Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stuff upon stuff upon stuff!!!

Had some extreme shopping these past two days. So I'm not sure if I should order the skirts I wanted from online. Hrm, but I really do need some more cute spring time looking skirts in my wardrobe.

Went to Forever 21, I was pretty scared because of the whole suicide thing from last week. It's just one of those feelings you have although you weren't there to experience it. I wouldn't want to anyways... I don't feel sorry for him, like I've mentioned before.

I promised myself I was going to scope out EVERY single floor and crevice of Forever 21. Which I did, but I barely found anything to my liking. I ended up buying a really cute necklace and some leggings and this skirt but I returned it. There was just too much tulle underneath and I could feel that if I wore it out, someone would look at me and see up my skirt. Didn't get my money back, but I did get a store credit card, hopefully it works for online too.

Went to Ross and bought the omg drop dead gorgeous va va voom dress. I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes on it. $50 Calvin Klein firetruck red beautiful satiny dress. Let me tell you, I was NOT leaving Ross without it. Was worth the whole $50. Retail price was nearly $200. ♥♥♥

Then bought this cute little skirt. I cannot wait until spring/summer! I do need more skirts however, and I plan on having many!

Bought a pair of destroyed skinny jeans. Was just dying to have a pair. Also got a new white bag! So cute omg. :) But damn you Amy, you always have the cutest bags. GRR, I love you tho baby!

Then there's this military inspired shirt, Idk I might return it. Bleh... And there's a Baby Phat halter dress for summer to wear over my bikini.

Went to Chinatown and bought these two little pouches. I figured I needed a new one since my mom drew on my Hello Kitty one. D:<

Went to Banana Island on Tuesday with Honeybee too. Singaporean Thai Food, something like that. Saw a parked car in the garage, would scare you, if you were taken surprise by it, haha. But it's so clever! KEKE.

Also!!! Cannot wait for my next tattoo! WHEE. I'm so excited and I'm not revealing what I'm getting until after I get it! :P I will keep you guys on your toes. :)

OH YEAH! And look out for something else! I just MIGHT be setting up a shop to sell things. It'll be selling some things I own or some things I make. It's not set in stone yet, but I just might. :) Again with the suspense. :)


Appetizers! Yum, pancake and yellow curry.

Appetizer shishkabob.

Uh, my padthai. Wasn't very good. Probably because it's not made by a Thai person. Thai people make the best pad thai!

Nice decor they had.

The bag I bought.

Cute little coin pouch.

New one for my camera.

The dress I had to have.

One measly little skirt. I must have more!

Baby Phat towelesque bikini overlay.

Military style button down

Destroyed jeans.

Trying on the dress. :) VAVAVOOM!

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