Friday, February 06, 2009

Baby G

Oh crud.. Haha, I forgot to take pictures of the stuff I bought on Wednesday. I'll post them up as soon as possible!

So I had this Baby G watch from Casio for a while, the only thing was that it was out of battery. :[ I finally hauled ass and went to Radioshack and bought a battery for it. Stupid Best Buy didn't have the battery so whatever it was cool. A watch battery cost 5.49 at Radioshack! Ugh, and my wallet was on E, but now it's on epic E. I want to work at Best Buy! Cute guys. ^_______^. Oh well, I went to Best Buy after school to see if they had any but I took a glance at the cell phones and digital cameras. Planning on getting a new camera, but Idk. I want to get a texting phone for aim and text. But Idk how that's going to go...

On a side note..Planning on cutting and dying my hair. Maybe when my hair grows a little longer. But Idk! I'm torn, lol. I need to go to the doctor's tomorrow and get my physical done! Ugh and then Victor's thing afterwards.

2nd period
SO BORED! Did nothing but read and do questions. It was pretty funny tho.

3rd period
Took a test, FAIL. EPIC FAIL. Ugh, did nothing.

5th period
My most despised class. UGH, learned about plasmid stuff? Did lab stuff.

6th period
Nothing! YAY.

Had badminton practice after school for a while. Not that rusty.. but still sucky! Gotta work, Idk if I still want to be on the team tho. Of course I'll be back next year, of coach tho! Yayuhh. :) Hmm, Idk what else to blog about, I'm pretty bored right now and there's nothing to do. I ate dinner and I made popcorn but the microwave was too strong so it freaking burnt my popcorn. :[ Bleh! I'm so effing bored! Someone save meee!

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