Sunday, September 28, 2008


You guys! I haven't blogged here in about... 5 DAYS. Holy shift. Well whatever, I barely remember what I was going to blog about. Well, I've had a sub for econ class for a week since our regular teacher's having a baby! Congrats on your baby boy! Anyways, uhhhh, I've been stressing over SATs. :/ It sucks, I should have studied sooner, but I just wanted to go to city college. Ugh this sucks, I hope I get at least a 1300. But I doubt it. :/ So sad, and I need to take my subject tests and I don't even know which ones I should take... english? bio? IDK! And then after the SATs, I need to study for the ACTs. Jeez. Oh well, if I put my mind to it, I can do it right. It sucks being a lazy person, because I know I can do half the things I can't do now if I really would put my mind to it. Andy gave me The Sims like on Tuesday or something, and I've been playing since. It's crazy. Haha, today was baptism. I saw my friends get baptized! Whoo hoo. Congrats you guys. I remember when I got baptized last year. September 30, 2007. Yep. And my aunt is no longer pregnant..... enough about that. Anyways, I've been bored lately. I think I'm gonna bring the laptop to the other house on like Friday nights and Saturday nights. Anyways, well boy today was COLD. I'm freezing my ass off right now and I'm wearing like 3 layers, I went to church with only 2 layers and I wasn't even freezing. I need to start reading my Bible and praying again, I've been slacking off. Noooo. :/ I've had weird dreams lately. So crazy. Oh plus I went to a book fair with my sister yesterday at Fort Mason. Totally cool, there was a TON OF BOOKS for cheap. Like $1-$5. I got a Stephen King book. It, yeah I love that movie I never read the book so I guess I should read the book. ^_____^. MySpace music is like retarded now omg... You need Adobe flash to listen to the music and etc. It's so annoying. I think I failed my chem test as well. Omg so many random topics. Haha. I've been annoyed a lot lately everyone's getting on my nerves and etc. It sucks. Okay I guess I'll end it here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Christian Bale... <3

Hi everyone. I've been really busy these last few days or I was too lazy to even blog. But anyways, I got 5 movie tickets on Friday and my sister, my mom and I went to the theater to watch Righteous Kill. Yep, it was an okay movie. Twist at the end. So I guess my mom fell asleep during the movie so yeah. I watch The Dark Knight again.. IN IMAX. Sweet, it wasn't all that special anyways so whateversss. They only had it full screened at certain scenes of the movie. I thought it would be like full screen the WHOLE movie. So yeah, I spent all of the movie tickets. My sister and I left at around 5PM, and we got there hella early LIKE AN HOUR EARLY. Jeez, I was so mad, but not really so we just looked at books for like half and hour and then we went into the movie theater. Yup yup.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Macy's Passport 2008

