Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone! I found out like 5 seconds ago that J. Lo might not be able to go shopping with me. GRR! She gets back at like 2PM Monday. :[ So sad. Why'd you have to go on that camping trip! Oh well, my last resort is to go shopping by myself or wait until Tuesday, which probably won't happen. Well... hmm, I guess shopping can wait. I don't really mind. Anyways, yeah. So I feel like a douchebag now.

So many broken plans! I'm supposed to be at the movies right now watching Bejamin Button, but nooo. I was too lazy. LOL, well I'm trying to save some money too. So whatever...

This family still pisses me off. Ugh, whatever. Can't wait to die. And no I'm not suicidal nor emo.

Anyways! I woke up around... 8:30AM. WHOA! Pretty early for a Saturday morning. Winterball is tonight! Glad I'm not there. It's like paying to see people I don't like. Which is so not gunna happen, since I can see their disgusting asses for free. 1 cent hoes... Anyways! Idk, I was bored all morning. People live just to piss me off. Ugh, go slit your wrists...

So I am extremely bored right now. I'm trying to find a nice picture to put on Soompi. :) Blehhh :p. I hope everyone at weak ass winterball is having fun!

I have work tomorrow night, which means I'm missing out on a dinner with the fam. I'd rather be at work making money, best believe kiddos! I think I have to fill in for Amy on Thursday. Ehh, whatever she wants! :)

I wish my hair would grow faster. I think I shall dye it some shade of nice brown when it's longer. :) So unsatisfied with my hair right now. Blehh, this sucks!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


LOL! :) Yay! I got paiddd yesterdizzzay! $228.00, jealous? I know.

No school yesterday since I didn't have a first or second period. So I slept in for like 11-12 hours. I had nothing to do so I woke up around 9:30AM? Ehhh, I was hungry so I made some food and ate. Had to fill in for Diana at work.

Sooo, I went to Rite Aid and bought like a ton of mascara... :x haha. MAYBELLINE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Yay! Happy happy. Well, I ended spending like 20 bucks on it all. Ouu, I bought that XL Seduction Plumper etc lipgloss too. The tinglyness of it is kind of annoying, but I like the color I got! Sexy! Anyways, so, I'll take some pics of the mascaras I got. It's the new stilleto and colossal ones. I bought the lash stylist too because of the brush and it combs my lashes while making them thicker and darker. ^_____^' Happy!

I left the house at like 4:30PM, I hella thought I was going to be late, so ugh. Whatever... I showed up on time so that's whatever! Some lady was in the bathroom so I couldn't change my shirt. Goshhh. Momma told me I was gunna get hella tips for looking cute! Haha. It was sooo slow at work. Omg, it was horrible. Justin clockedme out early so yeah. Octavio poked me hella hard! Grrr. I made like 3 dollars tip. Haha, oh well better than nothing. Left after Justin clocked me out and went home. I called J. Lo to talk to her about stuff. :) Olive Juice! Anyways... I got home and went to sleep early since I had to wake up early.

I need to wash my hair tonight!

Today was the first day of finals for me so ugh. Most likely failed both of them. Got 2 more final tomorrow and that's it then off to our 5 day weekend! WHOO HOO! So happy. I MIGHT go shopping with J. Lo. I need to buy some gifts for people yannoe! So yeah.

MMM can't wait till tomorrow is over! I won't be able to see J. Lo at church. *sighh so sad. I'll miss you! So yeahhh, my eyes kinda itch right now Idk why..

I need to buy clothes I guess. And maybe I'll buy some contacts! :)

Okay I'm done lates!

Monday, January 12, 2009



I'm baccccccccccck!!! Haha, anyways. So last week was HECTIC! Oh man oh man. Training the whole week, Bart shooting, and someone died at Office Max. And I have a huge headache and my whole body feels sore and it's freaking cold to me.

So much going on horrible. So let me blog day by day.

First homicide in Richmond district of 2009. Very sad. I went to work at around 5PM. Coworkers were talking about someone getting stabbed. And we thought it was a joke because there was no news on it. I didn't know what was going on when one of our coworkers aid he couldn't get his car out of the Office Max parking lot. I got off work about 9 something, and saw a police officier guarding the parking lot. Very sad.

