Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nama and Education

HAY GIRL HAY! I'm dying of boredom so I will blog. Went to Nama yesterday with Lawrence. I must say, not bad not bad. :) I got me a chicken terriyaki bento box. I was very torn between the two items I wanted most, chicken terriyaki, or chicken katsu. Chicken terriyaki it was... DELICIOUS! I actually really wanted some ramen. Maru Ichi FTW! And then Lawrence and I just talked for a bit and then we went to Officemax to pick up some stuff. Went to the HP Touchsmart and he taught me how to play chess! D: ZOMG, it was like totally awesome. I've never played chess before and it was pretty interesting. Wish I had chess on this weak ass Dell laptop... Oh well, whatevs!

There was something that was bothering me for a while now... EDUCATION. I don't mean that I despise going to school. I mean that with the bad economy education and schools are getting the short end of the stick. The government constantly makes and emphasis on education. "We must put all our efforts into education." "You kids are our future." Yada yada yada.

But why is it everytime there is no money, the first thing they go to is education?! IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE I TELL YOU! I suppose the only thing George W. Bush did right was put every kid back into school with his "No child left behind" plan, but even that had its faults.

I go to a community college with students ranging from my age to the ages of my parents. And might I add that this college has been around for ages. Unfortunately because of this recession that we are in, summer school 2009 is game over. They will not be offering classes during the summer term. They have had summer terms well over the years that I have been attending this college, now there's no chance for me to finish up my 2 years of community and move on to a higher education. They will cut the time that we are allowed in the library, the computer lab, and so much more. Yet, they are building a new building right across the street from the science hall and cutting people's parking lots in half.

How do they have money to build buildings but no money for education? I just don't understand. Honey said they only have a budget for buildings and they can't distrubute it between education. But what is the point?! If the system is just going to keep cutting classes, keep cutting education, what need is there for a new building?! It'll just be an empty space collecting dust.

Unfortunately for the people that actually are residents in that area are mixed in with people from the east bay, etc. Places that take a bridge to cross through to get to our college. Why can't you all go to your own community colleges in your own neighborhoods?!

Also for the people that go to state universities get plagued with this. Tuition is costing more and more and the classes are getting less and less. Thus, what is there next cheapest option to getting one step closer to their bachelors, or associates? Going to the nearest community college. Classes are the same, classes are transferrable and cheap. Giving the students at the community college EVEN LESS of a chance of making their way in education. Another example, a friend of mine is taking a semester off because of the lack of options for BOTH community and state university classes. 2 years then a transfer seems nearly impossible now.

It just doesn't make sense. UC colleges are now faced with something even worse. A hefty 32% increase in their tuition. It's not fair. Click here to read about the UC colleges' 32% tuition increase. I'm sure students have worked hard to get to a prestigious UC college yet if they cannot pay their tuition, what happens then? Where will they end up?

How can we be ANYONES future if our education just keeps deteriorating?!


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

hey!!! follower box! now you just leave a few messages and the girls will press it, this is a great blog to begin with.

As for the post, you just need to remember that private institutions are businesses. That's all they are. These schools all exist to make money first, and provide education second. Universities buy shares in all kinds of companies, obviously it's not for the benefit of students... a while back students found out that Canadian universities held millions of dollars worth of stock in TOBACCO companies of all things and a huge revolt led most of them to sell it off I think. That sucks. Our tuition keeps going up, they buy into cigarettes.

When my school sends me those "please donate to school as a proud alumni" it makes me puke a little.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate... -____-'