Hi everyone! So yeah, I didn't blog for... 2 days..ish. But I'm back on so read what I have to say! Whoohoo. So yesterday was MACY'S PASSPORT. If you guys don't know what it is here's a brief explanation: it's an event where a bunch of people buy tickets to watch a fashion show and play games and learn more about HIV/AIDs. Its a fun event, there's a bunch of food, etc. And then a few hours later you go into the place and there's a runway. It's freaking SWEET. I love Macy's Passport. I've been a Macy's Passport for the last 3 years. They've been getting cheap on the goody bags every year tho. That's fun. I had a fun experience. So Erika and me blew before we left on the bus and stuff and my ears kept popping. Haha, whatever, Mina came over finally and the bus like always is hella late. So everyone put their stuff in Ms. Van Dykes car or Ms. Mahnke's and we waited for the bus to come, and eventually it came and we all got on. I was lightweight unfocused. So lala, we got there and it was kinda boring all the games are lame and whatever, there was a really nice bag that you had to play games for money to buy. Ugh. :/ I didn't get to. But whatever, Erika, Giana, Tiffany, Jocelyn and me all waited for them to let us in the building where they were having the fashion show. Freaking sweeet. So we went in and waited for the longest time for everyone else to come in and take a seat. So yeah, we all got to our seats an Mina came a little later. I was so freaking excited. THE JABBAWOCKEEZ was going to be there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hi everyone. I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't have an access to a computer, but I'm home now and I can do whatever I want. I woke up around 10:30AM yesterday morning and I was scheduled to go to Sunnyvale to watch The Dark Knight with my uncle, sister, and aunt. Christian Bale is my mfing baby. <3 So yeah, yesterday morning was hectic! I left the house around 11 something AM. I walked to the busstop and got on the limited. I got to Van Ness and took the 47 to Caltrain. I nearly missed the Caltrain. Jeeeez, so I paid and I think the lady at the office gyped me. :/ I got on the Caltrain and rode to Sunnyvale on my own. My sister, missed the 12:00PM Caltrain, so she had to wait for an hour to get on the next Caltrain. Uncle and aunt picked me up at Mountain View and we went into Costco to get some movie tickets and etc. There was this STUPID chinese lady in front of my uncle. (Yes, I'm chinese as well.) So.. she bought A TON OF STUFF and didn't clip her coupons so she stood there about... 30 minutes to take each coupon out. "Oh I think I bought this." I swear my uncle wanted to beat her ass. Ugh stupid people! So she was FINALLY DONE, my uncle totally screamed at her with my aunt in chinese, and my aunt complained to the cashier and was like, "this is ridiculous." But seriously it was. My uncle made a comment to the cashier, "these kinds of chinese people make us look bad." SERIOUSLY DUDE. Like wtf... so whatever, the cashier was like, "I apologize.." and the white guy ahead of my uncle said, "No... my apologies.. ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY." I wanted to die right and there. It was hilarious. So we finally made it out of Costco and went to pick my sister up from the Caltrain station. We went home and ate the salad I bought at Costco, sweeeet. We left to go to AMC and watch THE DARK KNIGHT. Omg BEST FREAKING MOVIE EVER. <3 Christian Bale is so FREAKING HOT. I <3 Christian Bale. Well anyways, so we watched the movie, I freaking loved it, I'm so gunna own it on DVD when it comes out! Whooo! So we went home for a while and took Avery to Chipotles to eat dinner. Fat ass burrito dang! We went home and I played on the Wii and WiiFit for a while and then I went to go take a shower. I called some people and I knocked out around 11 something. I watched Tremors in HD. Haha, sweeet. I didn't really get to finish, but whatever, it was interesting. So I woke up around 5AM to the beautiful sound of my baby cousin CRYING. Jeeez, I guess I might have dozed off with all the noise and then I woke up around 7AM cus we had to leave to go take the Caltrain back home and try to get to church on time. Too bad we didn't make it. We got to the Caltrain around 8AM, it was supposed to get there at 8:14AM but it got there around 5 minutes late, and right when my sister & me boarded the train, they told us to get off because they were experiencing mechanical problems... -.- so there goes another 30-50 mintues of my life waiting on the Caltrain. It finally came and it expressed to Redwood City. GOOD! I guess we got to SF around 10AM. We took the Metro to Sunset, but we were late for church anyways so I guess we headed home. My sister left me and went to a lunch thing w/ her friends and I walked home after we got our donuts. I got home and ate and called Jasper and then I fell asleep. I had to wake up around 2PM so I could go take care of my grandma. So etc etc. I swear me & sis saw the 15 dumbest people... ALL FROM SUNNYVALE. Jeeez, and we met all these people within 2 days. Some Latino came up to me in Caltrain and said, "You'r day would be nicer if you smiled, so smile." Like wtfffffffffff. And some Russian guy came up to my sister and kept asking if this was the train back to SF, and I whispered, "there's signs everywhere you dumbas..." HAHA. Inside joke, she couldn't stop laughing. But I guess that's about it, I have pics, but I don't have my camera at the moment, so I'll upload them tomorrow. :) Okay peace, that's about it. THE DARK KNIGHT WAS THE SHIFT!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whaaat is UP!