The next day I went to work again and one of the guys next door that basically live at our work place came in and said that someone must have fallen on his car and left a dent in it and there was blood splatter all over it. Ugh, if that was me... that car would not be under my name anymore. Despite the negative and sadness, I'm very proud of the 64 year old. If only there were more people like you, sir!

Well, I guess that was kinda my week. I basically went to work to train the WHOLE WEEK. 7 DAYS! Omg, so tiring. But it'll pay off.

One of my co workers got harassed as well. UGH! Why can't people learn to shut up. Being racist is the lowest form of insult. Go to hell!

So, one of my coworkers was working the afternoon shift. A lady comes in and orders garlic bread. Co worker was busy, so she made a small mistake and ordered a slice with olives on it. The lady TAKES IT and half way through the slice with olives on it, she tells my co worker she ordered garlic bread. WTH?! If you got the wrong order why can't you freaking return it and say that I didn't order this. Are you stupid?! Then she has the balls to walk out turn around and tell my coworker, "here's a tip, if you want to work in America, learn to speak english." WOW. Totally, you idiot! It's TOTALLY okay for you to eat something you didn't order and degrade my coworker's english. BEING ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH IN AMERICA ISN'T EVEN EVERYTHING. Goodness. Just shut up. And here's a tip for you, LEARN SOME FREAKIN' MANNERS! The most you could do is NOT give her any tip. And you have the balls to degrade her english. Idiots, these days.

And oh! This one a hole he calls for delivery, he orders a SMALL. We do personals, not smalls. So I try to explain and he goes "EXCUSE ME I ORDERED A SMALL." Okay... I'm trying to help your rude ass out. So whatever I punched in that order and whatnot and he had it. Some people just need to go to hell. I haven't even started yelling at YOU, who the hell are you to be freakin' rude to me. And if he would have called back and said it was too small, I would have just yelled at him so bad. Idiots. Gosh!!! Piss me of why don't you. Some people need to learn manners. Sorry if you had a bad day, but don't take it out on someone who's taking your order, IDIOT! Okay enough of my rant. I'm done!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Greetings everyone! I am blogging from the iphone.

So I can't really type fast correctly. Because the buttons are so annoying and the fact that I have to keep erasing every time make a mistake is freakin annoying!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I'M HOMEEE. Got home around like 11 PM last night. Oh man, training was SOMETHING. So sleepy.

I still have to go to Rite Aid and return this bull stuff eyeliner. Grrr.

Okay gotta go eat and off to training again! Later!

Gotta edit this later. Some people live just to piss me off. Go play in traffic annoying pest!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to school...

"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class."

TOMORROW! This is horrible.. I haven't done any homework at all. But it's not like I know what my homework was anyway. UGH. I gotta start training tomorrow for my job. Hopefully I get it! Yay!

Watched Windstruck last night. Yay! No tears this time even though it was sad. I didn't get to see the sad part. And what's her face actress' voice is annoying when she's screaming and kicking trying to save her boyfriend. LOL. Woke up around 9AM today, slept through the night! Yayyy, got picked up for church and we went to the bakery, lol. Bought some boh loh baos! :D Picked up some other people and got to church. Talked to Olive juice. Oh man, saw those barbie dolls today too. Do you need that much make up? Sheesh! Anyways.. Bible Olympics? Vince made me take pictures of the people for him. Ughhhh. I should be hanging out right now! OMGOSH, tomorrow is school. Ugh, I'd rather stay at home now that I think of it. It's so cold! :[ Oh wth, ADD, anyways, as I was saying, so I left church and went home and ate. Then I laughed at stupid stuff with sis, and listened to Wang Lee Hom! :D

EGHH, I was just on Soompi and this really stupid person started posting NONSENSE!

Here's a sample:

"recently i went to a shop and there was this waitress he treated the other customer better than me ... i could see in any way from smiles and services... i mean i was wearing armani 1k$ armani shirt , Lv shoes and stuffs and yet i get less respect?

totally ruin my mood for yesterday... crazy.gif tongue2.gif

**************** is this fashion forward awesome kid who doesn't care what other people think on her. She just goes out and does what she loves to do that is 'SHOPPING+FASHION'.She's not the typical kid that you would find on the streets every single day.She's a unique,complex and so 'HIGH SOCIETY'."

