Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hello everyone, I haven't been blogging lately, kinda forgetting or busy. Well yeah, I'm pretty tired, people keep calling me at 8:30 AM to wake me up. *AHEM! Anyways, so I'm pretty confused. I doubt I'm friends with this one person any longer, but I am friends with this other person which kinda made me not friends with the first person, which sucks, since I was blinded. Goshhhh, but Idk. I'm really confused on what I want and I'm basically losing my mind. So difficult.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hello. Today was tiring. I'm sleepy. I couldn't keep my eyes open when I was walking to the busstop. Well, around 9:30AM I walked to the 28 stop to go to Math camp, sis called and said she wanted to go to Pete's Coffee, so we went. Dannng, coffee is so expensive now. So, then we left after she got her coffee. We waited for the bus. We went to the library after Math camp and I checked out tons of books, and now none of them appeal to me. Where are all the nice teen romance novels at?! Grrr. I want to read more Zane books. LOL too bad most of the books aren't even around. Hmm, well I need to read more of these cute love stories. Where are they?! Someone help me please. Well I'm bored as well as annoyed. The same stupid muddaeshole, keeps coming around, I wish he didn't. He annoys the life out of me. Jeez, well whatever so.. boyfriend is going to leave tomorrow, for 2 weeks, I'm gunna miss him a lot. That sucks. PGA on July 12th. Yay. I need 30 bucks tho. But yeah, nothing else besides that. I want to read but these books suck. The only books that won't bore me are R.L. Stine books. AWESOME. Totally. I kinda want to sleep, but that's what nighttime is for, so I'll save it for later when I can't open my eyes anymore. I want contacts. I want a a lot actually. I wish I weren't so materialistic sometimes. I don't NEED it. Blaaah. Well I think this is it for today. I'm not doing much tomorrow for Fourth of July, maybe I'll get to see my Aunt, Uncle, and baby cousin at least I won't see that annoying boy tomorrow, but then again boyfriend's leaving for Vegas. Blaaah. That's okay, I'll have my own fun. Well yeah ttyl!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Good evening everyone. Okay well today was a fun day. I went to Math camp with Sis, and did the usual. I had to yell at some kidds, *sighhhh so bad. Well anyways. So Ryan pulled out his cards and we just played Slapjack. :) Haha, UNDEFEATED TEACHERS! *Victory yell. Well anyways, today was a free day for the zoo, so I went to go see boyfriend and his sister and his cousin. :) Yay we got to see animals, all I wanted to see was penguins. Jeez the zoo gets boringer every year... especially when you get older, and the zoo takes out most of the animals. Jerks.... well anyways. I got home abut 2 hours ago? Something like that. I decided to update my MySpace, with what else, BUT PICTURES on my actual profile. Now great, the code that hides my friends and comments on firefox, does anything BUT WORK. I'm so furious. Back to createblog.. someone posts up a comment saying it doesn't work as of today and don't update your profile or it won't work anymore. OMGGGGGOOOOOODDDNESSS. Now anyone can view my friends and comments on Firefox, stupid stalkers.. I swear. I wanna delete my MySpace, but I use it to keep in touch, why do codes and people have to be so difficult. I swear I don't have anything to hide, but I don't like people being so close, especially trying to get info and know all my friends and whatnot. I'm low-profile. :) so lame, I'm still on createblog to see if anyone else wants to leave a comment on how to fix this damn problem...... well other than that the rest of my day was fine. I'm hungry again, and I'm waiting for boyfriend to come back from dropping off his dog. Blahhhhh. Well I'll probably update this later. Ouuu ouuu, I finished both of my R.L. Stine books, so now I'm gonna read something called Goy Crazy? Haha Idk, or one of my ham sup books. ;) Someone suggest some nice teen romance novels. :D Okay ttyl.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Over this.

Good evening everyone! :) Today was a nice day. Math camp from 10AM-12PM, then I left to go downtown. Watched Wanted, that new Angelina Jolie movie. It was WAYYY interesting. I suggest anyone who likes action to go watch it. I'm not gonna talk about it, I might just spoil it for everyone. Well anyways, back to my life and problems, I swear I want to slap someone. He probably doesn't know who he is. Jeez, but everyone around me knows that I think he's extremely annoying. He's not funny and he should definitely stop going to Mathcamp and church to be around me. And on top of that he talks to my friend about meeting some new girl in front of me like I could give a rats ass. He needs to build a bridge and get over it seriously. I'm pretty tired today as well, I didn't sleep until 1AM this morning. Haha, it's okay though. Next destination ZOO! :) Free Wednesdays. There's gonna be a ton of people there. Omgoodness. I'll update tomorrow or something.