Friday, October 10, 2008

Life is too short

Hi everyone. Again, another depressing day. I woke up around 830AM so I could take a shower and get ready for school. Haha, suckers, I got to sleep in today. So yeah, school was boring as always. *Sigh. I went to go visit a friend after school at the hospital. :/ We were about to walk into the room but Bryan called our names and told us we had to wait. Everyone already saw him. Victor was being a jerk and I teared up and everyone was in the waiting room. Victor tried to hug me but I told him to stop and I sounded like a man. LOL. Victor walked Jasper and me into his room and I cried before I even said "HI." Everyone that left was all red and teary and etc. He kept telling us it was gonna be alright and Victor kept saying that they're gunna go eat In -n- Out burger someday soon. *Sigh.. I feel so guilty... I had a hissy fit before I found out about his condition. And it shows, Life is too short. The good thing is its curable. I'm just praying for him. Out of all people... Never in my wildest dreams, would I think God would pick you. Stuff happens tho... stay strong.

*Sigh and that was my day. I walked home but whatever. I guess that's about it. Today was a really big life lesson to me. It just hit me. Life is too short. Don't ever take things for granted. Have as much fun as you can, because tomorrow isn't promised today. Don't let your present rob you of your future. Basically, life is too short. I've learned over and over again. It's too short to not have fun, too short to hold grudges, too short to be unhappy, too short to make the best of your life everyday and too short to not do what you want to do. "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND DON'T LET STUPID SH/T BRING YOU DOWN." Pursue whatever makes you happy.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy birthday Bryan!

Hi everyone. Despite my happy blog title, I'm not every happy. I've got lots to blog about, mostly about friends and stuff. I found out something, that was pretty sad. :/

So.. I had midterms at city today. IT WAS SO EASY. -.- It totally defeated my purpose of having a complete study guide which I completed in 4 HOURS. I didn't even eat dinner because of it. Damn its. It was super dooper easy I barely needed the study guide. I got some questions wrong though, obviously. Oh well, so I guess I finished like under.. 30 minutes? Approx. and I left class, I had to wait for Andy and Kevin tho, but they finished hella fast so no problems. We went to McDonald's and they got some McGriddles. McGriddles: size of a fist 460 calories. Haha, we stood outside the car for a while and just talked about everything. I'm kinda sad because something I found out today, concerning our friend. I'm praying for him, and I hope God answers the prayer to make him better. There's a lot going on between a lot of people and it sucks since it's senior year of high school, and everything's supposed to be chill and whatnot. IT IS WAYYYYY BEYOND THE OPPOSITE OF "chill". College apps, SATs, grades, transcripts, etc etc. Ugh, there's a lot on my mind, but I can barely type it all down at once and whatever. I think I'll take a rest and think about my thoughts. Hah. :) Laterrr.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


AGH! I have city college midterms tomorrow. :/ I spent about 4 hours looking for each answer to the study guide, now I have to study... Nothing happened much at school today. Blahhh, there happened to be a college fair in the gym, but I didn't go. I had to go get new glasses! Yay, in... about.... 2-3 days? They'll have my new glasses ready to go. Whoo hoo. I'm still going to be wearing my current ones, I don't want to destroy my new ones in like .5 seconds of getting them. So I'll study after I blog about another topic. :) Lala, I'm totally hungry right now. I didn't eat lunch, even tho our lunch was at like.. 11:45 ish. I wore like 3 inch heels to school for the whole day! My feet hurt. :/ Its okayyyerrs. I'm fine. :) Strong! :D Okay I guess I'll start the next blog topic.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hi everyone! I'm in school right now! Haha, so I cut my hair yesterday, no more cutting it! I'm gunna grow it out. Okay laters.

Monday, October 06, 2008


HI EVERYONE! I got to sleep in today. I cut my hair after I got home from school. Oh jeeeez. It's only a little bit below my shoulder. :/ I think I kinda miss my long hair. I'm gunna stop cutting it and keep growing it out. Maybe I'll even donate it if it gets long enough. I think I'll grow it out for another 2 years and then I'll get the pob. ^_____________^. Weeeee. I wonder how long it'll get in 2 years. Hmmm. Mom said I looked cuter before I cut my hair today. Argh. Not goods.

