Saturday, October 04, 2008

SAT Saturday.

Whoooo. I'm done with the SATs. Now I'm waiting for my scores. Jeeeeez. Man it was a bunch of bull crap. :/ I hope I did okay tho. The line for SAT I was SUPER DUPER LONG. And SAT II was like hella short. Oh well, I think we were all like... Idk 10-15 minutes late for the test. I kinda got lost. I left the house in BLIND DARKNESS. It was horrible. At least I got to school okay tho. I walked for a while until I got up to the line.. I saw some guy that totally looked like fay lo. Omg.... only a little skinnier? Haha. Oh well, last of him. I think I've finally thot of my major.. business and then graphic design? I hope so. I'm gunna pray super hard. I need to fast for like 3 things this year. I hope to do it soon too. SATs, ACTs, college apps, personal statements, sports, business proposals, night school. Omg there's not enough hours in a day. I swear I hate high school. I wish it were over. And my hopes of going to state might be over. :/ Ughhhh so lame. I need to pray super hard and study super hard so prolly no more socialness for me. Ugh, I hate this. But anything for my future.

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