Okay so I didn't really get to blog about anything. Yesterday was busy busy busy. :) But anyways, so during lunch yesterday I went to Mervyn's w/ Jasper so I could buy a birthday gift for my baby cousin. I found her a tinkerbell shirt. :) Whoot whoot, Jasper helped me pick it out. It was 2T. Dad didn't want to pick me up so I walked home with Jasper. ^______^. Mina walked with us until Clement then she left. I got almost to my door and I remembered I left my jacket w/ Jasper haha! Well anyways, and then I got home and played with my baby cousin. We put her to bed bed bed bed bedd after like 10-20 minutes, cus it was nappy time. Someone woke her up and she couldn't stop crying for hella long. GOSH. She finally shut up and her mom and dad came through the door. We stayed in the house for like 5-10 minutes and then we left to Costco. We got to Costco and saw my uncle and we talked about the plan for The Dark Knight. I guess I'm sleeping over in Sunnyvale. ^________^!!! I'm happy about that. Saw Mama Wu. We paid and left to go eat dinner for Avery's birthday. <3 She was all happy and what not. Haha, we ate HELLA food, I was so full omgoshhh. Then finally time for the cake! :D It wasn't half bad, but still kinda nasty. I was tired, I talked on the phone for a while and went to sleep. Then today was CCSF. Gosh, kinda boring. :/ I went to some bagel place near CCSF and waited for Benny to hurry up w/ his damn bagel and whatever. Dad drove us back to school and we kinda got in trouble with AP. Flora and me left and went to Mervyn's for a quick minute and then we went back to school. During lunch Jorge & me went to Trader Joe's, saw Flora and Victor. We all walked back to school. The rest of school was boring. Jasper was supposed to move into my locker? But he didn't. I charge 2 bucks for the first 3 weeks! ^________________^. Okay I guess that's about it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


HAHAHA. Hella spaced out today. It was great, I love it. But yeah, I'm tired. A lot of stuff is going on like... next week. I need to go to Mervyn's and buy a gift for my baby cousin! She's turning 1 years old! <3 LOL. I guess I'll edit this tomorrow.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Yacccck, today was cooooool. I got to sleep in today. Whoot whoot! I took the bus to school a little late, but I got there in time. I called Derrick so he can open the damn door, but he didn't pick up. But whatever, I went to 3rd period. CHEMISTRY, jeez... We had a test, I'm pretty sure I didn't fail that bad. But whatever, today was picture day as well, I was looking cutes, no worries. I didn't buy my lame pics these year, so I won't know what I look like until I get my ID and yearbook. HMM. :) Smoked w/ Erica during lunch. Haha, word. I was giggly the rest of the day. I went to econ class, omg stupid FANDERL made me draw the circular flow chart, SAVED BY THE MFING BELL. Thank you God. Not much else to talk about, but yeah. 5th period was gay as usual, learned about Punnett squares and pedigrees. 6th period, we took school pictures, like I said, I was looking cute so no worries. 6th period wasn't very long since we just took pics for like.. 25-30 minutes. Cutie waited w/ me for my dad to come. ^____^ But yeah, I guess that's about it, I think I'm gunna go return some library books later on tonight.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Okay well, I watched 2 chinese movies last night. I hella painted my toenails black as well. :) Hellla poppin'. LOL I was on the phone w/ Jasper for a while until I had to go take a shower, MAN WAS IT HOT YESTERDAY.

Derrick called me to go hang and stuff, my mom wouldn't let me buy the sandals I wanted but they didn't have them at Stonestown anyways, which was kinda bullshit.. so dad and grandma came home so we ate lunch together. I finished and went to go paint my nails since I was so bored. Derrick kept calling me to hang out, so I finally went out, and we went to Stones. He asked me if I wanted anything from the corner store I said smirnoff. He said NO, I said Newports, he said... okay. OMG and he really got them....


