Monday, February 02, 2009

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Oh man! Do I have a lot to blog about! Well, first off. Sorry I haven't been blogging here for a while. :[ I've been super busy, and if I wasn't super busy, I was too lazy. If I wasn't lazy, I was super tired. But yeah. Where oh where shall I start...? I don't exactly remember half the stuff I wanted to blog about, so I'll just talk about the recent stuff...

I worked a lot the last few days. And badminton season has started, so I'm worn out. Everything is getting in the way of everything, but it'll all pay off. I'm guessing. I was supposed to work to Amy today, but she said nevermind. Work has been kinda tense with so much going on. But I know my personal baggage should be out of it, so I'll leave it like that.

Saturday, January 31st, 2009
Benny's birthday! Went shopping for like the 3rd time that month. Didn't know what to buy Benny for his birthday and had to get Jeff his birthday present too. Bought Victor his birthday present as well. Gotta exchange it for a sexy Urkel shirt tho! Haha. Kev bought a stupid hoodie for himself. And I bought some sunglasses for myself. Yay! (: Finally we went to Lid's and bought a hat for Benny. And grr! I knew we should've gotten the yellow and green A's hat! MOFOS! But whatever.. Late to eat dinner with everyone.. :[ Got on the N Judah and went to "The Pot's" to eat hot pot. Yumm yumm! $25 dollars for all you can eat! But I didn't get it. Stanley, Kevin, Angelica and I sat at a different table and ordered our own hot pot stuff. $50 worth! They made a lot of money that day.. and man oh man was the sautay soup and scallops good! ^______^. The other table wasn't done, so the 4 of us went to get dessert somewhere on Irving. We went to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream, sat down for a while and then left. Ugh, that nasty rainbow sprinkle cone was disgusto!!! Grr, paid a whole 3.88 for it. -.- Pissed. Kev's almond waffle was hella good and fresh. Mofos. I had the German chocolate cake, I think it was too much ice cream. :[ Cus it tasted like I was going to get diabetes soon or something. Haha, that always happens. We left Baskin Robbins and went to take the N Judah to Benny's house. We ended up walking there instead. BFF gave me a piggy back ride! ^___^ Yay, and I gave him one too but my pants kept falling and I was about to piss my pants. We got in the house and some of them were playing NBA 2008, so we waited till they finished. We all watched Date Movie, kinda weird and nasty... ugh. We all went downstairs to cut the cake and chilled for a bit. Felt like a fatty.. :[ We all went back upstairs and bff told me to carry him up so I did, but STUPID STANLEY charlie horsed me so I fell over. LOL.

Yumm! Herbs and spices for our own sauce.

Another pic.

Angelica getting some food.

Sautay soup!

Paying for the hot pot.

Ange and Stanley at Baskin Robbins.

Benny and Tiffany.

Happy birthday!

Everyone waiting for cake.


Lovebirds cutting the cake.

Chillen again.


Until next Saturday.. Victor's house for BBQ! Yay!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009
Bad day today... Dad woke me up at around 7 something AM. Told me to get up because there was a family emergency. We all got in the car about half an hour later and left for Sunnyvale. So much going on in the family right now.. went into CCU and everyone was crying. Too emotional. But we all have to stay strong. I gotta pray for her. We all went back to the house and saw my baby cousin, there was a white lady there, I guess she was one of their friends, so very nice with a shoulder to cry on. We all sat in a circle and prayed. Played with baby cousin for a bit and we ate, put baby cousin to sleep and left for SF. I almost knew the meaning of pain and suffering that day. On a deeper level, I thought of death, what it felt like, and what are the emotions/feelings you go through while you're dying. It made me wonder. It made me finally realize - truly realize how short life was. You can't be held back by anyone or anything. I realized a lot today, that hope and faith is what keeps the human boyd going. Hope. and faith. We are all God's children, and it didn't hit me what "God's child" meant, until I watched Gattaca. Get well soon, and fight. We believe in you.

February 2nd, 2009
Eghh, nothing much happened today. Went to second period late. :/ Bleh. Boring as usual. Went to 3rd period and didn't do anything. I swear some people were put on earth to piss me off. LUNCH TIME! Yay, went to Luckys and bought some chicken waaangs. Too salty. BLEHHH. Went back to school, ugh. Fifth period, so effing boring. No lie, my brain was not cooperating in there. Hate that class. Went to sixth, and did nothing but talk to Wen and Mars. Haha. School was over! Had conditioning but didn't go. Amy called and asked if I could fill in, I said yeah. But she called back later and said she was going in instead. Free Denny's tomorrow! Might go.. might not go.. Idk. No school tomorrow because of CAHSEE testing, but I probably won't be in SF tomorrow anyways, gotta go back to Sunnyvale.


I guess that's about it. I've been enlightened by someone who I didn't think I would be enlightened by. But it's true. God has been with us every step of the way, and we pray for a miracle.

"For with God, nothing is impossible." Luke 1:37


The cow I made for Rem.

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