Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Over this.

Good evening everyone! :) Today was a nice day. Math camp from 10AM-12PM, then I left to go downtown. Watched Wanted, that new Angelina Jolie movie. It was WAYYY interesting. I suggest anyone who likes action to go watch it. I'm not gonna talk about it, I might just spoil it for everyone. Well anyways, back to my life and problems, I swear I want to slap someone. He probably doesn't know who he is. Jeez, but everyone around me knows that I think he's extremely annoying. He's not funny and he should definitely stop going to Mathcamp and church to be around me. And on top of that he talks to my friend about meeting some new girl in front of me like I could give a rats ass. He needs to build a bridge and get over it seriously. I'm pretty tired today as well, I didn't sleep until 1AM this morning. Haha, it's okay though. Next destination ZOO! :) Free Wednesdays. There's gonna be a ton of people there. Omgoodness. I'll update tomorrow or something.

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