Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy birthday Bryan!

Hi everyone. Despite my happy blog title, I'm not every happy. I've got lots to blog about, mostly about friends and stuff. I found out something, that was pretty sad. :/

So.. I had midterms at city today. IT WAS SO EASY. -.- It totally defeated my purpose of having a complete study guide which I completed in 4 HOURS. I didn't even eat dinner because of it. Damn its. It was super dooper easy I barely needed the study guide. I got some questions wrong though, obviously. Oh well, so I guess I finished like under.. 30 minutes? Approx. and I left class, I had to wait for Andy and Kevin tho, but they finished hella fast so no problems. We went to McDonald's and they got some McGriddles. McGriddles: size of a fist 460 calories. Haha, we stood outside the car for a while and just talked about everything. I'm kinda sad because something I found out today, concerning our friend. I'm praying for him, and I hope God answers the prayer to make him better. There's a lot going on between a lot of people and it sucks since it's senior year of high school, and everything's supposed to be chill and whatnot. IT IS WAYYYYY BEYOND THE OPPOSITE OF "chill". College apps, SATs, grades, transcripts, etc etc. Ugh, there's a lot on my mind, but I can barely type it all down at once and whatever. I think I'll take a rest and think about my thoughts. Hah. :) Laterrr.

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