I'm so slacking off. I hate school, I wish I were in college... kinda. :/ Senior year is stressssssing. I'm getting all pimply and what not. :/ Blahhhh. High school is way boring. :/ I need a job. I asked Mina to tell her boss if I could take her Sunday shifts. Ugh.

My summer friends don't even talk to me! But I don't have time for them anyways. Senior is crazyyy. Gosh, I don't want senioritis! blahhh.

I was so disgusted this morning, holy facks. T___________T' So I got on the bus to go to school and this other asian girl had a skirt on and she sat like right next to this disgusting fat pervert man, and he just stared at her legs for the longest time, I swear I thought he was gunna rape her right there. And this yucky pedophile has the damn nerve to stare at me 2 minutes before I got off the bus. Too bad I didn't say anything... I should have said, "CAN I HELP YOU??!" Ughhh, and then I got off the bus and walked the other 500 yards to school. School was boring as usual. I'm gunna fast probably 3 times this year. It'll be my first time in my life to fast. I need to fast for getting into state universities. Blahhh, I sure hope I get in. Idk what to do with my life! T_____T' I'm pretty sure I'll work really hard my senior year and then try to get into state and then get a masters or bachelors and then go to the Art Institute and pursue..... graphic design. Just maybe. ^_________^' *sighhhhh. I guess that's about it. I have city college tomorrow and take care of my grandma. Geeez I need unlimited text! Okay, that's about it. I'm gunna start a different blog.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

SAT Saturday.

Whoooo. I'm done with the SATs. Now I'm waiting for my scores. Jeeeeez. Man it was a bunch of bull crap. :/ I hope I did okay tho. The line for SAT I was SUPER DUPER LONG. And SAT II was like hella short. Oh well, I think we were all like... Idk 10-15 minutes late for the test. I kinda got lost. I left the house in BLIND DARKNESS. It was horrible. At least I got to school okay tho. I walked for a while until I got up to the line.. I saw some guy that totally looked like fay lo. Omg.... only a little skinnier? Haha. Oh well, last of him. I think I've finally thot of my major.. business and then graphic design? I hope so. I'm gunna pray super hard. I need to fast for like 3 things this year. I hope to do it soon too. SATs, ACTs, college apps, personal statements, sports, business proposals, night school. Omg there's not enough hours in a day. I swear I hate high school. I wish it were over. And my hopes of going to state might be over. :/ Ughhhh so lame. I need to pray super hard and study super hard so prolly no more socialness for me. Ugh, I hate this. But anything for my future.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Macy's Passport

Hi everyone! I don't remember if I told you guys about the Macy's Passport thing. Most likely I did. Uhhh, well I have pics. I haven't been blogging lately. Sorry about that. I'm so caught up with senior year of high school, its flipping ridiculous. -_______________________-'. So so so so ridiculous. I was so stressed I started crying to my mom about a ton of stuff on my mind. Plus I need a job. Mina said I could take over for her on Sundays and get paid. Idk I guess I'll think about it. I'm so tiredddds. I get to take SATs tomorrow. -______-' Thanks for the calculator, Keean. Uhmmm, well Idk I guess that's it?

Oh plus I went to a play today. The hip hop version of Macbeth called "Mac B". It was pretty interesting. Tavarez kept taking pics of everyone. I missed out on Asian Club today, we need to talk about the stinking asian club tshirts and stuff tho. Jeez, uhhh. Idk what else. My group for econ class needs to think of what to sell with our business proposal and whatnot. I need to work hard. Damn. I have ACTs coming up in like 2 weeks as well. That's okay. I hope I do well on the SATs. I need to pray really hard. Well yeah, I guess that's about it. I'm not going to bible study tonight but I am going to church. :) So I guess that's about it.