Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey everyone! It's 11:16PM right now. -_- I just finished doing my nails. This is the first time I put on acrylic nails. NOT PRESS ONS. My bathroom stinks of acrylic liquid. And I figured out why the powder dries clear. Because its clear. Too bad that I didn't buy the one that dries white. Then I could decorate! Oh the horror, I can barely type with these on and I don't want to look like a bus driver. Those bitches seriously have "wolverine claws" as Lawrence puts them.

While we're on the subject matter of wolverines, I saw The Wolfman last night. Safe to say that it SUCKED! I was pretty excited because it seemed like I had to brace myself the entire movie. But it was bad. It just seemed too cliche. Will not spoil it for those who will watch. Go see it for yourself! We're in a recession and its good to stimulate the economy. SO GO STIMULATE IT!

I kind of dozed off midway into the movie. Maybe because it was boring or maybe because these fucking 3 bitches kept talking in the theater. Seriously.. if you want to talk go fucking outside to talk. PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ENJOY A FUCKING MOVIE WE PAID FOR. 2 guys sandwiched a girl. The guy to the right was texting the whole damn time, and the guy on the left and the girl in the middle were just fucking talking THE WHOLE TIME!


So angry... Some lowlifes have no consideration whatsoever. Lucky I didn't have these acrylic nails on yesterday I would have used your face as a scratching post bitch! Like ewuh! Mugged the crap out of her on my way out of the theater btw.

So yeah, guess I'll end it there because I can barely even type with these nails on. :[

Snake bites. Really look like some freaking bus driver nails. :[

Wayyy too lazy to do the rest of my nails. And this is only my left hand! lol, how will I sleep tonight...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stuff upon stuff upon stuff!!!

Had some extreme shopping these past two days. So I'm not sure if I should order the skirts I wanted from online. Hrm, but I really do need some more cute spring time looking skirts in my wardrobe.

Went to Forever 21, I was pretty scared because of the whole suicide thing from last week. It's just one of those feelings you have although you weren't there to experience it. I wouldn't want to anyways... I don't feel sorry for him, like I've mentioned before.

I promised myself I was going to scope out EVERY single floor and crevice of Forever 21. Which I did, but I barely found anything to my liking. I ended up buying a really cute necklace and some leggings and this skirt but I returned it. There was just too much tulle underneath and I could feel that if I wore it out, someone would look at me and see up my skirt. Didn't get my money back, but I did get a store credit card, hopefully it works for online too.

Went to Ross and bought the omg drop dead gorgeous va va voom dress. I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes on it. $50 Calvin Klein firetruck red beautiful satiny dress. Let me tell you, I was NOT leaving Ross without it. Was worth the whole $50. Retail price was nearly $200. ♥♥♥

Then bought this cute little skirt. I cannot wait until spring/summer! I do need more skirts however, and I plan on having many!

Bought a pair of destroyed skinny jeans. Was just dying to have a pair. Also got a new white bag! So cute omg. :) But damn you Amy, you always have the cutest bags. GRR, I love you tho baby!

Then there's this military inspired shirt, Idk I might return it. Bleh... And there's a Baby Phat halter dress for summer to wear over my bikini.

Went to Chinatown and bought these two little pouches. I figured I needed a new one since my mom drew on my Hello Kitty one. D:<

Went to Banana Island on Tuesday with Honeybee too. Singaporean Thai Food, something like that. Saw a parked car in the garage, would scare you, if you were taken surprise by it, haha. But it's so clever! KEKE.

Also!!! Cannot wait for my next tattoo! WHEE. I'm so excited and I'm not revealing what I'm getting until after I get it! :P I will keep you guys on your toes. :)

OH YEAH! And look out for something else! I just MIGHT be setting up a shop to sell things. It'll be selling some things I own or some things I make. It's not set in stone yet, but I just might. :) Again with the suspense. :)


Appetizers! Yum, pancake and yellow curry.

Appetizer shishkabob.

Uh, my padthai. Wasn't very good. Probably because it's not made by a Thai person. Thai people make the best pad thai!

Nice decor they had.

The bag I bought.

Cute little coin pouch.

New one for my camera.

The dress I had to have.

One measly little skirt. I must have more!

Baby Phat towelesque bikini overlay.

Military style button down

Destroyed jeans.

Trying on the dress. :) VAVAVOOM!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Did some tweaking to my blog. Like it? Not much has changed. But I feel like I should be putting on some more stuff to make it more user-friendly and pretty looking. Bleh... :P Enjoy all!

P.S. What do you guys think about a cbox in my left or right module? I used to have it but the traffic here on my blog wasn't much. Would love to know what you guys think!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dinner at Kome and more

Happy birthday Helen!

Went to Kome on Saturday for Helen's birthday.

So what ended up happening was... I figured I had to do some beginning photography homework that I've procrastinated for the last 4 weeks. I asked honeybee if he would help but we ended up getting into an argument and I went home to finish up my homework. Needless to say, I FUCKING HAULED ASS! Finished most of it and then had honeybee pick me up. Then went to pick up Amy and Mina. THEN, went to go get Will because Honeybee and him went to a "LAN party".

