Thursday, January 13, 2011

Las Vegas Winter 2011 Part 1

Hi guys! I am back from Las Vegas, Nevada and I am terribly upset that I only got to spend two days and one night there. WHY?! WHY DID MY VACATION HAVE TO END!? Well anyways, I had an extremely enjoyable time. And I definitely kicked off my new year with a perfect start! Here's to more vacations in Las Vegas, Nevada, cheers.

My vacation started the morning of Monday, January 10th, 2011. I woke up at 6:00am and got ready for an epic time in Las Vegas. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and curled my freshly washed hair at the ends. I packed the last of my stuff I needed for a two day vacation and waited patiently for my friend Amy, her mother and her mother's friend to come and pick me up and head to the airport. So exciting! My first time going to Las Vegas, but I knew it would be fabulous. Amy, her mother, and her mother's friend finally approached my house and I got in the car and greeted them all. The time was here, the wheels rolled and we were all off to a mini vacation to Vegas in a matter of a couple of hours!

We finally got close to the airport and we parked at the Park N' Fly parking lot, next to two really huge and crooked trucks. We got on the Park N' Fly shuttle and made our way to the airport. We checked in to the proper places and sat down near our gate. We had to wait about half an hour before we boarded. We were finally on the plane and on our way! An hour and a half later we landed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oh the excitement!!! We made our way to the taxi line and it was damn long! WTF, it wrapped around like at least five chained lines. After waiting patiently for our taxi we got in and made our way to Gold Coast. We walked and walked around the slot machines and made it to a restaurant called Ping Pang Pong. What a weird name...

We ate dim sum at Ping Pang Pong, the service and food was lacking. We waited so long for Fong zhou and never got it! After our little lunch we took the taxi to Mandalay Bay and got a pretty nice suite. Amy and I freshened up and got our stuff situated. We sat around for a little bit until Amy's mom told us to take the taxi to go outlet shopping. We made our way downstairs and out the door and hailed us a taxi to go to Chelsea's Premium Outlets, the fare cost us about $25.00 or so. We looked around a lot of stores but didn't buy much. However, I'm happy with the buys that did make it back home. I bought a pair of moccasins that I've been eyeing for more than six months and Amy bought the same pair in a different color. I bought a pair of Levi's jeans for myself and for my boyfriend. I actually fit a size 0 with them! HAHA, only store that I will fit 0. :'( They fit my ass to the T! I love them so much! It's going to be Levi's jeans from here on out! Boyfriend and I wanted to go get some Levi's jeans since around New Years but didn't feel like shopping that night. After a little bit I got tired and wanted to nom on something so we walked to the food court and settled with from super fries from Great Steak. NOM NOM NOM, so fattening! After we finished the fries we went back to shopping and looking. There were so many things that I wanted to buy! We were going crazy trying to find the Nike store so Amy could buy a duffel bag for her cousin and we left the Nike store and came back to buy it. After Nike was the end of our shopping. We hailed a taxi and made it back to the hotel to freshen up again. After we finished freshening up we left the hotel and made our way to MGM Grand via TRAM. We ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill. We had the chicken wings appetizer, Amy got the salmon entree and I got the chicken milanese entree. The chicken wings were damn delicious as well as my milanese! After dinner we waited for a bit for Amy's mom to hand us the David Copperfield show tickets. It was still early for the show so we walked around Studio Walk and Amy showed me around and what the area was about. It was almost time for the show so we walked back to Hollywood theater, seat assistants showed us to our seat and we sat there until the show started (I regret not taking pics while we waited for the show to start). The David Copperfield show was about to start! HOW EXCITING!!! Fast forward to the more exciting part because I believe David wouldn't want his show to be spoiled (yes, David and I are on a first name basis... OMG, I am just kidding.. Mr. Copperfield, lololol).

/START BRAG> Prior to the show beginning, I asked Amy if he usually pulls volunteers on stage, she answered, "they usually have to be a certain age, so I'm pretty sure you won't be pulled up there." And so I was relieved, I don't want to go on stage! Boy, was she wrong... /)___(\ Anyways, so he had this one trick, and he was throwing out frisbees to the audience, the people that caught them had to come down on stage. I noticed he was took a glance at me a couple of times. Then he proceeded to throw a frisbee my way, and being the good friend that I was I caught it to prevent it from hitting Amy in the face, sadly it already hit her in the side of the face. I got up and Copperfield assistants led me to the side of the stage. Then they (Copperfield's assistants) traded my frisbee for a key (which is all part of the trick). I got to go on the stage and stand there with the key. Copperfield's assistants told me go across the stage and that's exactly what I did, then I had to hold a rope and poof the trick was done. I overhead the assistant saying that I had to "hug" or "kiss" him on the cheek, something of that nature and context, I don't remember. He took one look at me and had the appalled look on his face for a split second and said, "ohh". And I got to hug him and made my way back to my seat. Copperfield did I think one or two more tricks before dun dun dun dunnn...! I was pulled on stage, AGAIN. This time, he made his way down to the audience and looked for an unsuspecting volunteer. I was trying to make mini small talk with Amy so I could ignore him and he held his hand out next to me demanding that I go on stage with him. I took his hand and followed him to the side of the stage (his hands were really cold)(I GOT TO FUCKING HOLD HIS HAND FUT YEAH! /fangirling). He asked for my name while he was pulling me by the hand to the stage, and I kindly answered, "Mabel". Then with the camera all up in my face, he took out a piece of tissue paper. /Fast forward. (Tissue paper trick) Then he unfolded the paper tissue out of its many creases and rolled it into a tissue rose. I rolled my eyes, because I knew that dumb origami and also because I made it for my boyfriend before. He made the rose levitate and I was so compelled to put my hands through the empty space between his hands and the rose, but I was afraid I would mess him up so I didn't. The assistant threw him a lighter and he proudly ignited the paper rose and voila! It turned into a beautiful, single, red rose. He looked at me and I looked at him. It was the end of the trick and I was happy! He took a single finger and pointed at his cheek, of course I know what that means, and he deserves it! HAHAHA. Semi-kiss on the cheek and I walked off. I should have fucking guessed the lame paper rose thing would have lead to the real thing. Damn, I was fucking happy as fuck and I boastfully held my head up (not really, it was dim in that theater and I had to know where I was walking) and walked my ass back to my seat. I was screaming on the inside. Why? 1) David Copperfield is a celebrity, 2) Who gets pulled on stage twice?! The show ended with a disappearing act and he came out to bow. And then he gave me an A-OKAY with his fingers. YIPPEEE. (♥__♥) *(^O^)* (^o^) (*¬*) (~_^) :'D/END BRAG.