Too bad this topic was closed because I would have gone crazy in there. You don't get RESPECT by the brands of clothes you wear. You think people that wear Burberry, and lugg big Louis Vutton tote bags would get respect, DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! If you look like a snob, YOU MOST LIKELY ARE. You are a total ignorant SNOB. IGNORANT! Just because you can "supposedly" pay for all this Burberry and what not, does not mean you will DESERVE respect, or seem like you have the least bit of class.

Enough of my rant, this "girl" if you really are a girl, Idk why you were asking for advice on Burberry MEN'S CLOTHING... Anywhoo... IN CONCLUSION, "she" is stupid and probably posting all this bs on the forums for NOTHING or trying to get attention she know she doesn't have anywhere else. Idiots... get over yourself.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day 2

Wang Lee Hom - Zai Mei Bian.mp3

Super rap... Second to Twista. "Ouuuuu, he was checking you O-U-T, out!" "No he wasn't..." "Then why was he staying there for hella long?!" "Cus there's a stop sign?" Of wearing this CG "all-day no smudge" eyeliner. And let me tell you guys! IT DOESN'T WORK! Damn my stupid oily eyelids. *sighhh. Buy one get one free. I was better off buying the lipgosses instead. Olive Juice said she used it once and she couldn't even take it off. Grrrr, this thing still smudges and everything! I'm getting a refund for it dangit. NEXT! Last night, Mina called me asked offered me a job. YAY! I love you Mina! I gotta go in to train on Monday and Tuesday. Anyways I planned on watching Windstruck, last night for the second time. It was so sad the first time I watched it and I guess I needed a good cry. I didn't get hafway through it when Olive Juice called me to talk like we always do. :) Some serious stuff and always room for comedy. She left me so she could go wash her face off. LOL, and I just went back trying to watch Windstruck. Who knew the DVD player was so stupid?! Ugh... Everytime I paused it for like, oh Idk.. 10 minutes? AND IT JUST STOPS! Ugh, around 11:46PM I got pissed so I didn't feel like watching so I went to bed. :) Gabe called me around 4 in the morning. Hella random? So stupid. And then I went back to sleep. Well, I woke up around 10:30AM. I decided to be a good girl and show these idiots I've grown the hell up. Woke up and vacuumed the WHOLE HOUSE! Cleaned the bathroom, [which of course IDIOT #1 JUST DIRTIED IT ALL UP ONCE AGAIN] cleaned my room, did some MORE vacuuming and cleaned up the shoes downstairs. Not once did anyone say, "hey thanks for cleaning the whole flippin' house" or "hey good job" or "a zhe me ting hua le." Whateverrrrr! Gawwwwsh. Walked over to grandma's place around 1:30PM, while before that I did nothing but watch tv. Ate some ruffles to get fat. *sigh, I'm so lazy to work out. Anywho.. I spent the rest of the hours on the computer editing and unediting and downloading Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Google Talk. Plus making a bunch of new emails for people that keep spamming me. Sister ran the doorbell and I opened the door. She brought some yummy Tuttimelon home! "I need to burn some shizzz!" "Ewuh.." "I DON'T MEAN ON THE TOILET!" LOL, idiot.

Anywhosss.. It's pretty cold today. -___-' And I'm happy! Yay, tomorrow's Sunday, which means I get to see Olive Juice and worship God. :)

Friday, January 02, 2009


[EDIT] Okay, so I forgot to put my signature on it. Who knows what stupid stalker scary person might take my photos!? D: The thought of it scares me. :) Anyways here..

Oh p.s. If you take my picture, although I've disabled the rightclick function and copy and paste... I WILL FIND OUT!

XOXO, Ice!


Obviously bored to death with the confinement to this hell hole.. :)


[Maybe I'll add pictures later.]

From downstairs. :) I moved the laptop as of yesterday afternoon, to get away from these inconsiderate, suffocating PESTS!