So he gave them to me and I was like wtf I was only kidding but whatever. I left them in the car, so we went to WetSeal and a bunch of other stores too. I hella saw Riri tho! :) I haven't seen her in hella long. They didn't have the fucking sandals. So mad omg. Oh well whatever... Then we went to Borders to look at books, but they didn't really have any good books.. :/ So I didn't get to smoke my Newports, Derrick's car lighter didn't even freaking work. Asshole.. Haha, but whatever, we went to Starbucks and got something to drink, and he drove me home.

I totally need to redo my purple tips. I hella messed them up. Goshhh, people... I guess that's basically it. I got church tomorrow, but someone's prolly gonna wake me up at 3AM again... So yeah, I might go out to eat tomorrow, not sure yet. But whatevers. Peace.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Okay so.. I didn't really get to blog yesterday. I was busy with a lot of stuff. I had to take care of my grandma after school, then my uncle and his girlfriend wife came over. O______________O. I'm watching some bullshit Hannah Montana right now. LOL. But whatever. So... uncle and "auntie" had rings on their fingers.. UGHH. But whatever, so we went out to dinner, I'd think someone would make an annoucement that they were getting married or something but I guess not. Uncle, "auntie", sister, and me walked home from the restaurant cus I ate too damn much spicy food. It was good tho. I'm on Facebook! :) But anyways... I had to study for chem and I guess I failed the Econ test earlier that day. I didn't study the charts! T____T' oh well, we'll have extra credit, I guess we need to start talking about our business proposal soon plus I need to get my paper for my volunteer hours. I want a freaking tattoo! I went to the other and took a shower and whatnot and got to cracking on my chem test thing. I called Jasper back... LOL "SHUT UP" "YOU SHUT UP!" But yeah, I got to sleep in today. :) And kimchee testing was cool. #7 was the shift! We had the best kimchee, don't even hate.. So yeah, I guess that's about it, I borrowed a few SAT and ACT books, and I got my fee waivers today. I need to start studying. But yeah... I'm gunna go to Wet Seal and get those sandals, ITS 5.99! Yay. :) I guess that's all I'm gonna get. I need to look into some summer dresses. Extremely cute! :) Hmmm, not a lot of cute ones at Wet Seal, well not the type I'm looking into at least.. There's a lot to choose from at Forever21 as well. Hmmm. ^___^ Gosh, the last time I was at Macy's w/ Jasper, I saw the CUTEST LEOPARD PRINT DRESS TO WEAR TO PROM. I like classic stuff please. ;) None of that yucky ugly garbage that you can't even wear or let alone PUT ON. Or the ones that if you have an emergency its gunna take like 5 hours to take off. Maybe I should make my own dress. :) buy some leopard print stuff and what not. Crackinggg! But anyways, I'm tired. I should study for SAT/ACT. So I was watching some commericals for Disney Channel, there's gunna be a new spin off called "Suite Life On Deck" with the Sprouse brothers. I wonder why they stopped with "Suite Life of Zack And Cody". Okay well I'll end it here!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well I'll start off with how my day was.. Woke up SUPER early.. which for me is like 7:38AM. It sucks. Jeez. I got ready for school, and I ended up at school. SO FREAKING BORING. 3 classes today, it was horrible, but at least I got off early. I got super tired during and after 6th period. I'm all better now. I made cocoa for Derrick, with the cool blending thingy. Wow. We had Blue&White club at lunch and whatnot. I talked to Mr. Free about Asian Club this year, MS. HOSODA WE MISS YOU! But anyways, I'm wondering where our money went for badminton and asian club. But whatever, I need to call Hosoda later. We need a freaking sponsor for our Asian club and whatnot. But whatever, soooooo, yeah sis, me and dad went out to eat for 'lunch' sis talked to me about college and stuff and how I should take SATs and ACTs, I guess I should I need to talk to the counselor. I'll get right on it. "What does 1+1 equal?.. UGHHHH EQUALLL..." ROFL. Oh goshhh. So I went to the library to get some SAT books and stuff, and whaydaknow, they won't let you check out the reference books. I hate it. >:[ Ugh, I guess I'm gunna have to visit the library more often. *Sigh. Okay well I borrowed 'For Dummies' books, its pretty useful. I should go read some more. I'll continue this later! :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


