Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So today...

Jenniferlove and I planned on going shopping together... I feel like a bad friend. *sigh. She hella left without a hug so I feel like shit now.

ANYWAYS, so to get to the bus stop, I will have to walk past the post office. Apparently this dumb bitch wants to park illegally to drop off her mail.

So first off, you can fucking turn the corner and double park for a few seconds and get your fat ass some fresh air okay?

I was standing at the corner for the light to go green so I can walk and not get fucking run over by a ton of cars. This fat bitch decides to honk at me and tells me to move like I'm in her way.

Second of all, my ass isn't that large that it is in your damn way. You had like fucking 2 feet to turn your car before it hit me and the light turned green for me already so if you didn't honk at me, I wouldn't have to flip you off. PLUS, YOUR LIGHT WAS RED and that means STOP if you didn't know.

I seriously don't understand how these dumbfucks are even capable to passing their driving test. I think its time to fucking go RENEW THAT SHIT.

You're a lucky bitch for today because I was pressed for time and a bird was all I could do, lol. I would've went up to your window and cussed you the fuck out.

Sorry you think my ass is as fat as yours that I'm blocking your car, dumb ass BITCH! You need your license revoked, kthx.

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