Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay so recently, I've been purchasing a lot of stuff over the internet. My latest obsession with makeup brushes and makeup in general and etc.

Starting off with Sheer Cover. I always see the infomercial for this product and I feel like it would be better than Bare Minerals. So I bought it! :) It comes in a super cool travel bag. My Sheer Cover order came with a ton of free stuff too! I got a lengthening mascara, two bottles of skin care, a mini kabuki brush for on-the-go, a concealer and powder compact for on-the-go, a little baggy for the on-the-go stuff, and a little compact with mirror with lip-glosses and highlighters. So exciting! I put it on today, but I did a really crappy job because I was rushing for school. A quick job doesn't do the makeup or my face any justice, but I'll try it when I have time to. If it still doesn't work out then I'll reconsider buying it again. Which reminds me that I should call customer service and tell them to cancel my monthly subscription.

Next up! I bought fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are my shit, forreals! :) Amylatte has seen my collection, so she knows wsup. When I went to Taiwan, the night markets sold falsies in boxes of at least 10 pairs, so I wondered to myself, why don't they do that in the US?! (Totally wishing I was back in Taiwan as of right now. So much cute stuff! @__@) So I amazoned packs of eyelashes and I ordered a couple of boxes! I really like the falsies that are extremely long at the ends, Idk, I just really like the ends of my eyelashes to be long and curly. Can't wait to use them!

Last! I made a purchase on E.L.F. These brushes are super cheap and super b0$$!~ The least expensive ones are like $1.00 and the most expensive are around $3.00! SUPER CHEAP LOR!~ Had to get them! Plus they were on sale! 50% off!!! What a steal!!!!!!!! 50% off means, $1.00 = $.50. 50 CENTS! SO DAMN CHEAP! Must get many. Sadly, the stippling brush and the kabuki brush was out of stock. :( Which is mad sad, but I already have a stippling brush from ecotools, so its alright I guess. I'm still lusting over the kabuki brush though. Also got a free gift from E.L.F for inviting people to E.L.F.

Also! Got one pair of wedges! :) I am totally in love with shoes that are 41/2 inches and up. I don't really consider them heels if their not. « Sound like bitch or what? Whatever, which is why you probably won't find me in heels all too often. Too much work and I like to walk fast.

Not sure if you guys noticed but I tried to change my username to flrlmnstr (floralmonster) Idk I just like the name. And if you try to take it, you're dumb because it's already taken by me! I don't feel like restarting all my hits and stuff so I wanted to move it to a different e-mail account and stuff. /Sigh. I don't really want to move it anymore, because that means I'll have to re-do all the names and stuff. :( I'll do it soon tho! What do you think about my new username?

Also need help on deciding on a new point and shoot camera. I want an ultra-slim, sleek and portable camera, with decent quality I suppose. I'm looking at the Canon Powershot SD1400IS, but its not a 2011 model (what I mean is that its already a couple of years old and I'm afraid they'll come out with a better one for the same price) and I'm looking forward to all you photography buffs to help me! A newer version of the Canon Powershot SD1400IS would be nice. Perhaps they are coming out with a new camera similar to it? Tell meee!

My box of Sheer Cover

Tips and tricks

Super sleek and stylish traveling case!

Definitely going to use this for other than Sheer Cover.

So much stuff! :) ^__^

Three brushes and mascara (haven't tried the mascara yet).

Stuff stuff stuff!

Two powders and one duo concealer.

My free gifts.

For on-the-go use.

Lip-glosses and highlighters.

Mini kabuki brush!

Duo concealer and mini kabuki comes with a little black bag to go in your purse!

E.L.F order and falsies!

Pack one.

Pack two.


P.S. Do you guys notice something about my pictures? ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter break over. School starting

So I started school on Tuesday, which sucked. But I'm totally excited for yoga class! I had it this morning and I'm looking forward to the next sessions, and if all goes well. I think I'm going to join Bikram yoga, which is yoga done in 105 degrees! Sweat that fat out!

So school, has been whack and I don't enjoy people in my class asking all these dumb questions that are directed at me and the teacher. What a waste of time. Excuse me if I'm being a bitch, but too damn bad! I just hate when the teacher takes damn long at the beginning of school and then they rush the rest of the material at the end of the course! Which leaves me no time to ask questions or even to understand the materials.

I think I did a good job in choosing my teachers this semester. I went to to check each and every one of those teachers ratings. Some teachers definitely need to be blacklisted but some are good.

And since school was starting, I had to go on my search for a composition notebook. So honey and I went on a Target errand. Is it freaking me or does no one sell them anymore? I found an ad in the Target catalog that sold composition notebooks for $1! But they're not the original ones. These have different designs, but I bought 2 of them anyway. I decided to buy some lotion as well. I used Aquaphor for my tattoo and Aquaphor is manufactured by Eucerin, so I bought a large tube of Eucerin calming lotion and a small tube of lightly scented daily skin balance. So stupid of me to read the ingredients after I buy them, but they seem to have a lot of chemicals? Perhaps I should switch back to Aveeno lotion instead. I have super dry knees and elbows (not enough hydration). And when I was in Vegas, I felt my hands getting dry so I put on some hotel complementary lotion. It started itching and burning my hand!!! Little did I know, the top of my hand had micro splits, that could barely be seen with the naked eye, which is why the lotion burned my hand. My hand feels much better, but I have to remember to hydrate my skin every night with the large tube of lotion. (I forget which lotion brand advertised that you skin will get softer the more often you use it, some one care to tell me?)

