Saturday, December 26, 2009

Much to blog about.

Okay okay, it's not that much but there are tons of photos from years ago! From the work Christmas party and such. Still need to send pics to my co-workers/friends.

Just came back from shopping once again, for myself. I feel so selfish. Honestly, I bought a ton of shoes and I insist on buying more. But for why? Not like I have 100 pairs of feet to put them on right? I don't know... And if there was a natural disaster like an earthquake or fire? Not like I could predict and pack all of my stuff to prevent it's demise.

Still need to go shopping for Olivejuice, honestly didn't know that we were exchanging gifts, but I really should have. She's such a good friend. Unlike these other bitches that seriously need to get on her level. I'm going to take my time before work to find something nice, might be a little late because I will make something with my bare hands as well. I so feel like shit, because she got me something and I didn't get her jack shit. :/ I must say she is a really good friend, like seriously good with a heart of gold! Don't think I'll ever be able to find another friend like her.

Found some cute shoes from Chinatown today. Omg so cute, but it was 42 bucks! I'm going to ask if honeybee will buy them for me. :X lolololol. They were seriously cute! I cannot believe.

Also bought a journal today. It's going to be my "Dear God" journal. Ever since I quit going to church I felt as though my connection with God has ended. I'm really hoping starting this journal will bring it back. I plan on writing in it EVERY NIGHT as well as praying. Mark my words. Will talk about my day, will make confessions, etc. I bought a random blue journal, but hopefully honeybee will get my really official one.

Um, so yeah... going to go for another day of shopping tomorrow and then get to work. Need more cash, lol. Chinatown doesn't accept credit cards at the lop sop pohs. :P

A couple more things... I tried stinky tofu for the first time ever and it definitely was something I didn't expect. I thought it would be like durian... smelly but tastes good. Stinky tofu on the other hand is just plain stinky and tastes disgusting too. I must say that Lillian is a savage beast for eating with GUSTO something that smells and tastes so rancid. It's unbelievable... Honestly will not try it again.

Mina ordered some minced beef noodles at this new Taiwanese restaurant... when I saw it was really actually ZA JIANG MIAN! Was flabbergasted, I told Mina my grandma could make it for her for free, lol. Tasted the same too!

Yums! See's candy

Who's this white girl and what's she doing in our pic?! LOL, JK! Looks like she's been photoshopped in, eh?


Cute table decor.

There were cute presents in the candy looking things.

Flashing lights...

Smells like "LING MUNG"!

Cuties. :)

Get your effing chopsticks outta here!!!

Right after work, my hair is a mess. Pretty ugly pic of me. But I dont care! :)

Mi Lemon chicken! Reminded me of Benihana.

Honeybee's curry chicken.

I think this was Amykins. Uh, there's a soy sauce egg!

Ugly pic again... uh taking the disgusting stinky tofu challenge.

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