Monday, February 16, 2009

Fuddruckers and bowling night.

Mmmkay! Well, after the whole, smashing breaking my camera accident, I went to Best Buy and bought the camera that I wanted. Canon Powershot SD1100IS. ^____^. Bought it all with my own hard worked money. Sooo, let's talk about that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009
I went into Best Buy, Saturday afternoon, and I spent at least 40 minutes in there trying to figure out which camera I wanted. It was between the Sony Cybershot 7.2mp- Pink, or the Canon powershot 8.0mp. I kept going back and forth trying to figure out which one. I finally decided to get the Canon sooo I told the guy there and he got it for me. Unfortunately there was no pink Canon, or I woulda gotten that one. He asked if I needed an SD card for it, I said yeah, and I got the 4GB one for 20 bucks! I bought a memory stick pro duo for 20 bucks 2 years ago for the same price and it was only 2GB. Then, he took me over to the silicone cases and said, "you get a free one so pick." Initially, my brain went "FREE?!?!?!?!" So I asked, "are you serious?" And he goes, "Yeah, happy valentine's day." Umm, awkward, but I picked the white silicone case and went on my way to go pay. Awesome blossom, so now I have the camera, the battery was already charged, which was even more awesome, so I could go straight to taking pictures. I messed with it a bit and found some cool effects and whatever, but enough of talking about my camera. I went home afterwards and chilled a little bit before going to work. Had to fill in for Diana. I worked with Steph, and it was pretty busy at night. I earned 42 bucks in tip. ^_____^~~ yay! Got home at like 11PM. Pretty tired, running around and being busy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Andy's birthday dinner and bowling night! Woke up for church, and whatnot. I found out that someone and I "don't get along." I guess so, but it's not because she doesn't get along with me, it's because I don't get along with her, stupid slut. Whatever! Go suck it! Left the house around.. 4:40PM-ish? I walked halfway and remembered I forgot my camera, so I walked back and got it. Met up with Mina and Kev and we took the 28 to DC Bart. Walked to Fuddruckers and met up with birthday boy. Almost everyone came in and we went to go order food. Mina and I split a 1 LB. OMG, it was huge! Almost everyone else ordered a 1 LB. too. I got a picture of the first 1LB. ~~ Josh, haha. After everyone was done eating, Mina and Josh played DDR. While they were playing MarioKart, Bryan came over and said we were cutting the cake. Andy could barely even cut the hard ice cream cake from Coldstones. But it was MMM MMM GOOD. I even got an oreo off it! I didn't eat a lot since I didn't wanna get fat. :/ But yeah, after the cake we went to Serrabowl, by walking. Some people didn't want to walk in the rain so they took a cab, whatever. The rest of us walked to Serrabowl, with me leading the way, lol. I kinda thot I was lost at first, since I haven't been there in so long, and the Samtrans don't run this late. :/ So we finally ended up at Serrabowl, after Idk... like 30 minutes of walking. We picked up the Sunday Madness bowling thing. Boys vs. Girls! Whoo hoo. Boys bowled hella fast and the girls bowled hella slow, BUT the girls kept winning! 2nd game - 461, 2X the points the boys got. I bowled hella gutters, but I finally got my first and last strike of the night. Time was running out on our clock, so Mina and me went to go play DDR. Manual! Wheeeeee. I beat Mina, but I couldn't beat Nick. Grrr. Mina's friend, Andy picked us up and drove us home. We squshed 4 people in the back seat. Unfortunately, I had to sit on bestfriend. YUCK! Andy and Nick got out at DC bart to go home, so there was room. Dropped off Kev first, then Mina, then me. Tried to offer Andy gas money, but he wouldn't take it. So, I have to treat him to dinner, lol. More like dessert? ^___^. Got home and went to sleep, and I woke up about and hour ago.

I'm trying to charge my camera battery right now, so yeah. I have work tonight too! It better not rain and I better get lots of tip! ^___^~~.

Auntie's still not doing so well, mom went over this morning to help them out. Ugh, I have school tomorrow, which of course, I don't want to go to, so yeah.

I think that's about it and pictures are coming up!~~

Mina and I's 1LB! (Looks small, but it was really big!)

The pickles tasted kinda weird. O___o


Concentrating on cutting the food!


1LB. first one to eat it all at our table, JOSH!

Ehh? Candid! ^__^~~

Mina taking pictures?

Back of her head, lol.

We finished out 1LB! (Or.. 1/2lb.)

Time to cut cake!

The ice cream was wayyy too hard.

Giang giving it a try.


We finally gave up and just dug in.

More digging in.

The end result... TEXAS! Haha.


Random pics w/ new camera

Cooooool, no photoshop. Camera effects. :)

Random orange.





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