And I don't mean BUGS. They are in fact human. You might catch what I'm saying in my previous blog from yesterday. If not... You need help. [Sigh...]

Well let's get to blogging!

Woke up around... oh Idk 10:30AM? About time I get to sleep past 9:01 AM. Well, I had nothing to do. Like ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to do. So what did I turn to? Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul! Whoo hoo! Stuck in bed for I don't know how long.. at least an hour. I closed the book after it got boring in some parts. Then I got to toss and turn on my bed. It was raining this morning! Whoaaa. I didn't expect that to happen, but whatever. It was freezing cold in the house. I got up and ate some Honey Nut Cheerios with what else?! EXPIRED MILK! Idiots... 3 days past the "buy by" date. Ugh, oh well dumped the rest of the expired milk into the sink and that was that. Went to the coldest living room ever and watched tv for like 2 hours or so. I'm trying out my new CG no smudge eyeliner. I guess it's working so far. But it doesn't compare to the Almay no smudge eyeliner. Took some pictures of myself since I was bored and that's basically what I do when I'm bored.

Sooo hmmm... not much that happened today.

Walked over to my grandma's house ate some left over KFC, UGH and drank what was left of the aloe vera drink. Watched some Simpson's with my sister and I made a nice little banner for blogspot. I'm lazy to do anything right now and I'm in dire need of a job.

And to end it all off, I can't stay down here for long. GREAAAAAAAT, now I have to move this laptop back upstairs. Where its crowded with annoying pests. Ugh, I tried to add another blog to my list but the name was already taken. HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!

Whatever, that's fine... Edit later!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello 2009.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Hi everyone! Happy new years btw! Missed the fireworks last night since I was too busy watching Slave Love. :) I don't really care, I've seen fireworks the last 2 years, a bunch of fun cheungrs. Lao niang eh! So far my new years has been pretty horrible. Except for the fact I got to see Olive Juice today and bitch to her about everything.

So I'll talk about my day before I start bitching.
Woke up around 9 AM today when I slept at around 1 AM this morning. 8 hours? I usually sleep more. So I wake up to the sound of my "father's" ugly voice. Screaming and whatnot. Couldn't fall back asleep so I decided to read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Finally got up and decided to make some noodles and call Olive Juice's house. No one picked up the first time and then I called again and she said she was gone. 10:40 AM-ish, the doorbell rang and I went for the door. Talked to o.j. for a while and got dressed then left for Rite Aid and variety store. Bought some CG eyeliner! Yayyy, okay so there was nothing to buy at Variety store so we rode our bikes back home and I changed and then "parents" picked us up and dropped us off at Van Ness, like I couldn't have gone myself. Which leads to my annoyance of my "parents".

And a special shoutout to my "parents" who made it the worse new years of my entire LIFE! You've finally accomplished something mom and dad! Give yourself a great big pat on the back! But honestly, I love them. But when they start pulling stupid unnecessary stuff on me, I will explode. I haven't thrown a tantrum since March 2008, and "mother" thinks I'm impulsive and I always rush into things before thinking of the consequences. People have told me my temper has been getting better and better. I honestly truly do not understand why my "parents" can't see that. We're so close, but so far away, that these people can't even see that I have better judgement than they give me credit for. Hao shi wang...

I'm not about to go into too much detail over what happened, because in my opinion... IT DOESN'T REALLY FREAKIN' MATTER! So there really isn't anything to complain about.
I will say however.. I realized it was JANUARY.. 2009. 2009, EVERYONE!.. NO ONE IS REALLY GOING TO CHANGE. No matter how much they say they're going to change. It never really happens. And the fact that I realized it's a new year and people won't change just pissed me the hell off. "It's easier to say than to do."

Past is past right? So why is it that when people get into huge arguements they start bringing up the PAST. What's so special about the past, that you can't just shut the hell up and let go. Stop me if I'm being hypocritical. I know not everyone that stops by here to read my entry today is CHRISTIAN, however; you can read.. hopefully.. so here's the verse. 1 Corinthians 13:5 states, "5. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs." [It meaning LOVE.] Not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs. Interesting.. guess these idiots don't love me enough to not keep records of my wrong doings.

I will probably edit this later. Late!