Friday, January 02, 2009


[Maybe I'll add pictures later.]

From downstairs. :) I moved the laptop as of yesterday afternoon, to get away from these inconsiderate, suffocating PESTS!

And I don't mean BUGS. They are in fact human. You might catch what I'm saying in my previous blog from yesterday. If not... You need help. [Sigh...]

Well let's get to blogging!

Woke up around... oh Idk 10:30AM? About time I get to sleep past 9:01 AM. Well, I had nothing to do. Like ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to do. So what did I turn to? Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul! Whoo hoo! Stuck in bed for I don't know how long.. at least an hour. I closed the book after it got boring in some parts. Then I got to toss and turn on my bed. It was raining this morning! Whoaaa. I didn't expect that to happen, but whatever. It was freezing cold in the house. I got up and ate some Honey Nut Cheerios with what else?! EXPIRED MILK! Idiots... 3 days past the "buy by" date. Ugh, oh well dumped the rest of the expired milk into the sink and that was that. Went to the coldest living room ever and watched tv for like 2 hours or so. I'm trying out my new CG no smudge eyeliner. I guess it's working so far. But it doesn't compare to the Almay no smudge eyeliner. Took some pictures of myself since I was bored and that's basically what I do when I'm bored.

Sooo hmmm... not much that happened today.

Walked over to my grandma's house ate some left over KFC, UGH and drank what was left of the aloe vera drink. Watched some Simpson's with my sister and I made a nice little banner for blogspot. I'm lazy to do anything right now and I'm in dire need of a job.

And to end it all off, I can't stay down here for long. GREAAAAAAAT, now I have to move this laptop back upstairs. Where its crowded with annoying pests. Ugh, I tried to add another blog to my list but the name was already taken. HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!

Whatever, that's fine... Edit later!

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