Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to school...

"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class."

TOMORROW! This is horrible.. I haven't done any homework at all. But it's not like I know what my homework was anyway. UGH. I gotta start training tomorrow for my job. Hopefully I get it! Yay!

Watched Windstruck last night. Yay! No tears this time even though it was sad. I didn't get to see the sad part. And what's her face actress' voice is annoying when she's screaming and kicking trying to save her boyfriend. LOL. Woke up around 9AM today, slept through the night! Yayyy, got picked up for church and we went to the bakery, lol. Bought some boh loh baos! :D Picked up some other people and got to church. Talked to Olive juice. Oh man, saw those barbie dolls today too. Do you need that much make up? Sheesh! Anyways.. Bible Olympics? Vince made me take pictures of the people for him. Ughhhh. I should be hanging out right now! OMGOSH, tomorrow is school. Ugh, I'd rather stay at home now that I think of it. It's so cold! :[ Oh wth, ADD, anyways, as I was saying, so I left church and went home and ate. Then I laughed at stupid stuff with sis, and listened to Wang Lee Hom! :D

EGHH, I was just on Soompi and this really stupid person started posting NONSENSE!

Here's a sample:

"recently i went to a shop and there was this waitress he treated the other customer better than me ... i could see in any way from smiles and services... i mean i was wearing armani 1k$ armani shirt , Lv shoes and stuffs and yet i get less respect?

totally ruin my mood for yesterday... crazy.gif tongue2.gif

**************** is this fashion forward awesome kid who doesn't care what other people think on her. She just goes out and does what she loves to do that is 'SHOPPING+FASHION'.She's not the typical kid that you would find on the streets every single day.She's a unique,complex and so 'HIGH SOCIETY'."

Too bad this topic was closed because I would have gone crazy in there. You don't get RESPECT by the brands of clothes you wear. You think people that wear Burberry, and lugg big Louis Vutton tote bags would get respect, DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! If you look like a snob, YOU MOST LIKELY ARE. You are a total ignorant SNOB. IGNORANT! Just because you can "supposedly" pay for all this Burberry and what not, does not mean you will DESERVE respect, or seem like you have the least bit of class.

Enough of my rant, this "girl" if you really are a girl, Idk why you were asking for advice on Burberry MEN'S CLOTHING... Anywhoo... IN CONCLUSION, "she" is stupid and probably posting all this bs on the forums for NOTHING or trying to get attention she know she doesn't have anywhere else. Idiots... get over yourself.

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