Monday, January 12, 2009



I'm baccccccccccck!!! Haha, anyways. So last week was HECTIC! Oh man oh man. Training the whole week, Bart shooting, and someone died at Office Max. And I have a huge headache and my whole body feels sore and it's freaking cold to me.

So much going on horrible. So let me blog day by day.

First homicide in Richmond district of 2009. Very sad. I went to work at around 5PM. Coworkers were talking about someone getting stabbed. And we thought it was a joke because there was no news on it. I didn't know what was going on when one of our coworkers aid he couldn't get his car out of the Office Max parking lot. I got off work about 9 something, and saw a police officier guarding the parking lot. Very sad.

The next day I went to work again and one of the guys next door that basically live at our work place came in and said that someone must have fallen on his car and left a dent in it and there was blood splatter all over it. Ugh, if that was me... that car would not be under my name anymore. Despite the negative and sadness, I'm very proud of the 64 year old. If only there were more people like you, sir!

Well, I guess that was kinda my week. I basically went to work to train the WHOLE WEEK. 7 DAYS! Omg, so tiring. But it'll pay off.

One of my co workers got harassed as well. UGH! Why can't people learn to shut up. Being racist is the lowest form of insult. Go to hell!

So, one of my coworkers was working the afternoon shift. A lady comes in and orders garlic bread. Co worker was busy, so she made a small mistake and ordered a slice with olives on it. The lady TAKES IT and half way through the slice with olives on it, she tells my co worker she ordered garlic bread. WTH?! If you got the wrong order why can't you freaking return it and say that I didn't order this. Are you stupid?! Then she has the balls to walk out turn around and tell my coworker, "here's a tip, if you want to work in America, learn to speak english." WOW. Totally, you idiot! It's TOTALLY okay for you to eat something you didn't order and degrade my coworker's english. BEING ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH IN AMERICA ISN'T EVEN EVERYTHING. Goodness. Just shut up. And here's a tip for you, LEARN SOME FREAKIN' MANNERS! The most you could do is NOT give her any tip. And you have the balls to degrade her english. Idiots, these days.

And oh! This one a hole he calls for delivery, he orders a SMALL. We do personals, not smalls. So I try to explain and he goes "EXCUSE ME I ORDERED A SMALL." Okay... I'm trying to help your rude ass out. So whatever I punched in that order and whatnot and he had it. Some people just need to go to hell. I haven't even started yelling at YOU, who the hell are you to be freakin' rude to me. And if he would have called back and said it was too small, I would have just yelled at him so bad. Idiots. Gosh!!! Piss me of why don't you. Some people need to learn manners. Sorry if you had a bad day, but don't take it out on someone who's taking your order, IDIOT! Okay enough of my rant. I'm done!

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