Monday, October 06, 2008


HI EVERYONE! I got to sleep in today. I cut my hair after I got home from school. Oh jeeeez. It's only a little bit below my shoulder. :/ I think I kinda miss my long hair. I'm gunna stop cutting it and keep growing it out. Maybe I'll even donate it if it gets long enough. I think I'll grow it out for another 2 years and then I'll get the pob. ^_____________^. Weeeee. I wonder how long it'll get in 2 years. Hmmm. Mom said I looked cuter before I cut my hair today. Argh. Not goods.

I'm so slacking off. I hate school, I wish I were in college... kinda. :/ Senior year is stressssssing. I'm getting all pimply and what not. :/ Blahhhh. High school is way boring. :/ I need a job. I asked Mina to tell her boss if I could take her Sunday shifts. Ugh.

My summer friends don't even talk to me! But I don't have time for them anyways. Senior is crazyyy. Gosh, I don't want senioritis! blahhh.

I was so disgusted this morning, holy facks. T___________T' So I got on the bus to go to school and this other asian girl had a skirt on and she sat like right next to this disgusting fat pervert man, and he just stared at her legs for the longest time, I swear I thought he was gunna rape her right there. And this yucky pedophile has the damn nerve to stare at me 2 minutes before I got off the bus. Too bad I didn't say anything... I should have said, "CAN I HELP YOU??!" Ughhh, and then I got off the bus and walked the other 500 yards to school. School was boring as usual. I'm gunna fast probably 3 times this year. It'll be my first time in my life to fast. I need to fast for getting into state universities. Blahhh, I sure hope I get in. Idk what to do with my life! T_____T' I'm pretty sure I'll work really hard my senior year and then try to get into state and then get a masters or bachelors and then go to the Art Institute and pursue..... graphic design. Just maybe. ^_________^' *sighhhhh. I guess that's about it. I have city college tomorrow and take care of my grandma. Geeez I need unlimited text! Okay, that's about it. I'm gunna start a different blog.

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