Monday, December 07, 2009

I am in a state of

MANIC DEPRESSION!!! I'm so sad I want to cry right now. Not leaving a community college in 2 years is not a joke... Today is my registration day for Spring 2009. Today Dec. 7th when people got to choose classes during NOVEMBER! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! None of the classes that I want/need are open because all you little fuckers have taken them!!! I have nothing, nothing and more nothing. This must be some sort of joke... Not ONE single class open for me to even consider taking... Now I have to crash the day of and try to get on the wait list or something. I am NOT happy. YOU JUST FUCKING RUINED MY DAY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW SCHOOL SYSTEM?! ARE YOU HAPPY?! What is up with this shitty ass seniority shit! I'm sick of it! I want my damn classes! Goodbye the rest of my life... :/ I'm so sad I honestly don't feel like typing up this blog entry. Just because I can crash the class day of to try to get on wait list doesn't guarantee anything..

MANIC DEPRESSION NO LONGER! I figured out why I couldn't get classes. Still don't have math. My mood has lightened up. :)

Got a tattoo on Saturday of wings. :) My tattoo artist is very talented. I asked my friend Amy to come with me and she got one 2 weeks prior at the same place. She felt her tattoo was too plain so she got something else to spice it up. Being the talented tattoo artist she was, the woman whipped up 2 designs in less than 3 minutes. She's freaking great. Awesomely, they're doing a Valentine's day special! Tattoos of hearts for 20 bucks! Their minimum there is 50 bucks, so you would understand my excitement.

What do your wings mean? To me it means my faith in God. I am God's daughter and I forever will be. God has protected me and I'm absolutely grateful.

Did it hurt?
Seriously, people should STOP asking if it hurts. A needle is poking your flesh umpteen times a second! Also, depending on your own pain tolerance... For me not really. You're anticipating the pain unlike getting poked by a needle by accident.

What does it feel like? For outlining.. like a hot razor blade dragging down your skin slowly. For shading, I don't recall much of what it felt like. The vibrating and adrenaline rush must have clouded my brain for a bit.

Were you scared? A little bit, I think I was just scared of the pain and how much I could really tolerate before I burst into tears. My stomach was doing back flips the whole time from anticipation. I could barely sleep the night before.

I really wanted my wings to be much smaller, and a little closer together. Much like Nicole Richie's. However, she told me that it was going to take longer, the details were more intricate and it might become blurry when I'm older.

Had a very crazy day on Friday. Got up at 6AM for school and then got there around 7AM ish. had school until 10AM and then I left. Honey took me home and then Lawrence wanted to go eat. YUMS! Genki Ramen, oh so good. I got the seafood ramen like last time. I liked it better the second time, lol. Got some CHOCOLATE FONDUE! OMG, so good, you don't even know. All Lawrence got was some Shumai.. lame-o! So then I did some cartwheels in the parking lot and then we went shopping at Stonestown. We bought some "READERS" as he would call them. I look pretty damn cute if I do say so myself. ^^ Dropped me off back at home and then I went to work to pick names for Secret Santa, you would not believe who the FUCK I got. -___-' Oh well, I have just the perfect gift for them! MWAHA. Amy came just in time so she could talk to me! YAY. I lost track of time and my phone ran out of battery and Hugo drove me home so I could hang out with babes! We went to eat at D and A again! Then I got home around 9PM ish? I could barely sleep with all the excitement for the next day... tattoo! My stomach was flipping and turning all night I could barely sleep.

Done with the tattoo and we went to Walgreens to buy some lotion for the healing process. Then me and babes hung out for the rest of the day and night. :) We went to Outback steakhouse for dinner and some yummalicious steak. We called in a reservation because they get busy fast! Can you believe they have an automated answering machine to go through first before you can talk to a live person? Ridiculous... Like always, it was packed when we got in and we had to wait for a little bit. My bandaged wanted to come off so badly... We ate and then went home, I was super tired!

Still sulking over the fact I can't get any classes at school. *CRIES...

Must take a better pic. :) Hope my family doesn't see! :P

Nicole Richie's. So cute! :)

My seafood ramen!

Machaa swirl drink. Wonderful!

Chocolate! YUM!


Chicken wings! Yum!

Nom nom time!

Baby's nom nom!


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