Saturday, September 06, 2008


Okay well, I watched 2 chinese movies last night. I hella painted my toenails black as well. :) Hellla poppin'. LOL I was on the phone w/ Jasper for a while until I had to go take a shower, MAN WAS IT HOT YESTERDAY.

Derrick called me to go hang and stuff, my mom wouldn't let me buy the sandals I wanted but they didn't have them at Stonestown anyways, which was kinda bullshit.. so dad and grandma came home so we ate lunch together. I finished and went to go paint my nails since I was so bored. Derrick kept calling me to hang out, so I finally went out, and we went to Stones. He asked me if I wanted anything from the corner store I said smirnoff. He said NO, I said Newports, he said... okay. OMG and he really got them....


So he gave them to me and I was like wtf I was only kidding but whatever. I left them in the car, so we went to WetSeal and a bunch of other stores too. I hella saw Riri tho! :) I haven't seen her in hella long. They didn't have the fucking sandals. So mad omg. Oh well whatever... Then we went to Borders to look at books, but they didn't really have any good books.. :/ So I didn't get to smoke my Newports, Derrick's car lighter didn't even freaking work. Asshole.. Haha, but whatever, we went to Starbucks and got something to drink, and he drove me home.

I totally need to redo my purple tips. I hella messed them up. Goshhh, people... I guess that's basically it. I got church tomorrow, but someone's prolly gonna wake me up at 3AM again... So yeah, I might go out to eat tomorrow, not sure yet. But whatevers. Peace.

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