Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whaaat is UP!

Okay so I didn't really get to blog about anything. Yesterday was busy busy busy. :) But anyways, so during lunch yesterday I went to Mervyn's w/ Jasper so I could buy a birthday gift for my baby cousin. I found her a tinkerbell shirt. :) Whoot whoot, Jasper helped me pick it out. It was 2T. Dad didn't want to pick me up so I walked home with Jasper. ^______^. Mina walked with us until Clement then she left. I got almost to my door and I remembered I left my jacket w/ Jasper haha! Well anyways, and then I got home and played with my baby cousin. We put her to bed bed bed bed bedd after like 10-20 minutes, cus it was nappy time. Someone woke her up and she couldn't stop crying for hella long. GOSH. She finally shut up and her mom and dad came through the door. We stayed in the house for like 5-10 minutes and then we left to Costco. We got to Costco and saw my uncle and we talked about the plan for The Dark Knight. I guess I'm sleeping over in Sunnyvale. ^________^!!! I'm happy about that. Saw Mama Wu. We paid and left to go eat dinner for Avery's birthday. <3 She was all happy and what not. Haha, we ate HELLA food, I was so full omgoshhh. Then finally time for the cake! :D It wasn't half bad, but still kinda nasty. I was tired, I talked on the phone for a while and went to sleep. Then today was CCSF. Gosh, kinda boring. :/ I went to some bagel place near CCSF and waited for Benny to hurry up w/ his damn bagel and whatever. Dad drove us back to school and we kinda got in trouble with AP. Flora and me left and went to Mervyn's for a quick minute and then we went back to school. During lunch Jorge & me went to Trader Joe's, saw Flora and Victor. We all walked back to school. The rest of school was boring. Jasper was supposed to move into my locker? But he didn't. I charge 2 bucks for the first 3 weeks! ^________________^. Okay I guess that's about it.

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