Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay so recently, I've been purchasing a lot of stuff over the internet. My latest obsession with makeup brushes and makeup in general and etc.

Starting off with Sheer Cover. I always see the infomercial for this product and I feel like it would be better than Bare Minerals. So I bought it! :) It comes in a super cool travel bag. My Sheer Cover order came with a ton of free stuff too! I got a lengthening mascara, two bottles of skin care, a mini kabuki brush for on-the-go, a concealer and powder compact for on-the-go, a little baggy for the on-the-go stuff, and a little compact with mirror with lip-glosses and highlighters. So exciting! I put it on today, but I did a really crappy job because I was rushing for school. A quick job doesn't do the makeup or my face any justice, but I'll try it when I have time to. If it still doesn't work out then I'll reconsider buying it again. Which reminds me that I should call customer service and tell them to cancel my monthly subscription.

Next up! I bought fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are my shit, forreals! :) Amylatte has seen my collection, so she knows wsup. When I went to Taiwan, the night markets sold falsies in boxes of at least 10 pairs, so I wondered to myself, why don't they do that in the US?! (Totally wishing I was back in Taiwan as of right now. So much cute stuff! @__@) So I amazoned packs of eyelashes and I ordered a couple of boxes! I really like the falsies that are extremely long at the ends, Idk, I just really like the ends of my eyelashes to be long and curly. Can't wait to use them!

Last! I made a purchase on E.L.F. These brushes are super cheap and super b0$$!~ The least expensive ones are like $1.00 and the most expensive are around $3.00! SUPER CHEAP LOR!~ Had to get them! Plus they were on sale! 50% off!!! What a steal!!!!!!!! 50% off means, $1.00 = $.50. 50 CENTS! SO DAMN CHEAP! Must get many. Sadly, the stippling brush and the kabuki brush was out of stock. :( Which is mad sad, but I already have a stippling brush from ecotools, so its alright I guess. I'm still lusting over the kabuki brush though. Also got a free gift from E.L.F for inviting people to E.L.F.

Also! Got one pair of wedges! :) I am totally in love with shoes that are 41/2 inches and up. I don't really consider them heels if their not. « Sound like bitch or what? Whatever, which is why you probably won't find me in heels all too often. Too much work and I like to walk fast.

Not sure if you guys noticed but I tried to change my username to flrlmnstr (floralmonster) Idk I just like the name. And if you try to take it, you're dumb because it's already taken by me! I don't feel like restarting all my hits and stuff so I wanted to move it to a different e-mail account and stuff. /Sigh. I don't really want to move it anymore, because that means I'll have to re-do all the names and stuff. :( I'll do it soon tho! What do you think about my new username?

Also need help on deciding on a new point and shoot camera. I want an ultra-slim, sleek and portable camera, with decent quality I suppose. I'm looking at the Canon Powershot SD1400IS, but its not a 2011 model (what I mean is that its already a couple of years old and I'm afraid they'll come out with a better one for the same price) and I'm looking forward to all you photography buffs to help me! A newer version of the Canon Powershot SD1400IS would be nice. Perhaps they are coming out with a new camera similar to it? Tell meee!

My box of Sheer Cover

Tips and tricks

Super sleek and stylish traveling case!

Definitely going to use this for other than Sheer Cover.

So much stuff! :) ^__^

Three brushes and mascara (haven't tried the mascara yet).

Stuff stuff stuff!

Two powders and one duo concealer.

My free gifts.

For on-the-go use.

Lip-glosses and highlighters.

Mini kabuki brush!

Duo concealer and mini kabuki comes with a little black bag to go in your purse!

E.L.F order and falsies!

Pack one.

Pack two.


P.S. Do you guys notice something about my pictures? ;)