Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hi everyone. I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't have an access to a computer, but I'm home now and I can do whatever I want. I woke up around 10:30AM yesterday morning and I was scheduled to go to Sunnyvale to watch The Dark Knight with my uncle, sister, and aunt. Christian Bale is my mfing baby. <3 So yeah, yesterday morning was hectic! I left the house around 11 something AM. I walked to the busstop and got on the limited. I got to Van Ness and took the 47 to Caltrain. I nearly missed the Caltrain. Jeeeez, so I paid and I think the lady at the office gyped me. :/ I got on the Caltrain and rode to Sunnyvale on my own. My sister, missed the 12:00PM Caltrain, so she had to wait for an hour to get on the next Caltrain. Uncle and aunt picked me up at Mountain View and we went into Costco to get some movie tickets and etc. There was this STUPID chinese lady in front of my uncle. (Yes, I'm chinese as well.) So.. she bought A TON OF STUFF and didn't clip her coupons so she stood there about... 30 minutes to take each coupon out. "Oh I think I bought this." I swear my uncle wanted to beat her ass. Ugh stupid people! So she was FINALLY DONE, my uncle totally screamed at her with my aunt in chinese, and my aunt complained to the cashier and was like, "this is ridiculous." But seriously it was. My uncle made a comment to the cashier, "these kinds of chinese people make us look bad." SERIOUSLY DUDE. Like wtf... so whatever, the cashier was like, "I apologize.." and the white guy ahead of my uncle said, "No... my apologies.. ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY." I wanted to die right and there. It was hilarious. So we finally made it out of Costco and went to pick my sister up from the Caltrain station. We went home and ate the salad I bought at Costco, sweeeet. We left to go to AMC and watch THE DARK KNIGHT. Omg BEST FREAKING MOVIE EVER. <3 Christian Bale is so FREAKING HOT. I <3 Christian Bale. Well anyways, so we watched the movie, I freaking loved it, I'm so gunna own it on DVD when it comes out! Whooo! So we went home for a while and took Avery to Chipotles to eat dinner. Fat ass burrito dang! We went home and I played on the Wii and WiiFit for a while and then I went to go take a shower. I called some people and I knocked out around 11 something. I watched Tremors in HD. Haha, sweeet. I didn't really get to finish, but whatever, it was interesting. So I woke up around 5AM to the beautiful sound of my baby cousin CRYING. Jeeez, I guess I might have dozed off with all the noise and then I woke up around 7AM cus we had to leave to go take the Caltrain back home and try to get to church on time. Too bad we didn't make it. We got to the Caltrain around 8AM, it was supposed to get there at 8:14AM but it got there around 5 minutes late, and right when my sister & me boarded the train, they told us to get off because they were experiencing mechanical problems... -.- so there goes another 30-50 mintues of my life waiting on the Caltrain. It finally came and it expressed to Redwood City. GOOD! I guess we got to SF around 10AM. We took the Metro to Sunset, but we were late for church anyways so I guess we headed home. My sister left me and went to a lunch thing w/ her friends and I walked home after we got our donuts. I got home and ate and called Jasper and then I fell asleep. I had to wake up around 2PM so I could go take care of my grandma. So etc etc. I swear me & sis saw the 15 dumbest people... ALL FROM SUNNYVALE. Jeeez, and we met all these people within 2 days. Some Latino came up to me in Caltrain and said, "You'r day would be nicer if you smiled, so smile." Like wtfffffffffff. And some Russian guy came up to my sister and kept asking if this was the train back to SF, and I whispered, "there's signs everywhere you dumbas..." HAHA. Inside joke, she couldn't stop laughing. But I guess that's about it, I have pics, but I don't have my camera at the moment, so I'll upload them tomorrow. :) Okay peace, that's about it. THE DARK KNIGHT WAS THE SHIFT!

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