Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So today...

Jenniferlove and I planned on going shopping together... I feel like a bad friend. *sigh. She hella left without a hug so I feel like shit now.

ANYWAYS, so to get to the bus stop, I will have to walk past the post office. Apparently this dumb bitch wants to park illegally to drop off her mail.

So first off, you can fucking turn the corner and double park for a few seconds and get your fat ass some fresh air okay?

I was standing at the corner for the light to go green so I can walk and not get fucking run over by a ton of cars. This fat bitch decides to honk at me and tells me to move like I'm in her way.

Second of all, my ass isn't that large that it is in your damn way. You had like fucking 2 feet to turn your car before it hit me and the light turned green for me already so if you didn't honk at me, I wouldn't have to flip you off. PLUS, YOUR LIGHT WAS RED and that means STOP if you didn't know.

I seriously don't understand how these dumbfucks are even capable to passing their driving test. I think its time to fucking go RENEW THAT SHIT.

You're a lucky bitch for today because I was pressed for time and a bird was all I could do, lol. I would've went up to your window and cussed you the fuck out.

Sorry you think my ass is as fat as yours that I'm blocking your car, dumb ass BITCH! You need your license revoked, kthx.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Much to blog about.

Okay okay, it's not that much but there are tons of photos from years ago! From the work Christmas party and such. Still need to send pics to my co-workers/friends.

Just came back from shopping once again, for myself. I feel so selfish. Honestly, I bought a ton of shoes and I insist on buying more. But for why? Not like I have 100 pairs of feet to put them on right? I don't know... And if there was a natural disaster like an earthquake or fire? Not like I could predict and pack all of my stuff to prevent it's demise.

Still need to go shopping for Olivejuice, honestly didn't know that we were exchanging gifts, but I really should have. She's such a good friend. Unlike these other bitches that seriously need to get on her level. I'm going to take my time before work to find something nice, might be a little late because I will make something with my bare hands as well. I so feel like shit, because she got me something and I didn't get her jack shit. :/ I must say she is a really good friend, like seriously good with a heart of gold! Don't think I'll ever be able to find another friend like her.

Found some cute shoes from Chinatown today. Omg so cute, but it was 42 bucks! I'm going to ask if honeybee will buy them for me. :X lolololol. They were seriously cute! I cannot believe.

Also bought a journal today. It's going to be my "Dear God" journal. Ever since I quit going to church I felt as though my connection with God has ended. I'm really hoping starting this journal will bring it back. I plan on writing in it EVERY NIGHT as well as praying. Mark my words. Will talk about my day, will make confessions, etc. I bought a random blue journal, but hopefully honeybee will get my really official one.

Um, so yeah... going to go for another day of shopping tomorrow and then get to work. Need more cash, lol. Chinatown doesn't accept credit cards at the lop sop pohs. :P

A couple more things... I tried stinky tofu for the first time ever and it definitely was something I didn't expect. I thought it would be like durian... smelly but tastes good. Stinky tofu on the other hand is just plain stinky and tastes disgusting too. I must say that Lillian is a savage beast for eating with GUSTO something that smells and tastes so rancid. It's unbelievable... Honestly will not try it again.

Mina ordered some minced beef noodles at this new Taiwanese restaurant... when I saw it was really actually ZA JIANG MIAN! Was flabbergasted, I told Mina my grandma could make it for her for free, lol. Tasted the same too!

Yums! See's candy

Who's this white girl and what's she doing in our pic?! LOL, JK! Looks like she's been photoshopped in, eh?


Cute table decor.

There were cute presents in the candy looking things.

Flashing lights...

Smells like "LING MUNG"!

Cuties. :)

Get your effing chopsticks outta here!!!

Right after work, my hair is a mess. Pretty ugly pic of me. But I dont care! :)

Mi Lemon chicken! Reminded me of Benihana.

Honeybee's curry chicken.

I think this was Amykins. Uh, there's a soy sauce egg!

Ugly pic again... uh taking the disgusting stinky tofu challenge.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Didn't get anything done today.

I woke up at around 11AM this morning. I asked honey if he would accompany me to go shopping downtown via bus last night and he said sure.

Then we had a change of plans and he drove instead of taking the bus like I had originally planned he said he had to pick up his brother and he'd be late if we took the bus.

So there we are downtown where it is packed with a ton of cars and no parking. Where do we go first? The parking lot... no parking but valet and he doesn't want to give up his car keys. So we left the parking lot.

Already this morning he was rushing me to get out of the house but I dismissed the annoyance in his voice. Now he's asking what I needed from downtown and there is already a GAP in Stonestown. FUCK MAN! Never want to spend time with me to go shopping. Well it'll be the last time I ask you to go shopping with me. Kthnx.

