Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have some serious blogging to do!

My goodness, my weekend has been crazy!

Started off on Friday night, told my mom I was going shopping but Mina didn't want to go so I didn't go either. -_-' Spent my time at honey's house until 12:30AM. We watched Precious... hrm, I know it was supposed to be a heart wrenching story and what not but honestly, it didn't hit my heart. I do think that this is one of the most intense roles that Mo'Nique has played. Seems to me she may have lost a significant amount of weight, too. We went to King of Thai around 1AM, sadly enough there were a ton of loud, drunk bitches that ended up there too after getting hammered at the pub up the street. Really wanted to slap them for talking so loud across the table that everyone could hear what they were screaming.... douchebags. I hate loud girls, lol. So I went to sleep around 2AM, damn tired lah!

Woke up around 11AM the next morning, still tired and groggy from the night before. Went out once again to hang out with my honeybee had to get ready for the party, (looking good! :P) and then I had a Christmas party with my coworkers at work. Might I say that the food was absolutely DELISH! Should ask boss lady for the wonderful recipe. The party was SUPPOSED to start at about 9PM, but we didn't start until 11PM, told honeybee I was coming out about 11:30PM and that definitely wasn't happening. Don't know why they decide to open up the presents AFTER everyone is hammered, lol. I went early... around 8:30PM and Diana told me to go with her to wrap her gift and whatevs. Ended up at boss lady's wrapping up presents and watching Diana get ready. Funny how she got wedding wrapping paper. :P

Called Amy multiple times because Diana was getting antsy to get her hair curled. Everyone was FINALLY ready and then we went to work and talked to everyone for a bit. Took some pictures and sat down for dinner. Had a little bit of Sangria, bleh... prayed and then dug into the food. Finally it was time to open presents at like 12AM. -_______-'

I finally left at like 1:30AM after everything was done, I thanked boss lady and boss man for the great food and wonderful party. Getting home at like 2AM ONCE AGAIN, I was damn tired. Coming home at 2AM consecutively does not work well for me, didn't feel so rejuvenated and honeybee was waiting for me.

I went to work the next night feeling extremely brain dead. There was this one stupid bitch that never says thank you... so I was irritated. Whatevs, didn't expect her to have manners being what she was.

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