Waited for an hour for a boy to get out of the house... when a girl is rushing a guy out of the house I think there must be a problem.

Finally got to the restaurant and already lots of people. BAO SIGH PANG! Got our number, 55 and asked the lady how long it would be. "Honestly... 70 minutes."

WHA?!?!?!?! 70 damn minutes. Ugh, so we decided to go to Starbucks for a little bit and chit chat while we waited for people to arrive.

Amy and I got a caramel macchiato and we all talked over coffee. Mina was too busy in putting on eyeliner and wiping it off and putting on eyeliner which went on for about an hour. :P

Helen and everyone else finally arrived and met us up at Starbucks.

All of us walked back to Kome at this time it was already about 6:30PM-ish... Saw this one girl with her two friends that I knew of. Apparently they snuck in because they're damn cheap. All three waltzed into the buffet table and grabbed a plate and ate around the buffet tables. So we actually waited until 7:30PM for a seat of 12. The food was barely worth the wait... So many people in a small cramped space. The whole restaurant screamed "OVERRATED! OVERRATED!" They charged for drinks, which should have been included in the whole meal. I paid twenty six goddamn dollars and all I got was water. Mina and Jonathan paid $28 because they got Cola. Your food isn't even that good... AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF they added a 15% gratuity to our check when the whole buffet was self serve. The only thing we asked for was napkins and drinks... Drinks which should have been included in our $20+ meal, napkins are a given and if you count taking our plates off the table, that's part of your job description. Hometown buffet isn't even this expensive...

After a few more hours of a long ass dinner, we took some pictures and left for Classic bowl. Wasted about half an hour at Classic bowl to end up NOT bowling because of damn cheap people. WTF yo? This is Helen's birthday.

Then we ended up at Family's pool. Supposedly there was hook ups and we could play for free. We ended up waiting until 12AM because I really didn't want to stay. Whatevs, but other than that it was nice. :)

Nom noms.

NOSE GOES! hahaha.

Went to work last night and bought some cake from Schubert's for Stephanie because she is a wonderful, generous coworker.


Awesome tablescape and I made that rose. :)

Came home to rant to Jennifer because I needed to talk to her. There are just too many stupid people in the world.

Talked about everything. People mostly and how ridiculously they think. It's okay they're petty little obstacles that we have to overcome.

New follower too! Thanks Tammy! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year!

恭喜发财,万事如意, 心想事成, 新年快乐,年年有鱼!

And Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone had a fun time. :) Pic heavy! :P

Well anyways, I was a little bored CNYE so I decided to put my clothes and my roommate to good use! I might have to get rid of her. :/ It will definitely be a teary goodbye. So as for now... I have a headless and from the thigh down-less mannequin. $180 dollars. Light scratches from wear and tear but good condition nonetheless. E-mail me if you're interested! :)

Cute spring look? Pair with mid-calf cowboy boots, and some shiny bangles.

Even cuter spring look. Pair with some cute wedges. For night time dress it up with a peacoat. (Wore this to graduation and Vday, lol.)

80's inspired... kind of. Pair with black booties or studded strappy heels or black chuck taylors, black leggings and fishnet gloves.

Office chic... Pair with basic black pumps. (Peep toe okay)

With bag. I really like this outfit. :P

Honey was busy on Friday night for CNY and I was busy on Saturday because it was CNYE and I had work the next night. Had a fun time putting make up on my sister and plucking her eyebrows clean. Then on Sunday night I had to go to work :[. Manager bought some cake for all of us to eat at the end of the night too. :) Some strawberry cake, but it was definitely not the pink champagne my sister bought. Went to Pika pika too to take pics! :)

Yummy cake!

So pretty!

Finally spent Valentines day on Presidents day, lol. Exchanged gifts with honeybee. He made me bouquet of Ferrero Rocher candy and a glass swan with a single rose. I got him these two dolls the guy doll totally reminds me of him, lol. Then we went to Honeybee's and watched Up with him and his little brother and ate some Jack in the Box. Got ready to watch Avatar in IMAX 3-D after and left for the theaters. Avatar has been in theaters for like... 3 months or something and it's still sold out! ZOMGBBQWTF!? So yeah, we ended up watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians instead. Walked around the park near the theater because our reservation was later than the movie ended. Then we went to eat at Buca's after that. Buca isn't a very nice couple restaurant. There are always big parties that talk at least 5 million decibels and laugh twice that amount...

Hella excited! HAHA

Was about to cry. :)

Yep, very touching.

Glass swan! :)

Poseidon's daughter. :P

Our food.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians isn't so bad. I really like Greek mythology, believe it or not. :) And like honeybee says it's nice to mix the modern world with Greek mythology just seems interesting...

Finally took pictures of the shoes for Amylove. lol


No flash.

That's it! Xoxo. How was your Valentines Day? I'd love to know. :)

P.S. Thank you to my 3 followers for following me and all who read this blog. Muah muah!