So we went to fucking Chinatown and he parked in the garage there. I honestly didn't want to do anything anymore but go home. Sorry for fucking wasting your time. Then he drove me home and I got out.

At this time it was 2:00PM already, wtf can I do? Cannot go back or will be late to fucking work! So mad. Came home and 3 seconds later my dad comes home to ask me if I have time tomorrow to help grandma. So fucking pissed, I stormed downstairs and let out my angry tears.

Supposedly, I was going to exchange the damn sweater that I got my mother in a too big of a size and wrong color. Then I was going to go to Chinatown and look at the fob clothes because the lady at the "LOP SOP POH" called me and told me there was some new merchandise. Was going to go to Walgreens too for the Conair curler/straightener that I wanted. Everything was so convenient and all in one spot!!!

I have work today so I thought it'd be convenient to get what I have do before work and go straight to work afterward.


What can I fucking do now?! Helping my grandma won't start until 1PM and will end an hour later... 2PM! WTF CAN I DO AT 2PM?! THEN I HAVE TO FUCKING RUSH TO FUCKING WORK AFTERWARD. Work will only last until 6PM or 7PM, WHO THE FUCK IS OPEN AT 6 OR 7PM?! DAMNIT.

So pissed, my day is ruined. ALSO GOT MY PERIOD SO I'M EVEN MORE PISSED!!! I didn't exchange the sweater, I didn't look at the lop sop poh, I didn't get to buy my curler/straightener, I didn't get to shop or even look around at a single store, I didn't get out of the car at all, the only time I got out of the car was to walk my ass home.

Fuck you fuck you and fuck you. Never shopping with you again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Years resolutions and more

Christmas is just around the corner and I definitely don't think I'm getting presents, (1) because I already have most of what I want and need (2) everything is too expensive and (3) we're in a fucking recession.

My New Years resolution will be like all the others..
1. Get good grades
2. Stay fit
3. Eat healthy
4. Have fun
5. Pray

(*Not necessarily in the order of which is more important.)

Confession (1) I really want a vacation but I know I haven't worked hard enough for one. (2) I haven't been praying lately every since I quit church and because I am taking notice of this, I will pray starting Christmas day.

I have some serious blogging to do!

My goodness, my weekend has been crazy!

Started off on Friday night, told my mom I was going shopping but Mina didn't want to go so I didn't go either. -_-' Spent my time at honey's house until 12:30AM. We watched Precious... hrm, I know it was supposed to be a heart wrenching story and what not but honestly, it didn't hit my heart. I do think that this is one of the most intense roles that Mo'Nique has played. Seems to me she may have lost a significant amount of weight, too. We went to King of Thai around 1AM, sadly enough there were a ton of loud, drunk bitches that ended up there too after getting hammered at the pub up the street. Really wanted to slap them for talking so loud across the table that everyone could hear what they were screaming.... douchebags. I hate loud girls, lol. So I went to sleep around 2AM, damn tired lah!

Woke up around 11AM the next morning, still tired and groggy from the night before. Went out once again to hang out with my honeybee had to get ready for the party, (looking good! :P) and then I had a Christmas party with my coworkers at work. Might I say that the food was absolutely DELISH! Should ask boss lady for the wonderful recipe. The party was SUPPOSED to start at about 9PM, but we didn't start until 11PM, told honeybee I was coming out about 11:30PM and that definitely wasn't happening. Don't know why they decide to open up the presents AFTER everyone is hammered, lol. I went early... around 8:30PM and Diana told me to go with her to wrap her gift and whatevs. Ended up at boss lady's wrapping up presents and watching Diana get ready. Funny how she got wedding wrapping paper. :P

Called Amy multiple times because Diana was getting antsy to get her hair curled. Everyone was FINALLY ready and then we went to work and talked to everyone for a bit. Took some pictures and sat down for dinner. Had a little bit of Sangria, bleh... prayed and then dug into the food. Finally it was time to open presents at like 12AM. -_______-'

I finally left at like 1:30AM after everything was done, I thanked boss lady and boss man for the great food and wonderful party. Getting home at like 2AM ONCE AGAIN, I was damn tired. Coming home at 2AM consecutively does not work well for me, didn't feel so rejuvenated and honeybee was waiting for me.

I went to work the next night feeling extremely brain dead. There was this one stupid bitch that never says thank you... so I was irritated. Whatevs, didn't expect her to have manners being what she was.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas list

Christmas is right around the corner and I haven't even set up my Christmas list for this year.

