Monday, September 08, 2008


Yacccck, today was cooooool. I got to sleep in today. Whoot whoot! I took the bus to school a little late, but I got there in time. I called Derrick so he can open the damn door, but he didn't pick up. But whatever, I went to 3rd period. CHEMISTRY, jeez... We had a test, I'm pretty sure I didn't fail that bad. But whatever, today was picture day as well, I was looking cutes, no worries. I didn't buy my lame pics these year, so I won't know what I look like until I get my ID and yearbook. HMM. :) Smoked w/ Erica during lunch. Haha, word. I was giggly the rest of the day. I went to econ class, omg stupid FANDERL made me draw the circular flow chart, SAVED BY THE MFING BELL. Thank you God. Not much else to talk about, but yeah. 5th period was gay as usual, learned about Punnett squares and pedigrees. 6th period, we took school pictures, like I said, I was looking cute so no worries. 6th period wasn't very long since we just took pics for like.. 25-30 minutes. Cutie waited w/ me for my dad to come. ^____^ But yeah, I guess that's about it, I think I'm gunna go return some library books later on tonight.

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