My back hurts. Grrr, I finished my short homework assignment today. I just ate some guilinggo too. YUM YUM + long ahn. Well anyways, I tried to fix the Windows Speech Recognition on my laptop, but I guess it's just not working. I managed to put in a sidebar tho. Fun fun! :) I needs to wash my hair today! Okay well since I need to finish my blog. Victor didn't hang around me during lunch today, so I didn't get to vent about stuff, bastard drove to freaking Japantown, at least I got a rice ball. TY Victor! :) Ewuh, I saw freaking loaferboy/psychopath today. It was horrible. "I'm not into her anymore." ROFL.... :) Yesss. "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" ROFL. <3 Anyways, so yeah today was basically boring. I'm tired from the phone call last night, I couldn't fall asleep after either. Ughhh. But yeah, I guess I'll end it here, my brain's no functioning well enough for me to type what happened to me today.

Day after 3 day weekend.

Aughhh. Barely did homework and it is 6:15PM. Uncle, Auntie and babygirl came over today. It's been a long time haha, I miss her. :D I didn't do much for the 3 day weekend. Gosh... well talked to Derrick last night about stuff.. boys are so complicated! Hah, Gabby called but I didn't pick up and then I called her back. Rem called me when I fell asleep.. JERK! He fell asleep when he told me to wake up.. JERK! So I ended up getting pissy and hung up and went to sleep. Woke up at 6:40AM ish.. and then I got ready to go to City. Boring as usual. :/ I still need to read Ch. 1. Do some work for Chem, and some stuff for Biotech, and something about Democrats and Republicans for english class. Oh well I'll do it later. Uncle, Auntie and babygirl are leaving. :/ Awwwwwwws, well I gotta get on my homework. Didn't get to see Dark Knight today. That sucks. I really need to get cracking on my homework. So bs.. :/ I didn't even eat dinner yet, all I did was eat pringles. HAHA. Okay I'll finish this up later.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Hi everyone.

Well I just got a Facebook last night. Well... not exactly. I made one how many months ago. But I finally started to get the hang of using it last night. :) I was extremely bored, that's why I found out how to use it.

I went to the other house at arond 1AM. Again, omg I had like nothing to do. So extremely boring. I talked to Jennifer, but she kept getting d/ced. :/

Haha, but whatever. So yeah, I went home and I took a bunch of pictures of my belly ring. :) I don't have my camera with me so I can't upload them and show you. :) But anyways, I went to sleep after.

I thought someone didn't call me cus he felt rejected. Haha, I went to sleep left my phone on silent and charging. I guess he didn't feel so rejected cus he called. But I didn't notice till this morning. Everyone kept waking me up damnit. How annoying.

So I guess my mom woke me up at around 930AM. I got to the GMA's, and Rem called me to 'wake' me up. Haha, sucks for you. Anyways, well I'm bored and I have nothing to do. Dad's bringing home pizza later on. I was supposed to hang out w/ Derrick today, or maybe I still am. I still haven't done my homework. Online quiz for Chem, Read Ch. 2 for Chem, Read Ch. 1 of Invitation to Health. Guhhhh. At least I finished econ homework. :)

So yeahs. I'm bored. I guess I'll do homework right now. Okay, now I guess that game plan is Derrick & me are getting cocoa and hitting up a library so I can do my homework. Its kinda warm outside. :) Whooohoo. Okay I guess I'll finish this up later.