Calvin Klein CKIN2U fragrance
17" Laptop bag for my new laptop!
Pink Burberry earmuffs
Hello Kitty earmuffs
Conair Infiniti straightener/curler
Juicy Couture Velour pants
Konad Stamping Nail Art
The North Face Black HyVent
The North Face White HyVent
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 35
Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Naviglio

I know..

I haven't been updating and everyone is just dying to read something new! :D Probably not but I don't care.

Just put my baby cousin to sleep because she's a little sick and needs all the rest she can get!

Probably wondering about my gangster tattoo, eh? It's healing up nicely, if I do say so myself. It very seldom bled during the process but there was a little bloodshed here and there when the bandage was there. It got itchy during the healing process so eek, it was itching for a scratching for some time now. That's one of the things no one tells you about. I think the itch is worse than the pain of getting a tattoo. Definitely, people worry about the pain rather than the tattoo, it should be the opposite! Haha. I definitely want another tattoo. But I'll have to wait and think about it. I really don't want to get HELLA tattoos plus I love my wings. :)

Yay! I'm so happy the laptop baby bought for me is here! I'm so excited. Cyber Monday has crazy deals for cheap. I'm so excited to use it! I must go buy a laptop bag for it. Hopefully I find one with a lot of padding in it. So in return for buying me a laptop, I got him a Louis Vuitton wallet. I know, it's not that much compared to a laptop. But I'm broke. :/

I've been so busy and lazy lately I really haven't done any kind of blogging... I went out to eat plenty of times these past few weeks and I rarely took pictures of anything! Aiyahs...

I planned on going ice skating with honey on Saturday night but it was raining so we ended up not going. We went to switch out the shirt I got him and went to get some frozen yogurt.

Yesterday was our 6th month anniversary! YAY! Went to eat some hotpot and movies but there was nothing good out to see.

I have a final tomorrow morning at 8:30AM. Probably failing... I'm so going to cry... Then I have an in class essay English final on Friday morning.

I suppose this is it, will update more later if I remember! Xoxo!

The Louis Vuitton wallet! YAY! The girl that helped me was so nice and polite! Even helped me put a ribbon on it.

Definitely happy! :P

Went to Olive Garden shortly thereafter.

The reciept! It even has a watermark!

Funny pic! :P

If I were to get another tattoo, it'd be this butterfly. Cute no? This was a temporary tattoo, mind you. :P

My wing stencil. :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

I am in a state of

MANIC DEPRESSION!!! I'm so sad I want to cry right now. Not leaving a community college in 2 years is not a joke... Today is my registration day for Spring 2009. Today Dec. 7th when people got to choose classes during NOVEMBER! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! None of the classes that I want/need are open because all you little fuckers have taken them!!! I have nothing, nothing and more nothing. This must be some sort of joke... Not ONE single class open for me to even consider taking... Now I have to crash the day of and try to get on the wait list or something. I am NOT happy. YOU JUST FUCKING RUINED MY DAY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW SCHOOL SYSTEM?! ARE YOU HAPPY?! What is up with this shitty ass seniority shit! I'm sick of it! I want my damn classes! Goodbye the rest of my life... :/ I'm so sad I honestly don't feel like typing up this blog entry. Just because I can crash the class day of to try to get on wait list doesn't guarantee anything..

MANIC DEPRESSION NO LONGER! I figured out why I couldn't get classes. Still don't have math. My mood has lightened up. :)

Got a tattoo on Saturday of wings. :) My tattoo artist is very talented. I asked my friend Amy to come with me and she got one 2 weeks prior at the same place. She felt her tattoo was too plain so she got something else to spice it up. Being the talented tattoo artist she was, the woman whipped up 2 designs in less than 3 minutes. She's freaking great. Awesomely, they're doing a Valentine's day special! Tattoos of hearts for 20 bucks! Their minimum there is 50 bucks, so you would understand my excitement.

What do your wings mean? To me it means my faith in God. I am God's daughter and I forever will be. God has protected me and I'm absolutely grateful.

Did it hurt?
Seriously, people should STOP asking if it hurts. A needle is poking your flesh umpteen times a second! Also, depending on your own pain tolerance... For me not really. You're anticipating the pain unlike getting poked by a needle by accident.

What does it feel like? For outlining.. like a hot razor blade dragging down your skin slowly. For shading, I don't recall much of what it felt like. The vibrating and adrenaline rush must have clouded my brain for a bit.

Were you scared? A little bit, I think I was just scared of the pain and how much I could really tolerate before I burst into tears. My stomach was doing back flips the whole time from anticipation. I could barely sleep the night before.

I really wanted my wings to be much smaller, and a little closer together. Much like Nicole Richie's. However, she told me that it was going to take longer, the details were more intricate and it might become blurry when I'm older.

