Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone! I found out like 5 seconds ago that J. Lo might not be able to go shopping with me. GRR! She gets back at like 2PM Monday. :[ So sad. Why'd you have to go on that camping trip! Oh well, my last resort is to go shopping by myself or wait until Tuesday, which probably won't happen. Well... hmm, I guess shopping can wait. I don't really mind. Anyways, yeah. So I feel like a douchebag now.

So many broken plans! I'm supposed to be at the movies right now watching Bejamin Button, but nooo. I was too lazy. LOL, well I'm trying to save some money too. So whatever...

This family still pisses me off. Ugh, whatever. Can't wait to die. And no I'm not suicidal nor emo.

Anyways! I woke up around... 8:30AM. WHOA! Pretty early for a Saturday morning. Winterball is tonight! Glad I'm not there. It's like paying to see people I don't like. Which is so not gunna happen, since I can see their disgusting asses for free. 1 cent hoes... Anyways! Idk, I was bored all morning. People live just to piss me off. Ugh, go slit your wrists...

So I am extremely bored right now. I'm trying to find a nice picture to put on Soompi. :) Blehhh :p. I hope everyone at weak ass winterball is having fun!

I have work tomorrow night, which means I'm missing out on a dinner with the fam. I'd rather be at work making money, best believe kiddos! I think I have to fill in for Amy on Thursday. Ehh, whatever she wants! :)

I wish my hair would grow faster. I think I shall dye it some shade of nice brown when it's longer. :) So unsatisfied with my hair right now. Blehh, this sucks!

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