After the show we made a trip to Walgreens so I could buy some contact solution. I was interested in the idea of drinking back at the hotel so Amy and I bought some chaser at Walgreens as well. I bought the wrong kind of contact solution (that I realized when I opened the container). It was a gel like solution and reeked of rubbing alcohol.. And I'm supposed to put this shit in my eye? I threw it away as quickly as possible. I really wish I had gone back to get a refund, but whatever. Amy and I made it back to the hotel, but not before we tried to visit the fountains at Bellagio. When the fountain show was apparent that it wasn't going to show tonight, we went back to the hotel.

After getting back to the hotel, we took plenty of pictures together and of course a picture of my rose and I. These pictures, that I hoped will never be erased, will be the gate to my memories, if I am ever diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. After taking pictures, we hopped into our complementary robes and slippers and took some more pictures. It was probably around 1am at that time and I wanted to take a bubble bath, and a bubble bath is exactly what the hell I took. Amy hopped in the shower and we chatted while I took a bath and she took a shower. After Amy got out of the shower, I quickly hopped in the shower to rinse the suds off my skin. The water in Nevada isn't something I'm used to, very drying of my skin. I hopped out of the shower and took off my makeup. My skin was so dry! :'( After we took off out makeup, it was happy hour for us, but we had no cups. :( So I called housekeeping to bring us up some cups to mix our little cocktails in. I bought a Hawaiian Punch from Walgreens and mixed it with my Absolut Vodka. Amy bought Squirt and mixed it with Patron. Amy's drink tasted nasty, but mine was damn good!!! It tasted so good, I kept drinking and nomming on our little snacks while watching TV (got to watch Jersey Shore and the epic Jenny and Sammi fight!). We played one round of UNO before we both knocked out. Knock out time was around 4:30am.

Waiting at the gate for our flight.

Finally on the plane.

Finally landed in Viva Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gold Coast.

Ping Pang Pong Dim sum.

Can you tell that I'm a happy camper?

Eating egg tarts.

Mandalay Bay lobby.

On the elevator going up.

Such a long corridor to walk through.

Finally at the door!

Such a beautiful suite!

Margarita time!

Mini kitchen thing.

Amy and I's beautiful and comfy ass bed!

TV in the bathroom!

Cam whore pic 1

Cam whore pic 2




Cam whore pic 3

Looking outside at the parked cars view, haha.

Patron and Grey goosey make ya loosey!

Our happy hour station


Have no idea why we bought chaser.

Hey hey hey!

Freshening up.

Cam whore pic 4

Shopping stuff!

Excalibur. So big and purdyyy

Dinner at Wolfgang puck.

Waiting for food

Our appetizer chicken wangs

Chicken milanese

Amy's salmon entree

Cam whore pic 5

Waiting for Amy's mother.

David Copperfield show!!!

MGM street? HAHA

Outside Bellagio with no show. :(

My single red rose from David Copperfield and I. :) ♥♥♥

Cam whore pic 6

Cam whore pic 7

Almost happy hour time

Cam whore pic 8

Cam whore pic 9

Cam whore pic 10

Matching mocs!

Cam whore pic 11



"Is it profile picture worthy?" "You bet."


Happy hour commence!

Shake it!

Cute ass pic that was tweeted! LOL

We cute tho.

Cam whore pic 12

I forget where this was.


*Fuck, I just realized that I published the post, "Las Vegas Winter 2010 Part 1", hehehe. It's actually 2011! Fuck man, 2010 you left me so fast, eh?

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Amy said...

My momma never got her fong zhou. Man, wthell is that shiz. Not cool. I bet she told every waitress that came by, too!

We didn't buy much at the outlet but my total came up to be around $170 I believe.. I added it up my receipts but I don't really remember.

LOL, it's called KING FRIES, you noob. Jk~ But yeah, you forgot to mention there was a huge ass cockroach like bug on the damn wall while we were eating the fries. SIGH.

LOLOL YOU & DAVID ARE ON A FIRST NAME BASIS. Might as well be ;). Nigga you hella failed in keeping the frisbee from hitting my face. My left cheeck was totally KOed. You got to hold his hand, kiss his cheek, and hug him, FUT YEAHHH.

Oh lala, why didn't you put up pics of your bubble bath? I thought the air and water in Vegas was already dry during the summer. But it's eben worse in the Winter. My hands never cracked before until that day..

I used to be able to drink stuff like that, but now I can't anymore. Amy last year would be like "OH YUMMY" T.T Fffffuuuu.

I wish I took the robe home because it was so soft :(.