I bought some new tubes of mascara because I'm long overdue for a new one. (I think I'm in love with lash blast.) I bought Maybelline One by One, Maybelline Great Lash, and Maybelline Falsies. Great lash is awful, the wand is too small, and doesn't even grab my lashes. I think the One by One is pretty good, it grabs my lashes pretty well, and I can continue to build up the lashes. I haven't tried the Falsies yet, but I heard it's pretty good. I still feel a tiny bit iffy about these and I'll go back to my lash blast later on in the future. What are you girls' favorite mascara?

Also took the liberty to buy some highlighters! I remember Yuko bought me a really nice pink highlighter from Japan and it was the frixon kind that you can erase, but it's all dried up now. :(

AND! If you guys have been following/reading my tweets, I've been super obsessed with blushes lately. I just don't think that using my bronzer as blush has been cutting it. Usually when I put on a full face of makeup, I use bronzer as blush, it looks alright IRL, but it just doesn't show up very well in photos. So I've been keen on the idea that I should go out and buy some blush! In addition, I turned obsessive with makeup brushes as well. I purchased some ecotools brushes and e.l.f. brushes (which have yet to come). AHH! So happy! :'D

And then... I ordered some sheercover! I haven't the slightest clue why I was so compelled to purchase sheercover over bare minerals, but I feel like bare minerals is too hyped up? Maybe it's the creamy concealer and all the free gifts in there, but I'm very excited to try it!

I'd also like to know from you gals, for those of you that use Maybelline's dream mousse concealer in the little glass container if you like it. Do you???

I also received a cute little chocolate covered marshmellow from honey's aunt! It looks and tastes so good! @___@ I hope I'll be able to do these things when I'm older, as in middle aged and making scrapbooks.

My Target loot!

No more composition books from MEAD?

Lo tee on~


So pretty! @_@

Nomz for meh


Alicia Silverstone edition of ecotools

The zip bag it comes with.

Cam whore pic!

Love you guys! Mwah
P.S. You guys have bumped me up to 8,000+ hits total! TY! ♥

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Las Vegas Winter 2011 Part 2

When I came to, it was around 7:45am or so but I went back to sleep. Around 8:30am I finally woke up and so did Amy, I put on the complementary robe and plopped on her bed. I flipped up the covers and revealed that she fell asleep with both of our cameras, and her cell phone, lol.

We both got up after that and went to the bathroom to get ready for our last day in Vegas. We put on our face and our outfit for the day. It was almost time to check out of the suite as well. We packed everything that belonged to us and dragged out luggage with us to MGM Grand. We took the TRAM once again to MGM Grand, then dropped off our stuff with Amy's mom's friend and went to eat breakfast. I ordered a delicious Belgian waffle with strawberries and blueberries. It looked as great as it tasted, and once again I wasn't disappointed. Amy got an omelet with so little has browns! :( Then we ordered another side of hash browns, yum!

We talked about random stuff and asked for the check. After Amy's mom came by we went upstairs to freshen up and then all four of us went out to grab a taxi so we could go to Crystal's. Crystal's is this fancy mall with a ton of high end stores. We walked around at Gucci, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Tiffany & Co. While we were in Miu Miu, the kind associate there offered us something to drink, he said they had water and champagne. Amy got a water and then turned to me and laughed because she knew what I would like. I got the champagne, obviously. The associate then told us a story about how he asked a girl that was in the store before what she wanted to drink, she answered champagne, then the mother of the girl asked the associate what her daughter was drinking. He answered champagne, the mother's answer was, "oh, she's underage." The associate answered, "Oh." [But you're in Vegas.] /insert LOL here. yes, one of those had to be there moments again.

The champagne was damn good, then we left. After Miu Miu, we went into Tiffany & Co. which took a while. After Tiffany & Co. Amy kept asking around what time the Bellagio fountain show would start. We got different answers but whatever. We walked to the Bellagio and waited a little bit before the show started. It was so beautiful! :'D (Insert epic Bellagio music here) After the fountain show, we walked toward the M&M, and Coca Cola stores. I bought a mini Coca Cola cup, and a tube of mini M&Ms at the stores. I wanted to get that yard long margarita that everyone was toting so I fucking got it! $10! Oh well, it was worth how much I got. After getting the margarita, Amy and I went back to MGM Grand to eat dinner with her mom and her mom's friend. We ate at Wolfgang Puck once again, but it was good. Amy's mom and her friend got the steak, Amy got salmon again (I think), and I got the linguni with clams, yum!

After dinner we went up to the suite to freshen up and relaxed for a little bit. It was almost time for our flight, so we had to catch a taxi to take us to the airport.

Finally at the airport.. It was more bitter than sweet. I enjoyed Las Vegas so much and now I have to leave. But I promise you this, Las Vegas, Nevada, I will be back!!!

Thank you for the wonderful time and beautiful memories. ♥



Las Vegas 早!!!

Cam whore pic 1 of the morning

Cute girl curling her hair

Work ittt!

Good morning Las Vegas!

My breakfast, so yum!

Amy's breakfast, yum!

Hello, breakfast. :)

Miu Miu, drinking champagne


Bellagio fountains.

MGM street

Yummy margarita!

My linguini

Amy's mom's steak

Amy's salmon

Amy's mom's friend's steak!

On the flight back home. :( I miss you!

I left my in Vegas.