Friday, September 05, 2008


Okay so.. I didn't really get to blog yesterday. I was busy with a lot of stuff. I had to take care of my grandma after school, then my uncle and his girlfriend wife came over. O______________O. I'm watching some bullshit Hannah Montana right now. LOL. But whatever. So... uncle and "auntie" had rings on their fingers.. UGHH. But whatever, so we went out to dinner, I'd think someone would make an annoucement that they were getting married or something but I guess not. Uncle, "auntie", sister, and me walked home from the restaurant cus I ate too damn much spicy food. It was good tho. I'm on Facebook! :) But anyways... I had to study for chem and I guess I failed the Econ test earlier that day. I didn't study the charts! T____T' oh well, we'll have extra credit, I guess we need to start talking about our business proposal soon plus I need to get my paper for my volunteer hours. I want a freaking tattoo! I went to the other and took a shower and whatnot and got to cracking on my chem test thing. I called Jasper back... LOL "SHUT UP" "YOU SHUT UP!" But yeah, I got to sleep in today. :) And kimchee testing was cool. #7 was the shift! We had the best kimchee, don't even hate.. So yeah, I guess that's about it, I borrowed a few SAT and ACT books, and I got my fee waivers today. I need to start studying. But yeah... I'm gunna go to Wet Seal and get those sandals, ITS 5.99! Yay. :) I guess that's all I'm gonna get. I need to look into some summer dresses. Extremely cute! :) Hmmm, not a lot of cute ones at Wet Seal, well not the type I'm looking into at least.. There's a lot to choose from at Forever21 as well. Hmmm. ^___^ Gosh, the last time I was at Macy's w/ Jasper, I saw the CUTEST LEOPARD PRINT DRESS TO WEAR TO PROM. I like classic stuff please. ;) None of that yucky ugly garbage that you can't even wear or let alone PUT ON. Or the ones that if you have an emergency its gunna take like 5 hours to take off. Maybe I should make my own dress. :) buy some leopard print stuff and what not. Crackinggg! But anyways, I'm tired. I should study for SAT/ACT. So I was watching some commericals for Disney Channel, there's gunna be a new spin off called "Suite Life On Deck" with the Sprouse brothers. I wonder why they stopped with "Suite Life of Zack And Cody". Okay well I'll end it here!

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