Had a very crazy day on Friday. Got up at 6AM for school and then got there around 7AM ish. had school until 10AM and then I left. Honey took me home and then Lawrence wanted to go eat. YUMS! Genki Ramen, oh so good. I got the seafood ramen like last time. I liked it better the second time, lol. Got some CHOCOLATE FONDUE! OMG, so good, you don't even know. All Lawrence got was some Shumai.. lame-o! So then I did some cartwheels in the parking lot and then we went shopping at Stonestown. We bought some "READERS" as he would call them. I look pretty damn cute if I do say so myself. ^^ Dropped me off back at home and then I went to work to pick names for Secret Santa, you would not believe who the FUCK I got. -___-' Oh well, I have just the perfect gift for them! MWAHA. Amy came just in time so she could talk to me! YAY. I lost track of time and my phone ran out of battery and Hugo drove me home so I could hang out with babes! We went to eat at D and A again! Then I got home around 9PM ish? I could barely sleep with all the excitement for the next day... tattoo! My stomach was flipping and turning all night I could barely sleep.

Done with the tattoo and we went to Walgreens to buy some lotion for the healing process. Then me and babes hung out for the rest of the day and night. :) We went to Outback steakhouse for dinner and some yummalicious steak. We called in a reservation because they get busy fast! Can you believe they have an automated answering machine to go through first before you can talk to a live person? Ridiculous... Like always, it was packed when we got in and we had to wait for a little bit. My bandaged wanted to come off so badly... We ate and then went home, I was super tired!

Still sulking over the fact I can't get any classes at school. *CRIES...

Must take a better pic. :) Hope my family doesn't see! :P

Nicole Richie's. So cute! :)

My seafood ramen!

Machaa swirl drink. Wonderful!

Chocolate! YUM!


Chicken wings! Yum!

Nom nom time!

Baby's nom nom!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nama and Education

HAY GIRL HAY! I'm dying of boredom so I will blog. Went to Nama yesterday with Lawrence. I must say, not bad not bad. :) I got me a chicken terriyaki bento box. I was very torn between the two items I wanted most, chicken terriyaki, or chicken katsu. Chicken terriyaki it was... DELICIOUS! I actually really wanted some ramen. Maru Ichi FTW! And then Lawrence and I just talked for a bit and then we went to Officemax to pick up some stuff. Went to the HP Touchsmart and he taught me how to play chess! D: ZOMG, it was like totally awesome. I've never played chess before and it was pretty interesting. Wish I had chess on this weak ass Dell laptop... Oh well, whatevs!

There was something that was bothering me for a while now... EDUCATION. I don't mean that I despise going to school. I mean that with the bad economy education and schools are getting the short end of the stick. The government constantly makes and emphasis on education. "We must put all our efforts into education." "You kids are our future." Yada yada yada.

But why is it everytime there is no money, the first thing they go to is education?! IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE I TELL YOU! I suppose the only thing George W. Bush did right was put every kid back into school with his "No child left behind" plan, but even that had its faults.

I go to a community college with students ranging from my age to the ages of my parents. And might I add that this college has been around for ages. Unfortunately because of this recession that we are in, summer school 2009 is game over. They will not be offering classes during the summer term. They have had summer terms well over the years that I have been attending this college, now there's no chance for me to finish up my 2 years of community and move on to a higher education. They will cut the time that we are allowed in the library, the computer lab, and so much more. Yet, they are building a new building right across the street from the science hall and cutting people's parking lots in half.

How do they have money to build buildings but no money for education? I just don't understand. Honey said they only have a budget for buildings and they can't distrubute it between education. But what is the point?! If the system is just going to keep cutting classes, keep cutting education, what need is there for a new building?! It'll just be an empty space collecting dust.

Unfortunately for the people that actually are residents in that area are mixed in with people from the east bay, etc. Places that take a bridge to cross through to get to our college. Why can't you all go to your own community colleges in your own neighborhoods?!

Also for the people that go to state universities get plagued with this. Tuition is costing more and more and the classes are getting less and less. Thus, what is there next cheapest option to getting one step closer to their bachelors, or associates? Going to the nearest community college. Classes are the same, classes are transferrable and cheap. Giving the students at the community college EVEN LESS of a chance of making their way in education. Another example, a friend of mine is taking a semester off because of the lack of options for BOTH community and state university classes. 2 years then a transfer seems nearly impossible now.

It just doesn't make sense. UC colleges are now faced with something even worse. A hefty 32% increase in their tuition. It's not fair. Click here to read about the UC colleges' 32% tuition increase. I'm sure students have worked hard to get to a prestigious UC college yet if they cannot pay their tuition, what happens then? Where will they end up?

How can we be ANYONES future if our education just keeps deteriorating?!