Friday, January 07, 2011

Hot pot with the ladies

It's the new year and how could I forget to blog about 2010! HAHA.

On December 30th, 2010, Regina invited me to her annual Coriya hot pot with the ladies. And this would be my first time. I got to spend time with the ladies and all you can eat buffet!

The restaurant hadn't opened when I got there, so I called Regina and asked her where she was. They were at Walgreens, so there I was in Walgreens, chatting up a storm and blocking the way of many Walgreens patrons. It was about time that Coriya opened to we all walked over but made a stop to See's candies on the way. I decided to buy the See-gar, since I was eyeing it for a while before. We finally made our way to Coriya and got ourselves situated. We started piling on the raw meats and foods. They even had milk tea and tapioca! Didn't taste that good, but what other restaurant has such drinks that isn't a specialty restaurant.

After hot pot, I joined Amy and headed to Japantown to run errands and took pictures at Pikapika. Honey decided to pick us up and we dropped Amy off at home. Darling and I went to eat Korean BBQ for dinner. After dinner we decided to catch a movie. We headed up to the movie theater and tried to scope out a good movie to watch. We settled on The Tourist. We were about an hour and thirty minutes early so we went to Starbucks for some coffee. We decided to head back to the movie theater and sit for a bit. We walked into the theater and sat down.

Everyone said that The Tourist was a shitty movie, but I didn't really think so! I thought it was alright, kind of cliche and quirky but, it was alright!

And that was the end of my night. I went home shortly after the movie and talked to my darling on the phone. The end. :)

Regina cooking!

Getting situated.

Mina. :)


Regina again. :)


Linda and food!

Mi ladies.

"So I was like 'hehehehe :P.'"

Don't waste the food!!!

Regina again.

Linda nomming.



Ladiez. :)

At Pikapika

Not that bad, lol. I say B.

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Amy said...

HOLY FUCK those faux eyelashes makes me look scary and undoubtedly scared myself shitless