Friday, February 13, 2009

So sad today... :(

It was still a sad day for me! I went to 3rd period like a good girl. I put my bag which had my DIGITAL camera inside of it on the stool. Not even a split second later the bag just fell to the floor, CRUSHING my digital camera. It wasn't until I wanted to show Keean this picture of this guy that came into work and had these sweet, fierce, awesome full body tattoo, that I opened up the my bag and got my digital camera out and turned it on. ERGHHH, so pissed and so sad! So I'm going to buy a new camera tomorrow, I guess. It's pretty cheap - a Canon powershot, $179.99 and it's 8.0 megapixels. The one that I just broke was a Sony cybershot at about $199.99 + tax, about 2-3 years ago and only has 3.2 megapixels. I feel so gipped... :/ Comparatively, the Canon is cheaper and has more megapixels than my old broken Sony. I'm going to write my own review of the Sony Cybershot.

Sony Cybershot
Price :$199.99 at the time bought
Included: lithium lion rechargable battery, USB cable/A/V cable, wrist strap, owner's manual
Stuff about the camera: has a wheel to quickly change effects, or switch to video mode, has abundance of effects on the wheel, flash, iso, macro, etc.
Pros: Easy to use, most definitely, I dropped it a few times, but still okay to use, battery life is amazing, big screen for playback (I like big screens ^__^.)
Cons: A little slow on taking pictures esp. on the "P" setting or ISO setting, megapixels were low, but pic quality wasn't "bad". I don't remember what else that was that bad about the camera, so that's probably it.

I think they might have discontinued the camera, since I haven't seen any on the market lately.

I definitely think my future Canon powershot camera is for me. The 2.5" screen, not too fancy about, but I've read the reviews, so far, 98% of people that own it, like it and would recommend it to others.

Here's a picture! :)

So... enough about cameras, let's talk about my day.

Took the bus to school and wasn't late! I went to homeroom and everything. Unfortunately, broke my camera at 3rd period. How unlucky - Friday the 13th! D:

EDIT: So, I uploaded the pictures to my computer (the one I broke), and here's the picture of the guy with the full body tattoo. EEK! Soo coool. :)



Random pics by Sharon:

My leg.

^___^~~~ More leg.

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