Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Didn't get anything done today.

I woke up at around 11AM this morning. I asked honey if he would accompany me to go shopping downtown via bus last night and he said sure.

Then we had a change of plans and he drove instead of taking the bus like I had originally planned he said he had to pick up his brother and he'd be late if we took the bus.

So there we are downtown where it is packed with a ton of cars and no parking. Where do we go first? The parking lot... no parking but valet and he doesn't want to give up his car keys. So we left the parking lot.

Already this morning he was rushing me to get out of the house but I dismissed the annoyance in his voice. Now he's asking what I needed from downtown and there is already a GAP in Stonestown. FUCK MAN! Never want to spend time with me to go shopping. Well it'll be the last time I ask you to go shopping with me. Kthnx.

So we went to fucking Chinatown and he parked in the garage there. I honestly didn't want to do anything anymore but go home. Sorry for fucking wasting your time. Then he drove me home and I got out.

At this time it was 2:00PM already, wtf can I do? Cannot go back or will be late to fucking work! So mad. Came home and 3 seconds later my dad comes home to ask me if I have time tomorrow to help grandma. So fucking pissed, I stormed downstairs and let out my angry tears.

Supposedly, I was going to exchange the damn sweater that I got my mother in a too big of a size and wrong color. Then I was going to go to Chinatown and look at the fob clothes because the lady at the "LOP SOP POH" called me and told me there was some new merchandise. Was going to go to Walgreens too for the Conair curler/straightener that I wanted. Everything was so convenient and all in one spot!!!

I have work today so I thought it'd be convenient to get what I have do before work and go straight to work afterward.


What can I fucking do now?! Helping my grandma won't start until 1PM and will end an hour later... 2PM! WTF CAN I DO AT 2PM?! THEN I HAVE TO FUCKING RUSH TO FUCKING WORK AFTERWARD. Work will only last until 6PM or 7PM, WHO THE FUCK IS OPEN AT 6 OR 7PM?! DAMNIT.

So pissed, my day is ruined. ALSO GOT MY PERIOD SO I'M EVEN MORE PISSED!!! I didn't exchange the sweater, I didn't look at the lop sop poh, I didn't get to buy my curler/straightener, I didn't get to shop or even look around at a single store, I didn't get out of the car at all, the only time I got out of the car was to walk my ass home.

Fuck you fuck you and fuck you. Never shopping with you again.

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