. WTH! I guess I'll have to go back before it expires. I can't believe my mom told me not to get any sneakers... well I ended up not getting any sneakers mom! LOL. But I do need a pair of sneakers. Vans or chucks.. chucks or vans. Decisions decisions.. I will make a decision soon! I might go shopping with my dad or something. :)

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