Wednesday, October 08, 2008


AGH! I have city college midterms tomorrow. :/ I spent about 4 hours looking for each answer to the study guide, now I have to study... Nothing happened much at school today. Blahhh, there happened to be a college fair in the gym, but I didn't go. I had to go get new glasses! Yay, in... about.... 2-3 days? They'll have my new glasses ready to go. Whoo hoo. I'm still going to be wearing my current ones, I don't want to destroy my new ones in like .5 seconds of getting them. So I'll study after I blog about another topic. :) Lala, I'm totally hungry right now. I didn't eat lunch, even tho our lunch was at like.. 11:45 ish. I wore like 3 inch heels to school for the whole day! My feet hurt. :/ Its okayyyerrs. I'm fine. :) Strong! :D Okay I guess I'll start the next blog topic.

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