Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day 2

Wang Lee Hom - Zai Mei Bian.mp3

Super rap... Second to Twista. "Ouuuuu, he was checking you O-U-T, out!" "No he wasn't..." "Then why was he staying there for hella long?!" "Cus there's a stop sign?" Of wearing this CG "all-day no smudge" eyeliner. And let me tell you guys! IT DOESN'T WORK! Damn my stupid oily eyelids. *sighhh. Buy one get one free. I was better off buying the lipgosses instead. Olive Juice said she used it once and she couldn't even take it off. Grrrr, this thing still smudges and everything! I'm getting a refund for it dangit. NEXT! Last night, Mina called me asked offered me a job. YAY! I love you Mina! I gotta go in to train on Monday and Tuesday. Anyways I planned on watching Windstruck, last night for the second time. It was so sad the first time I watched it and I guess I needed a good cry. I didn't get hafway through it when Olive Juice called me to talk like we always do. :) Some serious stuff and always room for comedy. She left me so she could go wash her face off. LOL, and I just went back trying to watch Windstruck. Who knew the DVD player was so stupid?! Ugh... Everytime I paused it for like, oh Idk.. 10 minutes? AND IT JUST STOPS! Ugh, around 11:46PM I got pissed so I didn't feel like watching so I went to bed. :) Gabe called me around 4 in the morning. Hella random? So stupid. And then I went back to sleep. Well, I woke up around 10:30AM. I decided to be a good girl and show these idiots I've grown the hell up. Woke up and vacuumed the WHOLE HOUSE! Cleaned the bathroom, [which of course IDIOT #1 JUST DIRTIED IT ALL UP ONCE AGAIN] cleaned my room, did some MORE vacuuming and cleaned up the shoes downstairs. Not once did anyone say, "hey thanks for cleaning the whole flippin' house" or "hey good job" or "a zhe me ting hua le." Whateverrrrr! Gawwwwsh. Walked over to grandma's place around 1:30PM, while before that I did nothing but watch tv. Ate some ruffles to get fat. *sigh, I'm so lazy to work out. Anywho.. I spent the rest of the hours on the computer editing and unediting and downloading Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Google Talk. Plus making a bunch of new emails for people that keep spamming me. Sister ran the doorbell and I opened the door. She brought some yummy Tuttimelon home! "I need to burn some shizzz!" "Ewuh.." "I DON'T MEAN ON THE TOILET!" LOL, idiot.

Anywhosss.. It's pretty cold today. -___-' And I'm happy! Yay, tomorrow's Sunday, which means I get to see Olive Juice and worship God. :)

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