Thursday, January 15, 2009


LOL! :) Yay! I got paiddd yesterdizzzay! $228.00, jealous? I know.

No school yesterday since I didn't have a first or second period. So I slept in for like 11-12 hours. I had nothing to do so I woke up around 9:30AM? Ehhh, I was hungry so I made some food and ate. Had to fill in for Diana at work.

Sooo, I went to Rite Aid and bought like a ton of mascara... :x haha. MAYBELLINE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Yay! Happy happy. Well, I ended spending like 20 bucks on it all. Ouu, I bought that XL Seduction Plumper etc lipgloss too. The tinglyness of it is kind of annoying, but I like the color I got! Sexy! Anyways, so, I'll take some pics of the mascaras I got. It's the new stilleto and colossal ones. I bought the lash stylist too because of the brush and it combs my lashes while making them thicker and darker. ^_____^' Happy!

I left the house at like 4:30PM, I hella thought I was going to be late, so ugh. Whatever... I showed up on time so that's whatever! Some lady was in the bathroom so I couldn't change my shirt. Goshhh. Momma told me I was gunna get hella tips for looking cute! Haha. It was sooo slow at work. Omg, it was horrible. Justin clockedme out early so yeah. Octavio poked me hella hard! Grrr. I made like 3 dollars tip. Haha, oh well better than nothing. Left after Justin clocked me out and went home. I called J. Lo to talk to her about stuff. :) Olive Juice! Anyways... I got home and went to sleep early since I had to wake up early.

I need to wash my hair tonight!

Today was the first day of finals for me so ugh. Most likely failed both of them. Got 2 more final tomorrow and that's it then off to our 5 day weekend! WHOO HOO! So happy. I MIGHT go shopping with J. Lo. I need to buy some gifts for people yannoe! So yeah.

MMM can't wait till tomorrow is over! I won't be able to see J. Lo at church. *sighh so sad. I'll miss you! So yeahhh, my eyes kinda itch right now Idk why..

I need to buy clothes I guess. And maybe I'll buy some contacts! :)

Okay I'm done lates!

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