Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well I'll start off with how my day was.. Woke up SUPER early.. which for me is like 7:38AM. It sucks. Jeez. I got ready for school, and I ended up at school. SO FREAKING BORING. 3 classes today, it was horrible, but at least I got off early. I got super tired during and after 6th period. I'm all better now. I made cocoa for Derrick, with the cool blending thingy. Wow. We had Blue&White club at lunch and whatnot. I talked to Mr. Free about Asian Club this year, MS. HOSODA WE MISS YOU! But anyways, I'm wondering where our money went for badminton and asian club. But whatever, I need to call Hosoda later. We need a freaking sponsor for our Asian club and whatnot. But whatever, soooooo, yeah sis, me and dad went out to eat for 'lunch' sis talked to me about college and stuff and how I should take SATs and ACTs, I guess I should I need to talk to the counselor. I'll get right on it. "What does 1+1 equal?.. UGHHHH EQUALLL..." ROFL. Oh goshhh. So I went to the library to get some SAT books and stuff, and whaydaknow, they won't let you check out the reference books. I hate it. >:[ Ugh, I guess I'm gunna have to visit the library more often. *Sigh. Okay well I borrowed 'For Dummies' books, its pretty useful. I should go read some more. I'll continue this later! :)

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